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Dear Robert,

That seems like a very good suggestion. I imposed the BC D[1](Phi)(0,t) = 0 in the first place to tackle this singularity at the equation. but it seems that when I make these changes it goes away. I have not tried it yet on maple.. 

However I have a question. Why does maple ask for boundary conditions even for wellposed initial value problems that only needs initial conditions?


Thanks for your help!

Hi,, see below my code.. It's a bit long so you may want to look at the code around eq(30).. eq(41) .. Thanks for helping me .. If you need any more clarification on the code I would be happy to tell you..



Hey Markiyan,,

Thanks,,  but I dont quite understand.. I have not repeated the plot .. can you explain what "weakness" is please!


moreover my initial function is a complicated piecewise polynomial... is this causing problems. I thought the range I supply in pdsolve is tampering with the ranges in the piecewise polynomial.. but I have used different constant names for that ..


Any suggestion is much appreciated..






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