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After simulate the model of MapleSim, I can only know the curve of where I need to know about. I need the specific parameter(each point value), like a piece of sheet. How I can put it of in an Excel of Word?



I have modeled a 3DOF manipulator with crank-arm type actuators in maplesim!!!

It simulates the model... but when I "Create Attachement>Equations" and when I click on "load selected subsystem"... it starts evaluating but never gives me equation... I have waited for almost 2 hours but no luck!!!!

Any idea what should I do to get equations for this model??? 


P.s. I have attached the moel!!!

As'salam u Alaikum / Hello!!


I want to add a revolute joint but i want the axis of revolution not to be aligned with base axis system (as maplesim only allows revoution about any of the bas axis-9 possibilities). The revolution should be about an axis which is at an angle from x-axis. How do I do it??


Moreover I will be very happy if you can share video tutorials of complicated cad models.



Hi, i´m trying to understand how does maplesim simulate a model with differential equatyions and on maplesim help i found this:


"Numeric Integration and Event Handling

During numeric solving (or "integration"), inequality conditions that are part of the model
are monitored and an event is triggered when one or more of these conditions change.
Whenever such an event is encountered, the numeric solver is stopped and the simulation

I have a model with 3 parameter blocks containing a lot of constants. I would like to know how can i print those lists to papper, .pdf, word or something like that.



I am trying to make a custom on maple but when i get an error on dynamicSystems saying:

> sys := DynamicSystems[AlgEquation](eq, inputvariable = [Altura(t)], outputvariable = [Teste(t)]);
Error, (in DynamicSystems:-AlgEquation) algebraic equations cannot depend on past/future values of the input/output

But if i change AlgEquation to diffEquation i get no error. I dont have any diff equation on the system. This is happening with one of the "equations":

Hello all,

I'll be straight-forward.

I have Maple 15+MapleSim 5. I don't have Control Design Toolbox. I want to embed a linearized system object as an msys file into MapleSim.

The Linearization template failed to create the file. I tried to use the codes in the template directly as code in Maple, but also failed. Seemingly because I don't have Control Design Toolbox in which the code need to load.

I have been googling around with no avail. I...


I'm running a 2D parameter sweep from Maple 15 on a MapleSim 5 model. The output is stored in a 2D matrix.  I've encountered two problems:

1) when I graph it with matrixplot the z-axis values are fine but I can't figure out how to change the x-axis and y-axis values from the matrix indices to the actual values of the swept parameters. 

2) When the parameter sweep begins I get a warning about storing the values in a matrix.  Maple...

I would like to know if it is possible to declare some variables in one parameter box (i would call it independ parameters) and other with parameters that depends on the first ones:





(for exemple)



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