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"A map that tried to pin down a sheep trail was just credible,

 but it was an optimistic map that tried to fix a the path made by the wind,

 or a path made across the grass by the shadow of flying birds."

                                                                 - _A Walk through H_, Peter Greenaway


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The final SCR dropdown menu, showing the choice of versioned products against which the Softwware Change Request is submitted, doesn't yet (06/29/2010) include Maple 14.

An improvement which would make many applications involving Components a lot better would be if an "image" were a first-class object in Maple. That is to say, if an image object could be used in Components without having to refer to an external file.

It's a big weakness in Maple's functionality, that things like the following don't work.



The above is just an...

Currently, using Explore results in a new worksheet which contains all the sliders and output components.

And there is code, which makes it all "work", that gets hidden in that new worksheet. But It's very awkward to copy those Components back to the original worksheet, because of the disassociation with the working code.

If, instead of having dependent code be hidden in that new worksheet in collapsed Document blocks, all the working code were instead inlined...

It looks like the "Popular Tags" section of the right pane is not being updated. It appears to have stayed the same for a long while, even though lots of tags not mentioned in that subset have been getting a lot of activity.

Here's an assume vs assuming difference worth keeping in mind

> restart:
> is(x^2>=0) assuming x::real;
> restart:
> f := proc() is(x^2>=0); end proc:
> assume(x::real):
> f();
> restart:
> f := proc() is(x^2>=0); end proc:
> f() assuming x::real;
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