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For example,

TF = (1+s*D)/(A*s^2 + B*s + C)

How can I display the above TF in

TF = (1+s*D)/(C(A/C*s^2 + B/C*s + 1)) 

As seen, denominator is re-written.





How can we also find Pole and Zero from the Transfer Function?

Again impressive codes!!!

Another question...
When I run Maple using your code (I just copy and pasted), I don't see proper labeling for X-axis.
How can I display in symbols in X-axis.
i.e) "45" label should be replaced with "w1+w2-w3" label.

If I use "pos" and "neg", combination of w1, w2, and w3 could be negative under certain numbers.
i.e) w1 = 1, w2 = 8, w4=10
w1+w2-w3 becomes -1, which is negative value and could be removed by "pos" function but I need to plot the number.

As described before,
Since I have assumed that my equation is just positive side Dirac function, can I draw the plot based on the assumption?
so that plot can be drawn whatever result from combination of w1, w2, and w3 is positive or negative.

Here is my modified code for plot under the assumption.
As seen, I removed the "op(-a)" from the "aplot" function so that symmetry plots don't show up.

     sprintf("%a",k[i]),"*"," "),i=1..nops(a))]]):
   eval([op(a)],[w1=50, w2=60,w3=65]),
Let's say we have several combination of unknown values(w1, w2, w3) in an array. array[0] = w1+w2-w3 array[1] = -w1+2*w2+w3 array[1] = 2*w1-w2-2*w3 array[1] = -w1+w2-w3 array[1] = -w1+w2+w3 Assumptions are as following: w1, w2, and w3 > 0 w3 > w2 > w1 w3 - w2 not equal to w2 - w1 w2 - w1 > w3 - w2 How can I find MAX and MIN from the above array under the assumptions? Is it possible without using a real number for w1, w2, and w3? Thanks,
Let's say I have the following equation: 2*a+5*b+3.4*c What I want to from the euqation is grab numbers: 2, 5, 3.4 Then add the numbers together. which means the result can be sum of 2, 5, and 3.4. Its result should be 10.4 Any idea how I could implement it? Thanks,
Many similar Math softwares ... :-) Mathematica, Maple, Matlab... What are main pros and cons between them? Thanks,
Thanks a lot for quick reply! Seems you are the Maple guru. I'm just enjoying Maple power as a beginner... :-) Thanks again.
COOL! It works. Thanks!
Hi, I'm using the Matlab pro version. Can I just copy and paste the Maple command? or should I specify that the command is Maple in some ways? Thanks!
Hi, Using Matlab, can I draw the same plot as Maple? i.e) same labeling in X-axis as Maple (w1, w2, w3...) I heard that Matlab is also using Maple kernel with some limitations. Thanks!
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