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I have this kind of problem. When I try to solve my command:


is there any way to avoid this? in order to get the answer directly...

my question may be simple but I don't find the answer in any help guide.
when I define a function I cannot use a linearalgebra expression such as Trace.
Here is an example of what I would like to do:

If anyone can help me...
Thank you


Say, I got an expression that depends on two variables, x and y. How can I tell Maple, that y is actually just a (real) constant, so y does not depend on x?

Because when I apply a differentiation with the "D" - command, it would always also write out expressions, where y is differentiated w.r.t. x.



this question has been asked several times here already accoruding to the search function, but I didn't find an actual answer to it.

My Maple 15 gives outlarge numbers without scientific notation, so even 10^20 would be displayed as 1000....000  (20 zeroes). It seems like this is not the standard, so at one point I might have changed the way Maple displays the output, and cannot remember anymore how.

How can I tell Maple to display the output in scientiffic notation, and how can I set up the threshold of powers of ten, when this is done. (so that e.g. 100 still gets disaplyed as 100, and not as 1*10^2, but anything above gets displayed in scientific notation).

I know that I can right click on the output to change it's display form. But I want to change this generally, so I dont have to do this for any single numerical output I get.

I use Maple 15, running in Mac OS.

Thanks for help!

I have to plot 4 vectors in one graph. I have the following structure:

plot(Vector([12, 12.5, 13, 13.5, 14, 14.5, 15]), Vector([1.622712644, 1.265443137, 1.028604736, .8605013333, .7352916667, .6386248233, .5618945274]), style = line, symbol = asterisk, color = blue)


plot(Vector([12, 12.5, 13, 13.5, 14, 14.5, 15]), Vector([5.483608580, 4.289400489, 3.496793877, 2.933480578, 2.513320599, 2.188469637, 1.930230220]), style = line, symbol = asterisk, color = blue)

Could you help me to plot these two curves in one graph.


please help me to find a solution for this issue...

I would like to thank you in advance

Best regards,


I tried to get the maximum and minimum values of the following function. From the plot I get them but its not accurate. Please advise me to get them accurate.





implicitplot(((N^2+B^2-F*N)*K=N*(N^2+B^2-F*N+F*N),K=0..10,N=0..10,view=[0..5,0..4],numpoints=90000,axes=boxed,thickness=2,color=black,font=[1,1,20],tickmarks=[3, 3],linestyle=1));


I gave this function:

g := -2-k[1](lambda*alpha[2]*k[2]+alpha[1](-2-2*k[2]+k[2]*lambda^2))+k[1](lambda*alpha[2]*k[2]+alpha[1](-2-2*k[2]+k[2]*lambda^2))*lambda(lambda*alpha[2]*k[2]+alpha[1](-2-2*k[2]+k[2]*lambda^2))^2

I would like to factor out or to collect:   (lambda*alpha[2]*k[2]+alpha[1](-2-2*k[2]+k[2]*lambda^2))

I use following command: collect(g, lambda*alpha[2]*k[2]+alpha[1](-2-2*k[2]+k[2]*lambda^2))

Nevertheless, I receive an error ...

Error, (in collect) cannot collect lambda*alpha[2]*k[2]+alpha[1](-2-2*k[2]+k[2]*lambda^2)


Could you help me to solve my issue ? 

What am I doing wrong ? Do I have to use another command for this ?

I would like to thank you in advance.

Best regards,



q[1] = sqrt(x)*alpha-lambda(sqrt(x)*alpha-lambda*q[1]*q[3]-p[2])*(sqrt(x)*alpha-lambda*q[1]*q[2]-p[3])-p[1]

I am looking for q[1] solution. When I solve for q[1], maple gives me following answer:

q[1] = RootOf(-_Z+sqrt(x)*alpha-lambda(sqrt(x)*alpha-lambda*_Z*q[3]-p[2])*sqrt(x)*alpha+lambda(sqrt(x)*alpha-lambda*_Z*q[3]-p[2])*lambda*_Z*q[2]+lambda(sqrt(x)*alpha-lambda*_Z*q[3]-p[2])*p[3]-p[1])

Is it possible to obtain a classical solution for the calculations above. (can not understand the meaning of: RootOf and _Z. I need q[1] in order to solve further in my system of eqautions for  q[2],  q[3]


could you help me please to find a solution for this issue...
I would like to thank you in advance 
Best regards,




I am looking to simplify this long term...

could you help me please to find a solution for this issue...

I would like to thank you in advance

Best regards,



1-Triying to plot a function divided by its maximum value,sometimes it works with some parameters that means, the max.value of the plot is 1.

But when i change the data the max. value in the plot in graeter than 1 which is wrong!! should be 1.

dont know why??

2- Changing different data in the parameters, the programme takes long long time then i stop it?


please help me with these two problems.

------------------------- Defining the nature of the variables used ----------------------
--------------------- Input---------------------------------


###### J2#########################


J3 same as J1differ in sign
J4 same as J2 but -0.25-->2



calculate the spectrum









I have two equations:

and I need to extract the coefficients of x0 and xp0 (to build a matrix; but that is not the issue). So I use coeffs:




While I can live with the first result (for X) (not that I like it), the fact that the 2nd one (for XP) has a completely different structure prevents any kind of algorithmic extraction of the coefficients (and the second one of course is 0) for further use. I tried the form of coeffs with a third argument (a name which gets the result assigned) but the same result. This example is a real case, obviously a trivial one and others will be much more involved so I really would like this to work. And yes, I did "collect" before using coeffs (not that it was needed here).

Any ideas out there?

Mac Dude.

solve({[(alpha[1]-alpha[2]*lambda)*sqrt(x)+p[2]*lambda]*[k[1]*(1-lambda^2)+2] = p[1]*(2*k[1]*(1-lambda^2)+2), [(alpha[2]-alpha[1]*lambda)*sqrt(x)+p[1]*lambda]*[k[2]*(1-lambda^2)+2] = p[2]*(2*k[2]*(1- lambda^2)+2)}, [p[1], p[2]])

Warning, solutions may have been lost



could you help me please to find a solution for this issue...

I would like to thank you in advance 

Best regards,




I have Maple 15 and I am transferring it to a different computer but I cannot find the download link anywhere. Where would I find it? Thank you!


I just installed maple 15 as well as the latest update. However, when I was trying to plot, it gives me this:

Which had never happened before I reinstall my operation system.

Could anyone help me please? Thanks a lot!

Hi. I have a question it goes.

Find the equation f(x) which satisfies the following conditions. f'(x)= 1/(1+cot(x)) and f(pi/4)=1.

So I enter the following in Maple and this is what I end up with.

This should work as far as I can tell. The final diff command should return the original f'(x), but it doesn't. Can anyone tell me why?

I have used this exact method before on similair problems and it...

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