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After simulate the model of MapleSim, I can only know the curve of where I need to know about. I need the specific parameter(each point value), like a piece of sheet. How I can put it of in an Excel of Word?



I have modeled a 3DOF manipulator with crank-arm type actuators in maplesim!!!

It simulates the model... but when I "Create Attachement>Equations" and when I click on "load selected subsystem"... it starts evaluating but never gives me equation... I have waited for almost 2 hours but no luck!!!!

Any idea what should I do to get equations for this model??? 


P.s. I have attached the moel!!!

As'salam u Alaikum / Hello!!


I want to add a revolute joint but i want the axis of revolution not to be aligned with base axis system (as maplesim only allows revoution about any of the bas axis-9 possibilities). The revolution should be about an axis which is at an angle from x-axis. How do I do it??


Moreover I will be very happy if you can share video tutorials of complicated cad models.



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