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Hello Sir; I try to factor out the following equation: eq1:=t[1]/2+t[2]/2+(1/2)*(1/alpha)*sqrt(2*alpha^2*t[1]^2+2*alpha^2*t[2]^2+alpha*x); I want to get it like this form: eq2:=(1/2)*(t[1]+t[2])+sqrt((1/2)*(t[1]^2+t[2]^2)+x/(4*alpha)); Is it possible to express eq1 to eq2? I do not know how to factor each term individually. Thanks
Hello! I upload my file which has a problem. I am not an expert on MAPLE v10.05. The file name is "mapleprime-2". I try to get a solution of four equations with the symmetric assumption for time variables. Anyone could change the assumption to get a result. Or, anyone could add just two more time variables: t[6] with minus sign amplitude and t[7] with plus sign amplitude. So, the entire number of time variables are still odd number which can not be changed. The current code is following as: restart: eq1:=expand(sum((-1)^(i+1)*cos(w*t[i]),i=1..5)=0): eq2:=expand(sum((-1)^(i+1)*sin(w*t[i]),i=1..5)=0):
hello? I wrote the following equations to be solved. restart; eq1:=expand(sum((-1)^(i+1)*cos(omega*t[i]),i=1..5)=0): eq2:=expand(sum((-1)^(i+1)*sin(omega*t[i]),i=1..5)=0): eq3:=expand(sum((-1)^(i+1)*cos(r*omega*t[i]),i=1..5)=0): eq4:=expand(sum((-1)^(i+1)*sin(r*omega*t[i]),i=1..5)=0): t[1]=0;t[4]:=2*t[3]-t[2];t[5]:=2*t[3]; _EnvAllSolutions:=true: _EnvExplicit:=true: s1:=solve({eq1,eq2,eq3,eq4},{t[2],t[3],r}); Do I have to specify t[3]>t[2], t[2]>0 in the code? where t[1] to t[5] are time variables starting from t[1]=0 and omega and r are constants. How can I get the solutions for t[2] and t[3]?
Is there any way to get an exact solution rather than integration format. I do not know "applyop" command. Please help me for more understanding to use MAPLE. Thanks restart; u(t):=1+sum((-1)^(i)*Heaviside(t-T[i+1]),i=1..n-1)+sum((-1)^(i)*Heaviside(t-T[n+i]),i=1..n): eq:=diff(x(t),t,t)=u(t)/M: ic:=x(0)=0,D(x)(0)=0: dsolve({eq,ic}) assuming T[n+i]>T[i+1]; yoon
Hello! I try to solve the eq1, eq2, eq3, and eq4. I simplified the 4 equations to rs1 and rs2 to get the solution t3 and t5. Then, I check the solution by subsituting Eq(14) into Eq(10). The result is right. The rs1 equation was found by numerical tests. However, it is not correct for the eq1, eq2, eq3, or eq4. I do not understand why it is not correct. Please tell me the reason and how I can solve and obtain correct solution. The worksheet can be found in the File Manager Thank you for your time and help.
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