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This Maple 13 so maybe things have been fixed. Here are four points whose convex hull consists of three points. Sometimes the result comes out correct, more often it does not. With numbers this small it shouldn't be an issue of roundoff. But changing digits changes the result!
 If I want to plot Smith Chart ,how do I mark a circle of arbitrary values?

then,How do I avoid the polar line to cover other  circle line?

Any body can give me some ideas or better ways to plot Smith Chart?


(Z0)   + I Ω    

(ZL) + I Ω

(ω) rad/s

α dB/m= Np/m

(β) rad/m



(z)  l












 (YL): S



 (Zin):   Ω



(Vo)(z=0): V

      (Io)(z=0): A

Vo+):      V         

(Vo-):  V 

               (Vs): V

  (Is): A


  r=     ,   x=   Yo=













































How do I solve Smith Chart...

September 01 2014 jared 5

How do I mark a value on circles

I want to plot Smith Chart and calculate the value Correspond to circles.

Any one can give me some suggestions or better idea to plot Smith Chart.

There are my code:Doc1.doc



How do I solve Smith Chart...

September 01 2014 jared 5


我要繪製圓圖和使用Maple計算值  對應圓圈。

任何一個可以給一些  建議或更好的主意來繪製圓圖。




i'm going to solve the two eq. and plot the answer point

i try to do two group but the first succeed the second get some wrong

the first i named 1 ,and second named 2 as below

the 1 plot the correct point that i want

Although the 2 solve eq too but it didn't plot the point on(-0.36,0.29),

the code of this two is same ,

anyone can help me?


i want to plot a circle which is centered at(0,0),and the radius is the length of Point2 and origin

but it shows some error,how could i do to solve this

i want to plot a circle with that centered at (0,0),and the radius is the length of Point2 and orgin

but it shows the error

how could i do to solve this






how can i do if i  want to change the color of point1 which is rotated from point2

i want to make point2 red , and point1 is black , but the point1 is still  red

anyone can help me? thx



I'm a beginner of Maple 13. 


In MATLAB, there is a command 'sigmaplot' which draw the 'SINGULAR VALUE OF SYSTEM H(jw)' over all frequency range. 

I want to obtain the function of the 'sigmaplot' graph about frequency variable 'w'.


so I defined matrix A,B,C,D in Maple13. 


and specify H like following


H:= Multiply(C,Multiply(Inversematrix(s*IdentityMatrix(8)-A),B))+D              


          --> It is to express H=C*((sI-A)^-1)*B+D that is the state-space matrix of frequency domain form.


and Maple 13 gave me a very long formular expressed by 's'.


Then I try to 'SingularValues' command 


but there came up 'Error Message : Error. (in content/polynom) general case of floats not handled'


I couldn't resolve this problem.... 


So I'm requesting your advice like this.


Could you give some advice ? 


I wnat to print the polar that contain a part of loops,but it always contains all loops.

how do I solve this preblem?

Any one can help me,please?


i make two component that the left named MathContainer0 and right named MathContainer1

which can enter any numers on it

and i want to solve the eqution such as  

x*%MathContainer0+y*%MathContainer1=0 ,and y*%MathContainer0+x*%MathContainer1=0

but it still not shows the answers i want

anyone can help thx 

this is my code but there has smoe problom

i make the MathContainer0 and MathContainer1 can be entered number

 i plot the loop circle, and then i want to show te insection of two circle,that the center and radius of two 

 depends on the value of MathContainer0 and MathContainer1 that we entered


any one can help me? thx

Hi all,

I'm using MAPLE 13 and I'd like to know if someone knows how to generate the variables associated to the CodeGeneration for C code. At this moment I need to create manually the variable generated from the C code.


JJ := Jacobian(convert(Pint, Vector), [P1xenu, P1yenu, P1zenu, roll, pitch, yaw, D1xbody, D1ybody, P2xenu, P2yenu, P2zenu, ROLL, PITCH, YAW, D2xbody, D2ybody]);

CodeGeneration['C'](JJ, optimize);


t1 = cov2 * cov2;
t2 = cov1 * cov1;
t4 = 0.1e1 / (t1 + t2);

And in the C code I need to create:

double t1, t2, t3..... manually

I can I solve this issue?

Best regards

André Dias

I want to print the intersection of thie two circle but it shows

Error, (in plots:-display) expecting plot structure but received: `intersect`(CURVES([[1.000000000, 0.], [.9973715671, 0.4177774453e-1], [.9895277204, 0.8289662909e-1], [.9765921620, .1227081842], [.9587688933, .1605845580], [.9363389981, .1959284174], [.9096562091, .2281823686], [.8791413299, .2568377476], [.8452755984, .2814426418], [.8085930973, .3016090174], [.7696723313, .3170188388], [.7291271048, .3274290836], [.6875968398, .3326755761], [.6457364935, .3326755761], [.6042062285, .3274290835], [.5636610020, .3170188387], [.5247402363, .3016090175], [.4880577352, .2814426419], [.4541920036, .2568377477], [.4236771240, .2281823683], [.39...
How can i do for this problem to solve

AOA. I want to plot the graph of the following function 


A new generalized complex representation of Euler gamma function in terms of Dirac delta function, which is

GAMMA(s) = 2*Pi*(sum((-1)^n*Dirac(s+n)/factorial(n), n = 0 .. infinity))

where*s = sigma+i*tau

for differenet values of parameters


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