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I need to write a function in maple which creates matrices from 1x1 to 20x20.. And the filling in the matrix needs to be 1 in the diagonal. But not like the diagonal in the identity matrix, but the opposite..: see picture:


So the amounts of 1 increase depending on the size of the matrix...

I know that i can put the function in a for loop to do the steps 20 times...

I have a for loop :

for n to 20 do 'A'^n = A[1]^n end do

Is it possible to change the way the output is displayed ? Right now its just on in one collum in the document, and a row for each do. Is it possible maybe to set it up in 2 collums or even 3 ?

How can i trunc (find closest integer) each element in a matrix ? 

This is my matrix equation:

for n to 20 do 'CD'^n, 'F' = evalf(C[1].D[1]^n.F[1]) end do

And i want to show  "trunced" results

The variable A is a matrix in Maple. I need to show A, A^2, A^3, ....., A^19, A^20, and that i do by making a for loop:

for n to 20 do A^n end do

And it works and shows correct results.. 
But i want to show more than just the result of each step in the for loop. 
The result right now is without variable name etc. How can i show more than just the result ? ... 
I have changed the Typesettinglevel to extended.
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