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There's a MapleSim rocket model at

The underlying equations have been deconstructed into their signal-flow block equivalents (so we simulate 2nd order ODEs with integrator blocks).  An alternative could be to type the equations into a MapleSim custom component.

Let me know if you want a greater degree of detail.


If you're interested in grabbing stock quotes off the web, you may be want to take a look at

Let me know what type of financial data you're looking for.


To colour this discussion with Maple... There's a popular TV quiz in the UK called Countdown that's spun off into a board game. In one of the rounds ("the Numbers Game") you have do find the arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplcation and division) that make a pool of randomly chosen numbers equal to a target number. I wrote the following Maple worksheet to automatically solve the Numbers Game. The TV show has a presenter called Carol Voderman who has a sky-high IQ. She's invariably faster than the Maple worksheet in finding a solution. You might want to pit yourself against the Maple worksheet in finding a solution. Samir
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