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with(plots); m1 := implicitplot3d(9*x^2+4*y^2-36*z^2, x = -2 .. 2, y = -3 .. 3, z = -1 .. 1, grid = [20, 20, 20]); n := animate3d([x, y, t], x = -2 .. 2, y = -3 .. 3, t = -1 .. 1); display({n, m1});


Sorry the maple statement got cutoff. sorry. Here's the full command.

I apologize for late reply. I wanted to live with this pasting delay problem but recently it's getting on my nerve. Everytime i had to cut and paste it takes 5 second just for that. >PatrickT wrote: > >In my experience, copy-pasting uses up a lot of memory when plots are included >in the region being copy-pasted. What I do before copy-pasting is : > >edit -> remove output > >then you can copy-paste the formulae quickly. > >not sure if that's the problem you're referring to. I use Maple13/Classic. No I'm not pasting the output. Simply the command plot3d(with arguments) from last executed point to the next prompt. >acer wrote: > >I'm not sure if this is the same phenomenon as you are seeing, but the >Maple 12.xx Standard GUI has problems with delayed rendering in some Linux >distributions. AFAIK, it can occur in "older" distributions. It might be related >to a clash between an "old" glibc and the "newer" JRE. The problem manifests >itself as a 5-10 sec white pause over the whole GUI output canvas. It occurs >especially after pasting. > >It had nothing to do with plots. Since, small expressions would get it too. Oh, >and on a machine that had it, it would occur at a slightly shorter delay for >every output. > >On an old Fedora box of mine the problem was very bad in 12.xx but has improved >in 13. If you are stuck with Maple 12 for a while, then you might consider >upgrading your distribution. I don't know of the problem occuring on any current > Linux distro. Thanks for clearing that up. >jakubi wrote: >Under Debian Etch, in Maple 12.02 (or 12.01) Standard GUI, I do not observe >that copying this 'plot3d' statement from an input line of the worksheet and >pasting it into the next one takes any long time. Sun Java installed in this >system is 5.0, but it should be irrelevant as Maple installs and uses its own >Java 6. I'm using Maple 12.02(not Classic) and the problem exists. Is there any other way to solve this annoying problem? patch or any workaround? I'm having this problem for a while now. Any thoughts on this?

Maybe my last post wasn't clear enough. Sorry. When i paste  commands like
plot3d(with valid arguments) from the previous prompt line to the next line,
maple12_02 takes a long time to paste it. Is there a way to make this process
instantaneous? Anything(regarding this matter) needed to be done
differently? Any Ideas?

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