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So I guess I'll have to user java GUI with maplet. Are maplets in Maple 7? I'm using Maple 12 however I need a compatibility with Maple7 (but I can't test right now)
Even if I could do that changing some maple config files it would be great. I just want the user not to do it himself.
Well, thanks, this is working for now. However using "while true", if I let the enter keyboard key pushed, it will work for like 150 times, then it frezze too. Well, I think I won't have to enter 150 times something in this dialog box, but it shouldn't frezze. By the way, thank for having helped me :p
Well, the problem is here. Maple doesn't ask again... It shows one time the user input dialog box, and if I enter something which is not "y" ou "n" then it won't show it again, it's just frezzing... and I have to kill Maple process.
what value? If the user doesn't enter y or n, then I want to ask him again and again, until he decide to be resonable and enter y or n.
I know I can resize it with the mouse but I need to resize it with the code. In fact the user give some data, and the code compute a graph, which need to be bigger than normal size.
"The JPEG driver allows you to specify the height and width of the canvas using the plotoptions string (for example, plotoptions="height=200,width=320")." I've already checked that, it's the size of the output image file, not the inline window plotter, or am I wrong? I really don't want to save my image to a file, just size up the inline window renderer.
No, I don't want to output my plot into a file. I just want to change the inline plot window size. Something like that: display([myData], deviceHeight=640, deviceWidth=480);
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