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Can anyone tell me how i can compute the correct partial derivatis of this function? I need to compute the partial derivative with respect to Pj,k but since I am summing over 'j', it does not compute the chain rule properly. 

ode with events...

March 28 2013 maple fan 80

hello, everyone,
the attached pdf file contain four models, I can't get the solutions of last three models.
help, thank you in advance.



 In the following root finding code, the wn[1] is calculated as [] although it is within the specified range. would you please tell me why?


 In the following root finding code, the wn[1] is calculated as [] although it is within the specified range. would you please tell me why?


Dear All,

I am trying to find the exact amplitude and phase angle for the signal, with values attached using MATLAB.  BUT the phase angles doesn't make sense.  Can you guys help me in doing the FFT of the signal and find the amplitude and phase using MAPLE.   I am interested in,  fundamental component, 5th , 7th , 11th, 13th 15th, 17th and 19th harmonics with their phases.

I shall be very thankful if anyone of you can actually solve the problem.

Hey I was trying to plot a vector field associated with the following differential equation


but it shows me error:

Warning, x is present as both a dependent variable and a name. Inconsistent specification of the dependent variable is deprecated, and it is assumed that the name is being used in place of the dependent variable.Error, (in DEtools/dfieldplot) extra unknowns found: x

Dunno how to fix it, can anyone help me??

Hi all,

I try many ways to solve the below DAEs, for example stiff=true, method = rkf45_dae, method=rosenbrock..., but my DAEs can't be solved. In different ways, there are different errors, such as "Warning, cannot evaluate the solution past the initial point, problem may be complex, initially singular or improperly set up", ""

Would you please show me how to solve the below DAEs and plot their solutions?

I really appreciate your help.

Hi all,

I have a differential equation as follows:

x(t)^2+cos(x(t))+diff(x(t), t)+diff(x(t), t, t) = 100

x(0)=2, D(x)(0) = 3;

After using "dsolve" to solve this equation, the solution x(t) is obtained.

How can we obtain the following function?

g(k) = 0kx2(t)dt

How can we plot the function g(k...

s,k,mu,sigma are parameters.k is real number

Dear All,

I need help in adding following two set of equtions in MAPLE, your help will be really appreciated:

w:=2*Pi*100:  O:=5*w





Addition of following two equations required pls


 I want to calculate successive roots of the following complex eq.

how can I set interval (?) for fsolve in the following code:

I am doing an algorithm that include a " for " loop, inside that loop in the first statement I assigned a certain matrix to a variable G and then the algorthim changes some elements in G but when the algorithm repeat the second step of the loop it uses the last resulted matrix of the previous step NOT the one that is defined in the first statement of the loop. I want it to start each step of the loop with the same value of the matrix. what should I do?

I want to get a closed form of the nth order differentiation: diff(exp(-(x+sigma)^2/(2*sigma^2)), `$`(x, n)) where sigma is a positive constate. But maple gives an unevaluated answer. Howere, if calculating diff(exp(-x^2/sigma^2), `$`(x, n)),maple gives a closed form:x^(-n)*2^n*MeijerG([[0, 1/2], []], [[0], [1/2+(1/2)*n, (1/2)*n]], x^2/sigma^2).

Hi, I am looking for some help for a computation on Maple. I have the following objects

I have a function

 int(exp(-(ln(p)-mu)^2/(2*sigma^2))/(sqrt(2*Pi)*sigma*p)*((k*x/p)^(k-1)*exp(-k*x/p)*k/(p*GAMMA(k))), p = 0 .. infinity)

where mu=-19.89674583,sigma=2.35671007 and k=2.475778082 are parameters

I calculate the integration of s with respect of x on intervals of 

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