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Maple 11 - I'm trying to implement the explicit formulas for the three cubic solutions. I tried typing them in explicitly from other sources to no avail, for some reason or the other. Right now I'm currently using: solone, soltwo, solthree := solve(a*x^3 + b*x^2 + c*x + d): solone:=unapply(solone,a,b,c,d); soltwo:=unapply(soltwo,a,b,c,d); solthree:=unapply(solthree,a,b,c,d); The only problem is that, these solutions degenerate when the descriminant is equal to zero, for example:

I'm running into a problem with Maple where DotProduct seems to destroy the functions it assigns.

I ran a simple case, and it seemed to work just fine: (

However, my code seems to follow the exact same logic but doesn't want to work? Code is a simple check that a bessel function solution of current density follows Maxwell's Equations. (

Maple 11.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Or know what's wrong in the code I'm running? (code attached)

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