What is a Defra Approved Stove? A defra-approved stove is a wood burning stove that has been tested and passed by the UK Government's Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. This permits them to be used in Smoke Control Areas in the UK. Defra the English government department which is responsible for the environment, food production, standards agriculture, and a flourishing rural economy. Defra has also developed effective protocols for managing notifiable illnesses. Approved by linked web site approved wood stoves and multi-fuel stoves are compliant with the standards of emission set by the government for use in Smoke Control Areas. These new standards do not restrict the use of wood stoves in these areas, but they do impose restrictions on how much smoke they emit when in operation. We are pleased to provide a wide range of defra-approved stoves from top manufacturers like Arada, Burley Parkray, and Stovax. All of our approved stoves feature the latest in technology for clean burning. They come with secondary and tertiary systems that reduce emissions. This results in less smoke coming out of the chimney, and leaves a more eco-friendly footprint. Defra approved disinfectants can be used to disinfect and clean hard surfaces, including structures, farm equipment, vehicles and crates. The Defra approved disinfectants list is maintained by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), which charges an annual fee to approve the new back-to-back approval trade names for disinfectants. APHA can also retest the effectiveness of a disinfectant at anytime. The results can be added to the list of approved disinfectants, without the need to submit an actual sample. Approved for Smoke Control Areas Smoke Control Areas are found in several areas of the UK. This means that you are able to only use exempt appliances or burn fuels that are approved. This is to lessen air pollution that can be caused by burning fuels that are not authorised that create nuisance smoke and ash. The majority of cities and towns are in this category. To avoid breaking the law and receiving the penalty of a fine, you should only use the DEFRA approved fireplace, stove or fire to burn wood logs. Stovax offers a variety of multi-fuel stoves and wood stoves, fireplaces and fires that are DEFRA-approved to be used in Smoke Control Areas. They have passed strict DEFRA emissions tests and meet the minimum levels of smoke allowed in Smoke Control Areas. They can be used with a variety of fuels, such as logs, semi-anthracite and anthracite coal, briquettes, or manufactured smokeless fuels such as heating logs. They can also be used to burn electricity, gas and steam coal with low volatile, or a combination of these. You can find a list of all the approved fuels on the DEFRA website. When you are choosing a stove for your home, search for the DEFRA logo that can be seen on the manufacturers website or at their showrooms. If the stove is marked with the DEFRA logo then you are aware that the stove is Defra approved to be used in smoke-free areas and can be used to use wood to cook in these areas. It is still necessary to use a chimney liner that is suitable but the 5kW smaller stoves are generally simpler and less expensive to install than larger models as they can be used with 5" twin wall stainless steel liner instead of the standard 6" liner. If you don't have an DEFRA approved stove, you may be able to obtain an approval from your local authority to use non-approved fuels in your home. You'll need to check the DEFRA website to see whether you qualify for an exemption, and there are certain rules to be adhered to such as having a smoke detector installed. It's also worth noting that if you have an open fire, barbecue or garden chiminea, you'll be required to follow the same guidelines as Smoke Control Areas. Approved for Smokeless Fuels In order to be approved by the Defra wood burners must be able to use authorised smokeless fuels and not cause excessive emissions. These fuels are often called 'Smokeless Coal or "Heat Logs and have passed rigorous tests to make sure that they meet the standards set out by Defra for Smoke Control Areas. These fuels are a great alternative to real logs as they are less smoky and produce less smoke than seasoned logs. Before the rules for smoke control zones were put in place residents could burn whatever they wanted to and this led to a lot of air pollution which resulted in health issues for people living in urban areas. Since the rules came into place, Defra has worked to reduce the amount of pollution in these areas by regulating what can be burned in fireplaces and stoves. If you live in a smoke controlled area, then it is vital that your stove is Defra approved so that you don't face hefty fines for violating the rules. However, even if you aren't in a smoke-free area it's worth investing in a defra exempt stove as they are safer for the environment and your chimney system as well. Defra has approved wood-burning stoves as well multi-fuel stoves that have passed the UK Smoke Control Areas legislation. When you purchase a new stove, make sure it is equipped with the Defra approval badge to be assured that it meets the requirements of the law. There are two ways to get Defra-approved. The first method to become Defra-approved is to have your stove and fuels tested. This is an extremely expensive process. The other way is to buy a Defra approved stove and only use Defra approved fuels in it. It is cheaper to buy an approved stove from Defra, but you should still inquire with your local council first if you are not sure whether you live in a zone of smoke control. In England in England, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is responsible for protecting the environment and controls including air quality. It also represents the United Kingdom at international negotiations on environmental, agricultural and fisheries issues. The department was established in 2001 by merging the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions and some of the Home Office. It is overseen by a cabinet member who reports to the Prime Minister and other members of the cabinet. Approved for Multi Fuel Stoves DEFRA approved stoves are tested for low emissions and efficiency. These stoves are suitable for areas with no smoke and can be used to burn logs, coal and wood. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs, and can be installed or freestanding. They are perfect for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their heating bills. The Defra Logo is easily identifiable and widely used in the industry. The Defra logo is typically located on the title and specification sheets of numerous stoves. It indicates that the stove can burn fuels that are authorised within smoke controlled areas. In some cases the stove may also sport an SE (smoke exempt) logo that signifies that the stove is able to be legally installed in a smoke control zone in the event of burning fuels approved by the government. Wood burning stoves that are Defra-approved offer the latest in clean combustion technology and are typically more efficient. Many top stove makers, such as Arada Burley Parkray Stovax, have developed third-generation and secondary combustion systems to increase the efficiency of their products. If you live in a smoke control area and do not have a DEFRA approved stove, then you could be punished up to PS1000. To avoid this, you should ensure that the stove is DEFRA approved before buying it. A DEFRA-approved kitchen appliance is the most eco-friendly method of heating your home. Whether you live in a zone of smoke control or not an area that is smoke-free, a DEFRA approved stove will save you energy costs and also stop smoke from disturbing neighbours. You're bound to find the perfect DEFRA-approved multifuel or w

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