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its not a homework , its just a question that i might have in my exam so i would appreciate any help lol maybe you dont know how to do it in the first place

Thanks a lot Scott for your help :)

and ya for the seconde question i have to use a nested loops so now that  you gave me a hint , im gonna try and do it by myself

Can anyone please write the full thing on how to put it in Maple to solve these questions and yes for number 1 that list is [ 1,5,10,15,20] so it makes it harder

How do I write a do loop to store the sequence [1,5,10,15,20] in a 1-dimensional arry in Maple??

And another question please is that :

How do I write a pair of nested "do" loops to store the following 4x4 array in Maple :

1      3        9       27
2      6       18      54
3      9       27      81
4     12      36     108

I would really appreciate any help in those questions

thanks in advance

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