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Writing an explanatory paragrah i want to use an approximately equal symbol. How can I do this? The palette has lots of symbols but not what in latex would be done with \approx

When I enter x-y Maple echoes x-y. When I enter y-x Maple echoes y-x. When I enter b - a Maple echoes  b-a.  But when I enter a-b Maple echoes -b + a

I fiind this promotion of negatives, which also occurs in more complicated expression, somewhat confusing.

Is there any description of the rules Maple uses and perhaps ways of controlling them?

If I do:

df:=DataFrame(Matrix(3,4,[seq(1..12)]), rows=[a,b,c],columns=[A,B,C,D]);Tabulate(df, width=100)


The font that Maple uses for the Tablulate is much larger than the font used to display the Dataframe. How does one choose the font size that Tabluate() uses? 




s := "xABCx etc"; RegMatch("x(.+)x", s, 'm', 'n'); m; n; RegSubs(m = n, s)

"xABCx etc"








"ABC etc"


s := "(ABC) etc"; RegMatch("\\((.+)\\)", s, 'm', 'n'); m; n; RegSubs(m = n, s)

"(ABC) etc"








"(ABC) etc"



In the second case RegSubs treats the expression m as containing special characters. Can one tell it to treat what it receives as a literal string - perhaps some "escape" function?


EDIT  There is such a function. suffices.


Is it possible to output to the console without a new line being added. The code:

prints each number on a separate line. I want to print them all on the same line.

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