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Hi, I am very new to Maple and do therefore probably propose a very simple question, so I would kindly ask you to excuse me in advance.

Basically I want so solve a simple and discrete game by comparing expected utility payoffs. There are only three states of the world (0,1,2) and I must determine for what cost-price-ratio what quantitiy is chosen from the same set (0,1,2).

Mathematically it's easy and I solved it, but Maple does not let me present my findings in a way I would like, as presented in my picture (preview from LaTex):

To achieve this I would have to get all w over p and then define it as z (cost-price-ratio). But when I try solving for w/p or respectively z doesn’t work. Additionally, when I try to apply some rearrangements manually (like multiply by 1/p in the first inequality) it doesn't work either, I just receive a '*' in front of round brackets with my equation inside.

So, is there a possibilty to do these simple rearrangement of my inequalities in Maple? And is it possible to aggregate the solutions in the same way as I pictured it for my LaTeX code?

Thank you very much!

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