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Tank you for your help


this don't word in dsolve ?


how can I use this proc (RPM)  in dsolve([...].numeric...)?

@Carl Love 

this equation control a state event, if you know what it is? So it make sense!

@Carl Love 


f_i are Heaviside function of x3l, so I get  recrusive error


x31 is a function of f1 f2 and f3 , f1 i,f2, f3 are functions of x31 so you get algebraic loop. Maple error x31 is recursive 



Thank you, but I used I_w ... not I , I think Maple schuld recognized this ?


Thank you for your help

@Joe Riel 


Thank you it work!!!



Thank you


This work, but is not the same plot. I want to plot X(t) over T(t)



@Preben Alsholm 

Thank you, i will try it,but i don’t have Maple 2018.

It work with Maple 13, a little bit complicatet for a simple thinks?


Thank you. It was long way to do a simple think.

I use Simulink for simulation, you have Stop element to stop the simulation let say if the v(t) > 100 .

O.k thank you again 

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