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I created these two procedures, I want to introduce within a mla.
 But I have the following two problems that I need you guys help me 

Hi, I want to build recursively defined, piecewise functions.

I first defined my zero-order functions

N40(xi)=piecewise(0<xi and xi<=1);

N50(xi)=piecewise(1<xi and xi<=2);

and I can plot them with desired result

but, how do I combine them, to make first order functions?

 for instance, I want to have a function matematichally defined by:

N41 = (xi-1)*N40 + (2-xi)*N51


Hi all,

I've searched all over, and I can't figure this out: I'm hoping to have a result expressed in symbolic notation.  For example, if my result is x_1+x_2+...+x_n, how can I have maple express this answer as summation of x_i i=1 to n.

I actually have a matrix, each element of which is a ratio of summations.  In order to more easily comprehend it, I'm hoping to view it in summation notation.




Paul Burkander

So far I have a circle with a cornu spiral joining where their curvatures are equal as below.









c1 := circle([D1, E1], R1);



I am trying to use the output of an equation to set the value of a slider. In other words, how do I display the output of an equation in a slider / meter form ?

Hi im new to maple. How would i input this story problem into maple. In 600 days, an unknown radioactive substance decay to 62 percent of its size. (a) What is the half life of this substance? (b) How long will it take for a sample of 100mg to decay to 48 mg?

I find that the position of the labels (x, y, and z) on the axes of plots from implicitplot3d are not ideal. I prefer them to be close to the ends of the axes, while maple seems to place them nearer the middle. Can this position be changed with an option?

I'm using Maple 13 for Mac OS X.

How do I get Maple to recognize the Chain rule symbolically?

I have an ODE that looks like this:

u = a[0] + a[1]*w(q) + a[2]*w'(q) + a[3]*w(q)^2

where u,a[i],q are all functions of (x,y,t), so W is really W(q(x,y,t)).  W' is d/dq(W).  I am having trouble figuring out how to get Maple to recognize W' and still being able to take derivatives with respect to x,y, or t.

I want to get the following:

diff(W',x) = W''*q_x or in words: two derivatives of W with respect to q times q_x.

How can I do this?



If I have a function:


And I want

The array: f(x-y) for all x & y  from 0 to 2 with stepsize 0.5

in the same format that matlab stores saved arrays (in a .mat file), is that possible ??

Basically, I would like to be able to open matlab and load an array called 'f' 'from a file generated from maple, such that when I'm in my matlab workspase and type:


I get:


I guess the best way if i give an example, what i would like to achive with maple:


How do i chek what order my procedure is . For example Bubble Sort is O(n^2) merge sort is O(n log n). I have a procedure but i do not know how to chek the order?

Solving DE's...

February 01 2010 Nusc 499
ODE:=theta'(t)=mu+sin(theta(t)); V(t):=cos(theta(t)); I need to Plot V(t) for various IC. An assumption I can make is mu

Hi all

I've launched a maple program (.mpl) with the syntax someone suggested to me here in the forum:

nohup nice -n19 maple <name.mpl> out.out &

on a pc to whom I've access through a ssh tunnel.

The code begins with the lines:




... procedure declarations

... body of the program




Something strange seems to be happened, because the program hasn't accomplished all of his tasks.

Hi all I'm trying to obtain an expression for oscillatory motion in terms of the long-run amplitude, phase angle and frequency of a driven oscillatory system: deq:=diff(x(t),t$2)+lambda*diff(x(t),t)+omega[0]^2*x(t)=F[0]*sin(omega*t); The steady state solution I get from Maple is in this form ss:=((-omega[0]^2+omega^2)*sin(omega*t)+cos(omega*t)*omega*lambda)*F[0]/(omega^4+(lambda^2-2*omega[0]^2)*omega^2+omega[0]^4);
I need to numerically solve a 2nd order ode in maple and compare the numerically solved DE with the analytical solution by finding the error and plotting it as a function of time. I know how to solve the DE numerically in maple using dsolve(......, numeric), for example, sol :=dsolve({D(y)(t)=t^2-sin(y(t)),y(0)=1},y(t),type=numeric); and then out comes the solution as a procedure, sol := proc(rkf45_t) ... end sol(2); [t=2, y(t)=2.156829]
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