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Hi there,

a simplified summary of my problem:

I have a module which calculates an intersection between a tangent and a parabola, when the gradient angle is given. The export is the length between origin and intersection.

Now I'd like to plot the relation of angle and length. The only thing that works for me is pointplot, because the "normal" plot does not work when I use fsolve in my module?

I'm asking for a solution, because I need to create an animation ...

I am trying to find the zeros of the sine function below when i do maple just returnes 0.

Dear All,

Please can someone help me in writing the Maple program for the following, I am stuck :




A2(n)=1 for n=1


A2(n) = (sin((n-1)*beta/2))/((n-1)*(beta/2))           for n is not equal to 1

note pls: n= 1, 3, 5,....

Thanks in advance

(This question applies to the Win32 version of Maple 15.)

I've got a python wrapper for the OpenMaple interface, and I've managed to get most of the callback functions in the MCallBackVector structure passed in to StartMaple to work, but I've never (ever) seen the queryInterrupt callback called.


To investigate this, I modified the 'omexample.c' example (found in the <Maple install Dir>\samples\OpenMaple\cmaple directory installed with the product...

Given an n*n matrix M an its rth row and cth column element m[r,c].Suppose m[r,c] = c*m[r-1,c]+a*m[r-1,c-1] and m[0,0]=1, m[0,k]=m[l,0]=0 for k>0,l>0.The letter "a" denotes a constant number and n can be any non negtive integer.

In 2D, graph a blue ellipse x(t)=3cos(t), y(t)=2sin(t) for 0≤t≤2∏. For t=0.5 graph a green tangent line to the ellipse and a red osculating circle. Also, give the curvature, the equation of the tangent line and the center of the osculating circle



I have this system of lienar equations:

graph a red bezier curve start at the point P1(0, 0, 1) in the direction of <-2, 0, 1> and ends at P3=(0, 2, 0) from the direction of <0, 1, 0>. Use "axes=normal" and rotate the image for a good view of the curve. Also, write the coordinates of the other two control points that you used.


for my mechanical engineering studies we have to optimize an engine during a workshop. Therefore we have to use a numerical dsolve to solve the equation of motion. I have to get the maximum bearing reaction for a constant rpm. In order to get this I can't think of anything else but use the dsolve solution and use it in maximize.


ysk_2 := t -> -rc*cos(phi(t))-lp*cos(alpha(t))-lkb-y(t);
ysp_2 := t -> -rc*cos(phi(t))-lp2*cos(alpha(t))-y(t);

I have a Mma code from a colleague that I am trying to port to Maple. This code uses a lot of Mma With[{...}, ...] constructs, to which I found the Maple "use ... in ... end use" construct the closest equivalent. What is being done is to initialize a bunch of local variables and then run the calculations. Non-initialized variables (the ones not in the first section) remain global.

I ran into a problem in Maple when I tried to initialize an element of a Vector, like "use a[1...

i'm using maple 15 and trying to solve the following PDE without success, can you help please.





where a,b,c and d are constants. and i need it to be solved as a PDE please.

thank you,



My work requires me to use derivative a lot. Especially, the partial one. Given F(x,x_dot). Maple has this dF/dx partial expression, however I'd like to partial differentiate F with regard to x_dot (the derivative of x over time).

Is this possible? If possible, please tell me how.

Thank you.


I was using the Finance package and used the command ImpliedVolatilitySurface(...). But it is showing the following error 
"Error, (in Finance:-ImpliedVolatilitySurface) external linking: error loading external library finance.dll: The specified module could not be found."Please help..

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