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These are questions asked by nm

I am on windows 7, 64 bit, using Maple 17.02. When opening the command line Maple, and typing:

But on the GUI, it works:


and I get a new window open with the list of package.
In the command line, it works if I use ?index,package;  i.e. without the extra `s` at the end.

On a side question, I was looking at a Maple book, where it said to use ?index[packages];  but this no longer works, even in the GUI, and had to use ?index,packages;  syntax. I wonder when this change happens. The book is old, using Maple 7.

I started to notice that Maplesoft web site is not in English any more. This makes it hard to read for me. (it seems to be in French?)  I was wondering why this change?

I think it is best to keep it in the English language, since English is the most common language. I visit the site from the US where I live, and I use the same browser, firefox, same OS, windows 7, and I have changed nothing on my end. Here is a screen shot: