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Yes! Thank you I could do it,

now I have another undesirable behaviour

If I write for example

convert(2000.*Unit(kgf/m^2), units, tonF/m^2);

now, in the result it doesn't show "tonF/m^2"   it says   "tonF/meter^2"

Why? How can I change this? I know it's the same but I would like maple to show the abreviation form, i mean tonF/m^2


Yes indeed, thanks a lot!



I paste the screen, since I don't know how to paste the maple.

The problem is I wouldn't like to see the expression with π. Is there any way to set an "automatic approximation" without seeing the π in the middle and not using any evalf() or simplify()?

Or I have to define a variable π:=3.141592654.... to do what I want?

Thanks again!


Hi thanks for answering. I'm aware of the evalf function, but I wouldn't like to use it every time I want to approximate.

Is there any way to do it automatically everytime since you create a new file?



THank you very much, I could do it!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I learnt a lot from here! thanks!

Since I'm kind of new to this forum and maple, I apologize. I'll attach the file

BTW I've learned a lot in the last in the last to two months thanks to you and the books.

In the problem could advance a little bit or at least approach to an answer

In the file wou wiil see a

for i to 17 do 
solucion[i] := solve({item3[i], item4[i]}, [Ea, F]); 
alpha[i] end do

And What I want for this solution is to make a table with 3 columns alpha, Ea, and F ready to export to an excel and make a graphic to approximate the higher Ea for a determined alpha

But I've never done something similar and I'm lost.

I know the solution is not exact as I'm always working for arphas going from 0 to 90º by 5º, but I don't need to be exact (besides I don't know how to do to find the exact alpha)

Thanks a lot for your help, If you figure another way to solve it, welcome!

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Yes I knew that but in my 30-page document as I keep modifyng things, I have to modify every page break, or insert them when I get the work finished, and opening the print preview every time I insert a page break to see the results. It's a bit boring after a while, hehe thanks!!!

Step by step and little by little I'm getting what I want

I got this

Of course I know there is a mistake in the result, but I don't know how to fix it   

I want maple to show me



How can I do it???


By the way, when I assign a number to a variable for example, when I press enter maple shows me just the number and not variable:=number

Thanks a lot for your help!!


and if I wanted Maple to show me X1:=7/54 X2:=-1/324 how should I write it??? Thanks a lot!!!

I could perfectly solve it applying those changes..

Thanks a lot!!

Problem SOlved :D 


Thanks a lot for your help!!

I'm sorry thanks very much. I noticed What you said, I was making a mistake, I have 44 unknowns and 44 equations, the 3 other unknowns are in the Vector "Rvinculo", in consecuence in vector "v:=" that's why I don't know how to solve it....

With the system M.x=-v  I have 41 unknowns in vector x and 3 unknowns more in vector -v

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for answering, I get what you thing is (apart that it's my first week with maple) that when I press the "!!!" button to execute the entire worksheet, it executes the one I don't want to. I attach a file. (I'd like Maple to consider the formula as text)

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By the way. I'm creating a document in which I have defined a lot of variables......When I close Maple and re-open the document, then, when I want to go on working with the already defined variables I have to execute everything again....the question if is I'm doing things well or I'm missing something.

Thanks very much for your help!!


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