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Hello all, I am solving a non-linear ODE with "dsolve({eqn,bc},phi(eta),series", that is, with a series solution. I solve for three different orders: 1,2 and 6. I then plot them and see that it is approaching what it should look like. However, on line 3.5 and 3.6 I evaluate the solved functions (the 2nd order ODE was made into two first-order ODEs) and find that line 3.5 gives the right(?) value of the original variable but the second line (3.6), which evaluates the derivative, keeps changing its value everytime I execute it. I am totally lost as to why it does this. To my knowledge I haven't used any special names and no other worksheets are open.
Hello, I was hoping someone could suggest a way to add a index counter to the title of a Maple plot. I have some snapshots of an animation that I wish to include the value of the for loop/index counter in the title. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am using Maple 10. Thanks very much for any help, sbh.
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