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Many thanks!

Please add these text formatting tools to the formatting toolbar in a future release.

@alex_b Gridlines are maintained after recalculation if gridlines=true is used.

@alex_b Sorry, I lose the gridlines on recalculation no matter the addition of "redraw=false."

I have three plots, p1, p2, and p3. all  formatted like the following:

Triple plot looks like the following:

If i toggle the gridlines on with the context panel, they go away once a recalculation occurs.

@sursumCorda Indeed. I came from MathCad and was hoping Maple Flow would give me what MathCad did, and more. But I'm often baffled because it's sometimes not clear where Maple Flow ends and Maple begins, and Maple Flow help sometimes references Maple help.

When I post to the forum about Maple Flow, I get Maple answers that don't work in Maple Flow.

@Carl Love Option not available in MapleFlow 2023


Ah! That's the ticket. Thank you!


I entered the multiplication explicitly.

@Samir Khan Yes. Our documents need to include (in the header) our logo plus a text block describing the sensitivity of the document and the document's distribution restrictions (ITAR, etc. if any). I've been repeating the text block on each page, but it really is a header (or footer) item.

I should have looked at the manual. My apologies.

Any plans to allow user-defined fields in headers and footers? A common entry in headers and footers is an organization-defined restricted-distribution notice.


Many thanks! Not only did you answer my question about the Physics[Vectors] package in Maple Flow, now I know all of the Maple packages not supported by Maple Flow.

@Carl Love 

My default behavior. But I thought there might be a better way...

@ Troll Master 0

Sorry, I don't see anything like a blue and white cloud in Maple Flow.

@Samir Khan 

Thank you for the Context Menu reminder! Very helpful.

I don't see the context menu available for assignments (foo:=2.3 [units]). Can I assign some unit not available in the Units palette in an assignment?

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