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Hi, recently I posted a question regarding the problem that by calling same procedure with same parameters I was getting different results. I was playing little bit more with this problem and I found another problem / bug. If I define generalized Gaussian probability density function and set parameters such that it is Gaussian probability density function (definition involves absolute value), my procedure returns number in order 10^131. If I call the same procedure with normally defined Gaussian probability function (definition does not have absolute value), the function return 0.7, which correct results.
Hi, I am not proficient in Maple, I start to use it one week ago, but it already help me to solve problem that is unimaginable to solve for me by hand. Unfortunately, I encounter a problem which I am unable to solve by myself. I have written a simple function calculating Taylor expansion of two functions and then calculate some statistics of coefficients. Strangely, if I call the function twice consecutively, it always returns me different results. I tried to save intermediate results, but it is even more weird. The input is the same, but then in the middle of iterations results starts to differ. I am desperate.
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