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These are questions asked by tobybailey

We have the following situation.   An assignment whose finish date has passed is locked and if (for instance) one tries to edit it one is told that there is an active user taking it or credit.    We have force-graded all active assignments, and the gradebook now shows no  assignments in progress.      We can not find any way to unlock this assignment.     (And the assignment is not inherited from or to another class.)

We have an assignment that is now "closed" so further student work on it is impossible.

We would like to extract final results, but can't force grade all the remaining assignments because a handful of students are logged on and so (even though they can't be doing this assignment), this assignments can't be force-graded.

Is there some way round this, or is this another design flaw and we just have to keep on force-grading until we catch them all offline?

Toby Bailey


I must say I am pretty dissapointed by the fact that TA4 still has a lot of very basic, obvious bugs and suboptimalities which I would have thought were clearly apparent in TA 3 and could surely have been corrected.   For example:

(1) $a=0;  $b=$a;     sets $b = -0

(2) $c=frac(-2,-1)     sets $c = --2

We are looking to use TA.  Our Uni common authentication system uses Apache/Kerberos.  Is there a way of getting TA to use the Apache-supplied authenticated username?  

The documentation seems to suggest the only options are TA's internal user/pw system (where I saw something that suggests the p/words are held in plain text(!)) or an LDAP server.

Grateful, as always,  for any insight.


We are contemplating using Maple TA.  I have been playing with a trial and it looks quite good.

If you read the Maplesoft advertising,  you get the impresion that a lot of Universities out there are using TA. 

On the other hand, the (rather variable quality) mapleapps question banks resource does not really contain a huge amount of material.

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