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hi, in following commands what is wrong :

s define before. i sure it's error related to dsolve. i want to have f[i](x):= dsolve({s[ii], ics[ii]})

for ii from 1 to 6 do ;
ans := dsolve({s[ii], ics[ii]}) ;




i want to write these commands in maple but i dont khnow how to wirte :

do i=1,10

ans = i*2


end do


above code written in fortran patern and i want maple patern. for example i try these command but it doesnt work.

for ii from 1 to 10
 do ii*2
end do

hi, i have an equation and i cant simplify it. i claculate with hand and i know the answer but with maple i cant give answer.

       aa:= sin(theta + tao s) cos(d s) + p d cos(theta + tao s) sin(d s)

        bb:=  sin(theta + tao s) sin(ds) - p d cos(theta + tao s) cos(d s)
                 cc:=         ...

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