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These are questions asked by panke

1) How can i get the event time. This example 0.69313.

2) I don't want to see the Warning.How can i do it? 


Warning, cannot evaluate the solution further right of .69314729, event #1 triggered a halt

Why this event dose'nt work ?
S(t) is a state , a parameter
dsolve(...,numeric,events = [[[s(t), a*arcsinh(2/a) < s(t)], halt]]);

How can I run Maple Script ,hold it and continue to run it ?
Somethink like Matlab pause statment


Tank you

I have this maple code:
I want to change

back to α. How can i do it ? (it don't work with unprotect)



I do the numerical simulation with

lp:=dsolve(....,type = numeric, range = ta .. te)

The simulation stop at t=te .

I want to stop the simulation when e.g. x(t) < 0

How can i do it ?


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