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dear all, I want to write a greek letter (tau) in the legend of a figure. how can I do that? thanks!
dear all, how can i move legends from bottom (default) of a figure to the side? thanks!
hi, all, how can I plot a vertical line? for example x=5, starting from y=0 to y=10. thanks!
hi all, I know I can plot y=x^2 by using command like plot(x^2, x=-2..2);. In this example we have an explicit expression of y. What if we cannot find an explicit expression of y? For example, suppose we do not want to find an explicit expression of y in equation x^2+y^2=1, then how can we plot this circle? by the way, what's the difference between forum and blog here? thanks!
i have a bunch of commands as follows, seperated by shift+return. after the last command, a return ofcourse. Then I execute these commands by a return. it will give a result, but next time I enter return again, it gives another result. What's wrong? You can test in maple. I will change value of x. when x=400, command tau := fsolve(S(t)=c,t, 0..infinity); returns no solution. but start from x=500 and larger, it has solution. The problem is, when I change x, the value of tau doesn't change (sometimes it may change, but sometimes it wouldn't). I don't know if it is because the assignment of S,H,F.
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