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I use rk4 to solve this equation with the paramater w = 500, I want to get the numbers of steps.

And when I change the parameter w = 1000, I want to obtain the numbers ofsteps?

Here is the procedure:

Digits:= 32;
w :=  500;
ode := diff(y(t), `$`(t, 1)) = 2*I*y(t) + sin(w*t)*y(t)*y(t):
ics := y(0) = 1:

p2 := dsolve({ics, ode}, numeric, method = classical[rk4]):


Thanks for your help.

ode := diff(y(x),x,x) = 2*y(x) + 1;
ics := y(0)=1, D(y)(0)=0;
plot(dsolve, x=1..5);


It does not work. How to plot it directly?


Thank you !

I want plot this abs error function

with two variable, I set




But it is not displsy. Why ,Can you tell me about how to

plot the figure.

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