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I ran into an interesting situation with numeric integration.

For a simulation task I need to evaluate an overlap integral of a pair of 3-d ellipsoids which have a certain aspect ratio and the axes of which are tilted against each other. The distribution in each plane is Gaussian, but with largely differing sizes. While I have an analytic expression for the result; the integration (along a certain direction) cannot be done analytically and so I integrate numerically....

One of those vexing things that should be easy:

I am reading in a data file using ImportMatrix. Since the file has one column with texual data I cannot use datatype=float since that bombs. I >can< ImportMatrix with datatype=string or anything.

I then extract columns using the appropriate command and want to do something numeric with them (only with those columns that have correct floating point numbers). That fails since my data are now not floats (even when using anything...


I have problem with solve polynomial...maple can't manage with it.

My polynomial :



I'm getting for *good roots* and something "1/4(RootOf(.......

Hi all,

I am looking for a package to calculate the power mean (or Hölder mean) defined like

Mean_p(x_n)=(1/N Sum(x_n^p,n=1..N))^(1/p)

in a hopefully obvious notation. I can obviously implement this definition directly in Maple, but there are subtleties (like the limit of p=0) which maybe a mature implementation already covers (?).

I am still mostly on Maple 15 which does not have such a Mean. If 16 or 17 have it I would not becessarily know.





product(add(1/((I*.5)*exp(solutions[i]*sqrt(2)*sigma[j]+mu[j]-ln(k[j]))+1)^k[j], i = 1 .. 4), j = 2 .. 3);


returns "Error, bad index into Vector"


I wonder if you could help me. I'm trying to calculate the eigenvalues of a complicated 3x3 matrix in Maple, but I'm not very familiar with Maple syntax. The answer maple has provided me with is in the form,

(&*(sin(pi*q/P),P/T,3x3 matrix))

How do I interpret this result? The eigenvalues are scalars.

Thanks for your help,





I am using Maple 15 on a school server. In most of the times, the following screen occurs:

Can I get rid of that notice? My results got disappear very quickly to the TOP.

Is that something I can change or it has to be done from the admin?

And just a general question, do Maple run more or less faster on Linux/Unix machine than windows?

As showed in attached file

the laurent series of exp(1/z) at z=1 is equal to the taylor series of exp(z) at z=1           

As showed in attached file

the laurent series of exp(1/z) at z=1 is equal to the taylor series of exp(z) at z=1           

I have an intermittent font issue in Maple 15 on Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.

Every-so-often it happens that certain characters do not show in the Maple output. These are usually greek characters or somewhat more exotic mathematical symbols. I do shuffle file back & forth between my systems which are Maple 15 and OS X 10.4.11 and 10.5.8. Java id 1.5 on both of these. Occasionally, a file may also get to a machine running Maple 17 on 10.6.8 with Java 1.6, but that is...

Hi there,

a simplified summary of my problem:

I have a module which calculates an intersection between a tangent and a parabola, when the gradient angle is given. The export is the length between origin and intersection.

Now I'd like to plot the relation of angle and length. The only thing that works for me is pointplot, because the "normal" plot does not work when I use fsolve in my module?

I'm asking for a solution, because I need to create an animation ...

I am trying to find the zeros of the sine function below when i do maple just returnes 0.

Dear All,

Please can someone help me in writing the Maple program for the following, I am stuck :




A2(n)=1 for n=1


A2(n) = (sin((n-1)*beta/2))/((n-1)*(beta/2))           for n is not equal to 1

note pls: n= 1, 3, 5,....

Thanks in advance

(This question applies to the Win32 version of Maple 15.)

I've got a python wrapper for the OpenMaple interface, and I've managed to get most of the callback functions in the MCallBackVector structure passed in to StartMaple to work, but I've never (ever) seen the queryInterrupt callback called.


To investigate this, I modified the 'omexample.c' example (found in the <Maple install Dir>\samples\OpenMaple\cmaple directory installed with the product...

Given an n*n matrix M an its rth row and cth column element m[r,c].Suppose m[r,c] = c*m[r-1,c]+a*m[r-1,c-1] and m[0,0]=1, m[0,k]=m[l,0]=0 for k>0,l>0.The letter "a" denotes a constant number and n can be any non negtive integer.

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