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I'm working with the same type of things. Look at this post: http://www.mapleprimes.com/forum/displaying-text-and-math-in-the-mathmlviewer Also considering using the MathML code .
colons are only neccesary when you want to supress the output. as there is no output for declaring a variable, the semi-colon is the best choice.
That was helpful, Scott. Thanks.
The parse function worked really well, thanks Scott.
Wow, I didn't know you could use sequences around window elements. Thanks, Alec.
I've been doing a lot of coding in Maplets, and as far as I know there is no way to do "frames." The best thing you can do is use the "visible=false" tag on any element and have that run through a Set or SetOption command to alter what is visible and when. There's a bug in Maple 10, however, which doesn't allow MathMLViewers to be invisible. Maplesoft knows about this (thanks to me) and will hopefully fix it in Maple 11. I think GridLayout is the best, especially when you use borders, because it gives everything a nice structured feel. Prepare to use multiple GridLayouts, however, so you can get the spacing right. An example is GridLayout(border=false,inset=2, GridRow(GridCell(width=2, GridLayout(border=false,inset=2, GridRow( GridCell( etc. there's more code I left out, and you need to close all those cells and rows and layouts. Remember that GridLayout can only appear in the Window ONCE, and any other Layouts must be inside a GridCell. Otherwise Maple gets confused and only uses the first Layout it comes to. Coding Maplets takes a lot of time and experimentation, like you said. Also, it's helpful to be familiar with Actions so you can make several things happen with one button click. Define Action outside of the Window at the bottom of the maplet. Let me know if you have specific questions.
yes, that works quite well. thank you very much. I had played around with the time() function, but not in a while loop.
My advice would be to not use the Maplet Builder at all. It doesn't have all the options of coding by hand, and will error if you try to edit a file by hand and re-open it in the Maplet. You can do the advanced examples via Worksheets, which gives you a better understanding of how the Maplets are put together in the first place.
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