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I want to get result like this:[0.003,123], however, it turns out to be like this: 

Hi,@Carl Love sorry for my crosspost, I miss click. I try to reply under your response, but it does not show my reply under your response.

Thank you very much, you solve my problem, the method you provided is useful.

But now another formula need to be fit, previously, I use Excel to do the best_answer_optimization, I want to know if Maple could do it. The formula is as follow ...

Hi, I want to substitute the result from NonlinearFit into formula and plot together with raw data.

I have two files v.txt and i.txt , v stands for voltage, i stands for current, using formulato fit my raw data,

The picture is captured from my screen.

Hi, I want to substitute the result from NonlinearFit into formula and plot together with raw data.

I have two files v.txt and i.txt , v stands for voltage, i stands for current,  using formula  to  fit my raw data, 

Let $F, f_1, \ldots f_5$ be polynomials in $\mathbb{Z}_p[r,s,t,u,v]$, the ring of polynomials in 5 variables over the integers modulo an odd prime $p$. By forming the ideal $J:=<>$ I can test whether $F$ is a member of $J$. Indeed $F$ is a member of $J$ and so I know there exists polynomials $a_1,\dots,a_r \in \mathbb{Z}_p[r,s,t,u,v]$ such that $$F = a_1f_1+\dots+ a_rf_r $$ My question is how to explicitly compute $a_1,\dots,a_r$ in Maple, or Sage if you prefer. Thank...


I'm rediscovering maple, and i want to find the zeroes of an expression by numerical calculation. But it seems that the function fsolve can not handle the monster i created...

(The monster in question here is a determinant of a 12x12 matrix with one variable an trigonometric functions that i don't want to copy pas (NDA))

The problem might comes from the extrem values it gives for a numerical calculation (slope around 1e6)...


what is the difference between using DEtools forexample bernoullisol and dsolve directly?

I have been solved a optimization problem by

When defining a polynomial as follows


the result of


is given as 1 whereas hand evaluation and also plotting the polynomial clearly shows that the result is 0. How can this behaviour be explained?



Error, illegal use of an object as a name


test1 := (3*f-f^2)*(Diff(g, x))+(-f+3*f^2-2)*(Diff(g, y))+(2-f^2)*(Diff(g, z));

test1r := solve(test1=0,f);


how to solve this in terms of Diff(g,x), Diff(g,y) etc.

after solve, it is like a bug, because result is Diff(1,x) etc where is g?


How can I install package "gravitational" for system Win7 (maple 15 and maple16)?


I am trying to define a system of units so that I get results in the units I want.

Specifically; I want to use energy in MeV (or eV, if I have to) and masses*c^2 in MeV (or eV) as well. Related, I need ScientificConstants like Planck's h in MeVs etc.

So I say


which is accepted. I even get energies converted to MeV if I enter one in a different unit and use

I am dealing with second order linear differeantial equations for RLC and forced RLC circiuts.

I am having trouble with plotting a solution curve in the phase plane.


> restart;

with(plots); with(DEtools);

L := 10; R := 20; C := 1/100;

de1 := diff(x(t), t) = y(t);

de2 := L*(diff(y(t), t))+R*y(t)+x(t)/C = 0;


DEplot({de1, de2}, [x(t), y(t)], t = 0 .. 5, [[x(0) = 10, y(0) = 0]], stepsize = 0.5,


I have a problem solving two equations with trigonometric functions. They are as follows:

eq1:= 9180pi - 16295.070arccos(-1.0 + 0.001356852103xu) + 22.1100sin(-1.0pi + 1.0arccos(-1.0 + 0.001356852103xu))(737.0-xu)+7115.0700arccos(-1.513347022 + 0.002053388090xu) - 14.6100sin(-1.0pi + 1.0arccos(-1.513347022 + 0.002053388090xu))(737.0-xu) + (0.1050As(xu-125)/(1349-xu)) - 0.1050As = 1688

eq2:= 9180pi- 16295.070arccos(-1.0 + 0.001356852103xu) + 22.1100sin...

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