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is possible to write a code similar to the attached below that can solve equations by Newtons Method?

Thank you


Thank you so much dear Acer;

Only my problem is fsolve.

Because when I change the value N :=7 ; M := 7 to N := 11; M := 11.

fsolve can not gain an answer in a new file as attached below!!

is possible that I use another method, for example, NewtonsMethod?



Thank you. No the final system ( SYSPDE) not expected to contain matrices and 'SYSPDE' only must have a simple sum of (scalar) products.

I don't know why matrices are added in pde5!!!


Thanks so much, dear Acer and tomleslie and Preben.

Before I solved similar equations that I attached bellow, they are working now.

In the new system, I added only pde4 and pde 5, and for now, I do not know why it is not working well.



Thank you.

what are your mean about the non-scalar nonsense?

If possible please edit file and send it for me.

Thank you


Thank you.

I do not know your mean completely in this regard.

Please explain more or give more information in this regard.




I could not gain an answer.!!!

I have two questions. 

what were the advantages to using DirectSearch package to solve equations? And second;

how I can use a convential method such as Newton-Raphson method?

Thank you


I do not know the domain of the answer. However equations come from a real problem.

What is your suggestion?

Thank you


Yes, I am tring to get y-values for the curves at a common set of sigma values.

if it is not possible to get data for whole curves in the same time, how i can get them separately.





the general form is as follow:



I only want to simplify it more



How I can determine Time period by maple automaticly?


thank yoy.

I have a problem for attaching file.

Please see it agin.

@Carl Love 

Thank you for your help in this regard.


@Carl Love 

Thank you dear Carl,

Please see final program.


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