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@Carl Love 

Thanks so much for your reply.

All the matrix can be an enforceable Square matrix.

I put some Matrix for some parameters. 

Please see again maple file.

Thanks so much


@Carl Love 

Thanks so much. 

I wrote the code according to the following equations.

Yes M is a Matrix. if possible, please see this file. (see the text after Eq (17))



@Carl Love 

Thank so much.

Yes Matlab works.

I attached matlab codes.

Please if possible check it again.





@Carl Love 

Thanks so much. I applied your comments, but yet there is a problem. Please see it again and help me,

Thank you

@Carl Love 
What is the Maple equivalent of the Matlab syntax  size(M, 1) and length(T) and zeros(N, lt) and 






How I can save the results ''''XT(timeCounter+1)'''' and ''''TT(timeCounter+1)'''' and then plot XT versus TT.

Also, why the value of [evalf(Re(totalTerm))] is not real?


@Preben Alsholm 

Dear Preben

Is possible to solve this differential equation by numerical methods such as FDM and Newmark Method?



@Preben Alsholm 

Thanks so much.

If it is need to change the input parameters, I have not any problem in this regard.

I only want to gain an answer!

Best Regards,


@Mariusz Iwaniuk 

Thanks so much,

Is possible to solve this equation in maple via numerical methods?


This is not possible?

Pleasehelp me 


Thanks so much


I probide again procedure of solving.

Thank you for your help.




Thank you.

From the beginning, my mean problem was about the new file that I sent recently. 

For now, I want to follow the same procedure to remove qx-qy and qz.

the procedure is the same as you apply in Only in the new file, more terms appear. But formulation is fixed, and I want to remove any terms with derivatives concerning q-x, q-y, q-z



Thank you so much.

I could not apply your procedure on the new attached file.

Please help me again.



Thank you so much.

In attached pdf file below I explained better about my mean. Please see it.

This file is related to the maple file with the name of (

As you can see in the final equation (Eq 10) qx-qy-qz are omitted.

Now I want to use the same procedure and apply this method on maple file with the name of (




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