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Okey, But how can I get these routine and start use it on maple 



Yes, I have already tried the packages in that website yesterday but unfortunately it does not contain the command (( gendefget ))  wich allow me to evaluate the equivalence transformation for PDEs


@Markiyan Hirnyk 


What I need is to evaluate the equivalence transformations for PDEs in general, but my curent problem now, finding the equivalence transformation for the PDE 

uxxxx(t, x) + utt(t, x) = f (u ) , f is an arbitrary function of u . 

as it mention in the paper (( On a new method for finding generalized equivalence transformations for differential equations involving arbitrary functions )), if i want to find these thing on maple then I need the routine gendefget which is based on the maple package desolv (( not desolve )). 

I think you get my point now, 




Dear Markiyan 

I tried to gel the desolv package from this site, but the problem that it does not contain the routine ( gendefget ) which I need in my work.

Because of that I asked if any one have another version of this package. 


 @Markiyan Hirnyk 

I faced another problem ??? 

my packages contains just two files ( *.ind  &  *.lib ), so i think no help file are avalible there right ??? 

So the help file should be in what form ( *. ??? ) and if i got it how can i used this help file from my maple help ?? 






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