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I like to use Maple debugger to help me debug and I am sure many do.

It is good that Maple comes with a debugger. I type "stopat(proc_name);" and then the debugger comes up when proc_name is called.

But the Maple debugger is hard to use. It appears to be primitive compared to other commerical debuggers that come with other known developments systems.

For example, the output of "enter a debugger command" is displayed back into the same screen where the code is listed. This makes hard to see. There is only one window. It is also hard to see where one is in the source code is. So I have to keep clicking on the "list" button to display the lines again and look for the small "*" on the left.

Basically, it is good to have the debugger, but it seems Maplesoft is not doing any improvements to make it easier to use. It is so 1980 looking compared to other easy and powerful to use debuggers, such as Matlab debugger, Visual studio, and others.

Could Maplesoft please make some improvements to the debugger? At least make separate side window for output of debugger commands, and improve the code listing issue? It will also be nice to have a call stack view, and variable view window, and to see where one is in the call chain.

Is this the only debugger available for Maple? 

I noticed Mapleprime have entries of users who clearly create an account just to put a bad website URL in there and they are just spam.

Why do not the moderators of Mapleprime purge these out? Mapleprime is full of these spam marketing users.   Here are just few I found in few clicks


There are hundereds of these spam URLS in there. They make an account, only to add their infected web site URL there so if someone clicks on it they get virus.

Moderators of mapleprime should do better job and remove these cleary spam entries from Mapleprime.

I do not think the current API for dsolve when asking for series solution is done right. If one wants to obtain a series solution for an ODE, but wants different order than the default 6, now one must set this value using a global setting before making the call, like this:


It would be better if options to calls are passed along with the other parameters in the call itself. Something like


This should also apply to any command that takes Order, such as series(cos(x),x=0,order=10);

Passing options and values to functions using global and environment variables is not safe and not a good way to go about it as it can cause programming errors.

Maple 18, document mode. Please try this:


Now, as the cursor is right after the "m" above, hiting the ESC key to autocomplete, nothing happens. Only a beep, meaning Maple does not know about the variable name I wanted to expand to, which is "some_long_name". What I do now is manually add a space by  pushing the ")" away, like this:

  f(som )

And now put the mouse back in front of the "m" and now hit ESC. Maple now can see the name I wanted.

Really? This is very bad design. You might ask, why did I close the () first? Well, I like to start by writing () then fill it in, or it can be that I am changing things, and wanted to write a new name, and the () was allready there. I use name autocomplete alot, and it is very annoying to not be able to use it if happens that there is a ")" or "]" right next to the name.

Having to keep pushing the ")" away, so that Maple can see the name makes no sense since ")" can't part of a name.

In Mathematica it just works. I can do

someLongName = 3;

Then in a new cell,

f[som] and hit CTRL-K  when mouse at the letter "m" just typed it in, and it will autocomplete.  I did not have to push "]" away first.

Please Maple, fix your user interface so it is less awkward and annoying to use. This is version 18 of the software, and not version 1.


I find this very strange. I see questions posted at Maple prime using a language other than English.

I do not know if this is a Mapleprime bug, or not. If this is not a bug, why is it allowed to post questions in a language other than English?

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