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@Carl Love thanks

If i need to make it a combination of 2 variables ?

example V:=200;Z:=300;

so name is 200300 ?

Sorry it was not for you, its for my best freind on maple , by mistske i sent to you , sorry @tomleslie 

@Carl Love 

I have tried many times to extract data from plot to excel but i couldnt , could you help me plese ( by send a code for my problem )


@Carl Love thanks alot 

how to exreract data to excel ? for each H ?

@Carl Love 

You are right, I should plot against eat, 

For R, also you are right I can just change the value, 

So only Fi now I need it as a list, can you do it with many thanks ?

@Carl Love 

1-ok confirm to change it to Fi

4-no, I mean plot f ( as y-direction ) to R ( as x-direction ) for 4 different value of H

5-same as 4


first i want to thank @Carl Love for helping me ..

second i want to modify this code for :

1- make a fi as list (0.25 0.5 0.75 1 )

2-make R as list (50 100 500 1000)

3-make alfa as list (5*Pi/180 7.5*Pi/180 30*Pi/180 90*Pi/180)

4-plot f aginst R

5-plot f aginst alfa

@Carl Love


@Carl Love thank you so much 

@Carl Love thanks for helping

if you look at f[1](x) = E*a*(-(1/120)*R*a*x^6+(1/24)*(E*H-4*E-2*R)*x^4) you can see the a is to power 2 ( a^2) but on the paper is a only ? is that mistake on paper or error on solving ? 

@Carl Love 

doesnt solve the problem :(

@Rouben Rostamian  

thanks for reply , f'''(η0)=0

please find attachment for more information.

@Carl Love 

i also try to plot fig1 and find table 1 , thanks for your time to help me 


@Carl Love the video's maker diudnt responce to me

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