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These are questions asked by plummie

For instance at the moment I need to write a for loop, with an 'if element' (I assume this can be done with maple)

if the elements satisfy it then I want to add the answer into an array X:=[a1,a2,a3.....] without changing or having to rewrite the data already in X.

Is there any way to do this, or would I have to write the array myself and put all of the elements in at one time?

Currently I have 500 values, I put them in an array x:= [a,b,c,d,.....] then using with(Statistics) plotted my histogram with Histogram(x) but this doesn't give me a very accurate histogram and there are only 10 or so bars. How can I make this better?

I have found eigenvalues of a  2x2 matrix A, these are displayed in a vector. eg.

a + sqrt(b)

a - sqrt(b)

Is there any way I can write code which will find the difference between them? At the moment I'm doing it manually and it is taking a lot of time as I have many matrices.

When i input something like sqrt(30) I just get back 30 with a square root symbol over it. How can I make maple evaluate it?

How do I generate a gaussian random matrix (2x2).

Is this the default setting already in maple or is there code I need to use?

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