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I have Maple 15 and I am transferring it to a different computer but I cannot find the download link anywhere. Where would I find it? Thank you!


I just installed maple 15 as well as the latest update. However, when I was trying to plot, it gives me this:

Which had never happened before I reinstall my operation system.

Could anyone help me please? Thanks a lot!

Hi. I have a question it goes.

Find the equation f(x) which satisfies the following conditions. f'(x)= 1/(1+cot(x)) and f(pi/4)=1.

So I enter the following in Maple and this is what I end up with.

This should work as far as I can tell. The final diff command should return the original f'(x), but it doesn't. Can anyone tell me why?

I have used this exact method before on similair problems and it...

     On the basis of Dragнilev method…

     Is there anyone interested in the algorithm to reduce the distance between the points of the given constraints? The algorithm is adapted for use in R ^ n. This is an example of its work on the surface:  
f = - (x1 ^ 2 x2-.3) ^ 2 - (x1 x2 ^ 2-.7) ^ 2 - 5;  

     Approximate description of the algorithm in pictures.

Greetings to all.

I have been using the numtheory package for quite some time now and it has helped me advance on a number of problems. Recently an issue came to my attention that I have known about for a long time but somehow never realized that it can be fixed. This is the fact that the numtheory package does not know about Dirichlet series, finite and infinite. Here are two links:


it is more or less my first time using maple for my research. During my mesurements I collect data and store those in an excel sheet. The I made calculations row by row.

I figured out how to import the excel sheet and calculate row by row. Maple calculates the correct results, but how can I easily store the results again, for example row by row in an excel sheet or csv?

This is my code:

> restart;#Range of the Matrix A1:KXXXXprint(??);

Hi, I want to know how to change the rectangular form to polar form, and how to manipulate the operation of them, for example the picture below. The angle of polar form contain radian and degree, how to represent them in Maple?Thank you.

Some people say that FFXIV the game characters are cute, and would like to ask people who played can tell us about.


   Suppose thT the population y(t) of a certain kind of fish is given by (D(y))(t) = Ay(t)-By(t)^2, and fish are caught at a rate Hy proportional to y.Solve this so-called schaefer model. Find the euilibrium solutions y1,y2(>0) when H

2.< Intermittent harvesting>

 In 1. assume that you fish for 3 years, then fishing is banned for the next 3 years. Thereafter you start again. And so on. This is called intermittent harvesting....

1. x^2*diff(y(x),x,x)+x*diff(y(x),x)+(x^2-1/9)*y(x)=0

I want solve this equation with Bessel'function in maple.


2. x*(diff(y(x),x&2))+2*(diff(y(x), x))+16*x*y(x) = 0

3. x*(diff(y(x),x&2))+(2*x+1)*(diff(y(x), x))+(x+1)*y(x) = 0

I want solve these equation with frobenius method in maple.


Thank you ♥

I want to get result like this:[0.003,123], however, it turns out to be like this: 

Hi,@Carl Love sorry for my crosspost, I miss click. I try to reply under your response, but it does not show my reply under your response.

Thank you very much, you solve my problem, the method you provided is useful.

But now another formula need to be fit, previously, I use Excel to do the best_answer_optimization, I want to know if Maple could do it. The formula is as follow ...

Hi, I want to substitute the result from NonlinearFit into formula and plot together with raw data.

I have two files v.txt and i.txt , v stands for voltage, i stands for current, using formulato fit my raw data,

The picture is captured from my screen.

Hi, I want to substitute the result from NonlinearFit into formula and plot together with raw data.

I have two files v.txt and i.txt , v stands for voltage, i stands for current,  using formula  to  fit my raw data, 

Let $F, f_1, \ldots f_5$ be polynomials in $\mathbb{Z}_p[r,s,t,u,v]$, the ring of polynomials in 5 variables over the integers modulo an odd prime $p$. By forming the ideal $J:=<>$ I can test whether $F$ is a member of $J$. Indeed $F$ is a member of $J$ and so I know there exists polynomials $a_1,\dots,a_r \in \mathbb{Z}_p[r,s,t,u,v]$ such that $$F = a_1f_1+\dots+ a_rf_r $$ My question is how to explicitly compute $a_1,\dots,a_r$ in Maple, or Sage if you prefer. Thank...

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