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Thanks for answering. I did try your suggestion, but I'm still stuck as so.

You tried it and it solved? If so, may I see how. Thanks

thank you @tomleslie 

I am trying to get the highest value of w(x,t) in the matrix saved from the equation solved. This would serve as the amplitude in the equation w(x,t)/ (A*cos2tPi). it is meant to replace A in the equation.

n := max[index][M1](n);
N := M1[n];

that is the line of code I wrote. clearly it does not work.


I also would like to get to export all the values of the frequency, i.e. w(x,t)/ (A*cos2tPi),  and also the corresponding Vval values into an excel  worksheet.

ExportMatrix("test.xls", M, Vval)

that is the line of code I wrote. clearly that also did not work.


I would like if you could point out what i did wrong and how to go about those two tasks. Thanks


Thank you for this! I did not know it was this straight foward.

Although i am trying to understand explicitly what this part of the code does. maybe you can break it down for me.

getVals:= (V, space, time)-> rhs(pdsA[V]:-value( w(x,t))(space,time)[3]):
for k in Vval do
    Matrix(11, 11, (i,j)-> getVals( k, (i-1)/10, (j-1)/10));
    pdsA[k]:-plot3d( w(x,t), x=0..1, t=0..1);


You did state that the *best* method to do this probably depends on what I subsequently want to do with the resulting data. Let me explain what I am having in mind. So i intend to use the values of the displacment w(x,t) to solve for frequency using the formula w(x,t)/ (A*cos2tPi). where A is the amplitude (maximum displacement attained in w) and t is the time.

This would allow me get values for frequency F at the varying times. of which i would use to plot those values against the velocity V range.

I hope this gives a picture of the task i am trying to accomplish. Thank you



@tomleslie thanks a lot for the help. Now i understand why the missing condition error was displayed. I would go back and get the actual second boundary condition needed for the equation.

I have two new questions to ask though.

First I am trying to extract the values of w(x,t) against varying values of V (the mean velocity) then save in a file. In the above equation V is constant, but I intend to vary values of V from 0 to about 1000 for a test run of which i may end up plotting likewise. Is this possible? and how can I go about it?

Secondly, I intend to carryout further computational solving with the extracted values of w(x,t) by drawing refrences to it in another later equation, for example lets say using w(x,t) [which is termed the deflection of the body under study] in a frequency formula to solve. Is this possible? and how can I go about it?


I am quite new to the maple environment. Thank you

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