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@Carl Love  Thank you 

@Carl Love  Thank you

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I want to do this,how can I do?

Expr:=(2*I*Zeta*omega*omega[0] - omega^2 + omega[0]^2)*fourier(omega[r](t), t, omega) = (omega*B[1]*I + B[0])*fourier(delta(t), t, omega);


@Kitonum  Hi,I  have another problem,If the number of the equation is (1), I don't want to rewrite the equation. I want to use the sequence number of the equation instead of the expression. How to do about the above problems?

@Kitonum  Thank you for your help


Hi, I am puzzled that  I input codes in MAPLE as following,the result was ‘ x1= 1, x2 = 2, x3 = 3, x4 = 4, x5 = 5’,

L := [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];
seq(x[i] = L[i], i = 1 .. 5);

What is the function of assign?

@Kitonum  Thank you for your help.

@acer  Thank you for your reply.

@tomleslie  Thank you for your reply.  My question is whether  Maple has the same function, as the photo attached which was got from  MATLAB. Also, if has,how to operate? 

@Carl Love  yes,use a mouse to pick up a point in a 3d figure.

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