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These are questions asked by sungyg

Dear Sir/Madam:

I have the following simultaneous equations to get the 4 unknow variables
by maple engine. However, the maple did not give me anything. Actually,
the exact solutions exist in the educational text. Now, I am trying to get them
on maple. Why it does not work at all?
Please let me know how to do.

Thanks in advance.

eq1:=A2*t2*exp(zt*t2*om)*sin(t2*wd)+A3*t3*sin(t3*wd)*exp(zt*t3*om) = 0:

Dear Sir:

I have the below sum equation.

Please make some correction to get a solution.




v(w[j]); diff(v(w[j]), w[j]);




Dear Sir: I am still a novice to use the maple. Please give some advice for the following code. Expecially, I try to construct the final P(3x3) matrix. In the for-loop, normalized vectors are generated. Then, those are converted into a matrix. But, I do not know how to write a code. restart: with(LinearAlgebra): interface(displayprecision=4): mass:=Matrix([[m[1],0,0],[0,m[2],0],[0,0,m[3]]]); stif:=Matrix([[k[1]+k[2],-k[1],0],[-k[1],k[1]+k[2],-k[2]],[0,-k[2],k[2]]]); m[1],m[2],m[3],k[1],k[2],k[3]:=4,4,4,4,4,4; msri:=simplify(MatrixFunction(mass,sqrt(x),x)^(-1)); mass2:=msri.mass.msri; stif2:=msri.stif.msri;
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