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I seperate the variables in Real and Imigneray parts,  as follows:

------------------------- Defining the nature of the variables used ----------------------

t0:=0.0:tN:=30.0: M1:=5000;:th:=evalf((tN-t0)/M1):
ini1:=u(0)=Re(y(0)), v(0)=Im(z(0)),w(0)=x(0);
u(0) = 1, v(0) = 0, w(0) = -1
dsys1 :=diff(w(t),t)=-(N1+M*cos(2*omega*t))*w(t)-1+2*u(t)*cos(2*omega*t)+2*v(t)*sin(2*omega*t), diff(u(t),t)=-N1*u(t)+Delta*v(t)-2*M+(2*M*u(t)-N1-w(t))*cos(2*omega*t)-2*M*v(t)*sin(2*omega*t), diff(v(t),t)=-N1*v(t)-Delta*u(t)-2*M+(2*M*u(t)-N1-w(t))*sin(2*omega*t)+2*M*v(t)*cos(2*omega*t):
dsol1 :=dsolve({dsys1,ini1},var,numeric, output=listprocedure, abserr=1e-9, relerr=1e-8,range=0..1,maxfun=5000):
Warning, cannot evaluate the solution further right of .46544244e-3, maxfun limit exceeded (see ?dsolve,maxfun for details)
t1:=array(0..M1,[]): u1:=array(0..M1,[]): v1:=array(0..M1,[]): w1:=array(0..M1,[]): pt1:=array(0..M1,[]):pt2:=array(0..M1,[]):pt3:=array(0..M1,[]): 
for i from 0 to M1 do t1[i]:=evalf(th*i):u1[i]:=evalf(dsolu(t1[i]));v1[i]:=evalf(dsolv(t1[i])):w1[i]:=evalf(dsolw(t1[i])):pt1[i]:=[t1[i],u1[i]]:pt2[i]:=[t1[i],v1[i]]:pt3[i]:=[t1[i],w1[i]]:od:
Error, (in dsolu) cannot evaluate the solution further right of 0.46544244e-3, maxfun limit exceeded (see ?dsolve,maxfun for details)

plot(mytab3,t=0..5,tickmarks=[6, 6],axes=boxed);

but I got an error

I have downloaded the zip file for CalcP7, unzipped it, and can access its commands in a worksheet after issuing the command with(CalcP7), but "No Matches Found" displays when entering the command ?CalcP7. The download included a file named "aplication" (one "p") of type HDB, but Maple15 can't seem to access its contents.

Are CalcP7's help pages displayable? If so, what is necessary to access them?

I have had no trouble downloading the user package DirectSearch and accessing both its commands and its help pages.

I tried to load my document containing some notes, but then I got the message "There were problems during the loading process, Your worksheet may become incomplete", and as the message said my worksheet were incomplete. Is there a way to restore the document? I have tried following this and added the line it suggested:

But it didn't work.

I have attached the file.

plots[implicitplot3d](max(-x+y+z, x-y+z, x+y-z) = 1.0, x = 0 .. 1, y = 0 .. 1, z = 0 .. 1);

The help page for max does not explain or show an example of max(sequence of expressions)= a constant.

Please let me know if this link correctly accesses my worksheet. If not, I will copy its contents into this question.

Which ODE in the worksheet, if any, provides the correct answer?


f := proc (x) local t; if not type(evalf(x), 'numeric') then ('procname')(x) else evalf(Int(exp(-(1/10)*t^2), t = 0 .. x)) end if end proc

solA := dsolve({diff(y(x), x) = y(x)+f(x), y(0) = 0}, numeric, known = f)


[x = 1., y(x) = HFloat(0.7081492947996167)]


f2 := evalf(Int(exp(-(1/10)*t^2), t = 0 .. 1)); f(1)





solB := dsolve({diff(y(x), x) = y(x)+f2, y(0) = 0}, numeric, output = listprocedure)


[x(1) = 1., (y(x))(1) = HFloat(1.6626837619970016)]


YinSolB := subs(solB, y(x))

YinSolBeval := solve(YinSolB(a) = .7081, a); solB(YinSolBeval)



[x(.5491485953) = .5491485953, (y(x))(.5491485953) = HFloat(0.7081000000284681)]





  I would need to get access to the values of euler angles defining the orientation of a 3D plot.

I generate the 3D plot with a given orientation, then the user is allowed to rotate it with mouse orbit. How can I get the values of the new euler angles to use them in further computations?

In the plot/structure I cannot find any data concerned with orientation...


Thank you.



Is there a help page which explains why braces provide the partial text evaluation in this code?

RopeLen := 30;RopeAddLen := .5;

plots[textplot]([1, 1, typeset("%1", (({(1/2)*RopeLen}+{(1/2)*RopeAddLen})^2-{(1/2)*RopeLen}^2)^(1/2))])

eq1 := z = y*log(x): eq2 := z = y+x*log(x):

DispIntersecting := implicitplot3d([eq1, eq2], x = 0 .. 10, y = -30 .. 30, z = -40 .. 40, color = [blue, green]):

solve({eq1, eq2}, [x, y, z]);


DispIntersection := spacecurve([x, y, z], x = 0.1e-2 .. 10, color = red, view = [0 .. 10, -30 .. 30, -40 .. 40]):

display(DispIntersecting, DispIntersection, axes = boxed, scaling = constrained);

Hello guys and gals!

I'm not strong enough with maple to get what the result I want.

It seems that it's because I'm asking for two lenths, and not a lenth and an angle, but I have no Idea how to tackle it diferently.

If you know a trick, please share it!


Here's an image:

And here's the maple file attached (I think)


Happy new year!

has anybody experienced issues with Maple connectiong to Solidworks?  There doen't seem to be much info ion trouble shooting a failed "OpenConnection" call.





If I have this equation

and I need to use different Z, it's like

how can I solve it

Many Thanks


Hello I am trying to plot this differential equation,  have not had any success can any one help me.

plot(q(t)= Ce^-1/2 + sin2t +cos4t)

not sure what i am doing wrong and i just used the plot command


we have a curve (x^2+y^2)^2=x^2-y^2

parametric representation of the curve is given by




and we are asked to plot the curve using a parametric plot for -Pi<t<Pi

i got UI interface error when i install maple 15 into intel compute stick in window 8.1

I run the following working maplet:



Where "muutujad" is a procedure I defined and which returns the three inputs in the form [TF1,TF2,TF3].

It works fine, but if I insert "theta" as input, it of course stays in the string form, not Θ. Even if I copy the symbol and paste it in the textfied, it doesn't accept the symbol. Is there any way I can convert the text input to actual symbol?

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