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I have a system of ODE that I am trying to solve...which I have...and then graph the results for the 3 variables (S,P,Q) vs. t on the same graph. Here is what I have so far... pds := dsolve([pdeu, pdev, pdez, S(0) = 100, P(0) = 1000, Q(0) = 50], [S(t), P(t), Q(t)], numeric) Which I am not sure what to do with, I do get values. I have tried to set up an array and graph from there but it isn't working out. I have also tried... > DEplot([diff(Q(t), t) = alpha*S(t)-mu*Q(t),diff(S(t), t) = b*P(t)*S(t)/N-(mu-alpha)*S(t),diff(P(t), t) = mu*N-b*P(t)*S(t)/N-mu*P(t)],[Q(t),P(t),S(t)],
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