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You can find the picture below. I am just trying to substitute derivative of z(x) and simplify but it is not happening. After simplifying, I want to substitute z(x) as xi in g(x,y,t,z(x)), where z(x) is my boundary layer variable. Please tell me how to do?


@vv I have a 4th order system, Do you want me to manually use subs in the equation to do this? In that case some derivatives will be substituted more than that is required. What you have given is just the formula. I wanted to know how to make this transformation happen across all derivative orders automatically.

@vv Yes that part is alright. My question is how do I implement this chain rule in my worksheet?

After having expanded the terms, how are collecting the coefficients of the similar harmonics? Is there any inbuilt function to segregate the coefficient of trig terms?

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