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From  time to tiime Malel emits a sort of "Boiing" noise when I make a keyboard error. I am not sure exaclty when it does this, but it is loud. Is it possible to turn it off? I have looked quite extensively and cannot find out anything.

I want ot replace the free variable introduced by the BackwardsSubstitution procedure with a number. But though the variable looks like x1 I think it must be something else.


I have a worksheet that illustrates a problem I have, How do I make this worksheet available on Mapleprimes?

I want to include the result of an evaluation in a document block that is included in a workbook. It is easy to write sin(Pi) and obtatin sin(Pi)=0 in your document block. Howwever in the case below I want to preserve only y=x/3  removing the isolate(...) expression. Does anyone know if this can be done and if so how to do it?

x = 3*y

x = 3*y



Here  is an inline evaluation of a previous formula isolate(x = 3*y, y) = y = (1/3)*xwhere we have an uneeded '=' sign which can be edited out easily. But is it possible to hide the formula that is evaluated leaving only the output inline and to do this only for the current document block?

Thanks for any help.


I have many expressions in a worksheet like this:

latex(%, "equations.tex", append = true)

I should have defined a file name like this:

fname := "C:/home/MyStuff/Economics/MICRO NOTES/equations.tex"

And then replaced the first expression throughit the worksheet by:

latex(%, fname, append = true)

To acheive this I open the Find/Replace dialogue as in picture below:

This does not work. Instead of replacing with fname the result is "fname" .  Is there any way of doing what I want?

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