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LE_EQ.mwWhat is problem with this programme,why it does'nt calculate the values but only shows the solution with integral sign instead of calculating it, there is also arising a problem in plots

lambdaaaaaa.mwI have calculated lambda(s), now I to substitute  its derivative(1st,2nd) in b[2], b[3]and b[4] in order to calculate the values of constants i.e C1,C2 and C3, plz help

by_parts.mwhi, plz someone tell me what I have to do for such type of error

hi, I want calculate lambda(lagrange multiplier) for lane emden type equation, I have made a programme for it but here is error at the end of programme,plz help

hi, I am tyying to solve this equation but there is arising an error, plz help me,

Hi, I'm tying to solve the ODE by variational iteration method, programme is running, but maple answer does'nt  match to origional answer, plz tell me the mistake?

ICs y(0)=y'(0)=y''(0)=1


diff(y(x), x, x)+2*(diff(y(x), x))/x+af(x)*g(y(x))=0


"n:=5:  y[0]:=0:  f(x):=1:  g(y):=e^(-y): L:=x^(-2)(ⅆ)/(ⅆ x) (x^(2)(ⅆ)/(ⅆ x) ):  L^(-1)(y):=(∫)[0]^(x)x^(-2)(∫)[0]^(x)x^(2)dxdx:  "

"for m from 1 to n do:  `&varkappa;`[m]:={[[0,m<=1],[1,m>1]]:   R[m]:=simplifyL^(-1)((d^(2)y[m-1])/(dx^(2))+(2)/(x)(&DifferentialD;y[m-1])/(&DifferentialD; x)+f(x)g(y) );  y[m]:=simplify(y[m-1]*`&varkappa;`[m]-R[m]):  od;"


plz help me, I m trying to solve homotopy analysis method for lane emden, what additional steps I have to taken in above programming?


plz help me, how do i solve singular ODEs of lane Emden type equation for homotopy analysis method in maple? there is arising an arror, invalid fraction

I am using QPSolve for a very large matrix. Before printing the answer, Maple gives me the following warning

"Warning, necessary conditions met but sufficient conditions not satisfied".

Does it mean that the solution is feasible, but not optimum?

Why don't I get reasonable results for my calculations? Sorry for the strange way of code posting, but I just don't get how to do it here in mapleprimes.


result (sorry for the unusual division, but large brackets are not displayed properly here):








I don't see my syntax error. The same syntax principle works in other files

Hi, there

How can we plot the volume of revolution of the region between two curves y=2x-x^2 and y=sqrt(2x-x^2) around the x-axis?

Any help will be appreciated. I used a command in maple 13 but the result was a sphere!



How can I plot the volume of revolution of the region between the curves y=ln(x) and y=-ln(x)on the interval [1,e]

around the y-axis.please specify the command. I used the command: VolumeOfRevolution(ln(x),-ln(x), x=1..e, scaling=constrained,axis=vertical,output=plot). But this command only plots the revolution of the curves not the region between them.

Best Regards


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Is it possible to make scatter-histogram plots in Maple13 like these ?

I achieved the scatter-plot, but what about the additional histograms?

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