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These are questions asked by samantasubho

Suppose I have the following expression:


Now I want to determine a and b using the conditions:

at x=h, u=4;

at x=6, du/dx=4.

Can I do the same using MAPLE? If possible how can I do it. Where to look for it?

Thanks in advance.


I want to eliminate the variable u_x from the two equations attached in the document MAPLE.doc. Here u_x and delta are both functions of x. Is it possible to do it in Maple. If possible, how do I do it?

When I am trying to write the data of the following program in a datafile
eq := (diff(G(eta), `$`(eta, 2)))/Pr-2*n*b*eta*G(eta)+(a+(1/2)*b*eta*eta)*(diff(G(eta), eta))

with plots

Eq[1] := 5*(diff(f(eta), `$`(eta, 3)))+(m+3)*f(eta)*(diff(f(eta), `$`(eta, 2)))-(2*m+1)*(diff(f(eta), eta))^2-(2*(2*m+1))*h(eta)-(m-2)*eta*(diff(h(eta), eta))

Eq[2] := g(eta)-(diff(h(eta), eta))

Eq[3] := 5*(diff(g(eta), `$`(eta, 2)))/Pr+(m+3)*f(eta)*(diff(g(eta), eta))-5*m*g(eta)*(diff(f(eta), eta))

BCs := [f(0), (D(f))(0), (D(f))(18), g(0)-1, g(18), h(18)]

pars := {Pr = .1, m = 0}

for i to 3 do eq[i] := subs(pars, Eq[i]) end do

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