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These are questions asked by spark1631

when using jopenmaple, some maple command will cause jvm crash due to stack overflow exception, but has no trouble if issued in Maple GUI.


after some digging, i found that the stacklimit in Maple GUI is 130941. but if I use jopenmaple to invoke command "kernelopts(stacklimit);", the result is 893.  further more, if i try to increase stacklimit by issuing "kernelopts(stacklimit=894)", maple kenerl tells me that i cant increase it beyond hardlimit.


so here are my questions: 

1. why are the two stacklimits different?

2. is there a way to increase the hardlimit so that i can increase the stacklimit when using java invoking maple commands?

some platform information:

OS: windows 7 64bit

JAVA: jdk1.7 64bit



I am very confused about function is():


1. is(a-b=0) assuming a::real,b::real,a^2=b^2,a>0,b>0;

2. is(a-b=0) assuming a::real,b::real,a^2=b^2,a>=0,b>=0;


the first command gives me false, and the second command gives me true...


any thoughts?

I have a expression: (x-2)/(x-2) and I want to retrieve all the variables of this expression.

I tried the following commands:

1. indets(expr, name);

2. indets(numer(expr),name);

but all i get is an empty seems that maple will first simplify the expression and then figure out what variables are related to the given expression.


Is there any workaroud to achive what i want?


when solving a system of equations, I want to get rid of all the absolute functions.


for example, |y-2|=x,I don't want maple solve this equation directly...because maple may has difficulties when dealing with absolute values. Instead, I want to transform this equation by squaring the both sides at the same time which end up this equation: (y-2)^2=x^2.


The example I provide is kind of simple...what if there are multiple absolute term in the equations? Is there a general way to get what I need? Or Is it practical to use Maple to achive such thing?


thanks in advance.

can I extract a certain non numeric degree from an expression?

for example, I want to get degree "n-1" from "x^(n-1)+y".


any thoughts? 

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