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I want to display my plots in tabular form. So I have tried it with the display command and I wrote my plots in
an array.
The problem is, that I want to have two plots in the uppper left corner, but the display command ignores the
second plot.
Is there something wrong with my Array or is there another possibility to display plots in a tabular form??

L:=Array(1..2,1..3, fill=plot(x)):
L[1,1]:=plot(x^2), plot(x-1):

Thanks for your help.


I want to solve the following system of ODE:

sys := {M*(diff(x(t), t, t))+C*(diff(x(t), t))+(2*Delta/(1+exp(20*(Pi-t)))+KMIN+Delta)*x(t)+((-20*Delta*exp(20*(Pi-t)))*(1/(1+exp(20*(Pi-t)))^2))*y(t) = P, M*(diff(y(t), t, t))+C*(diff(y(t), t))+(2*Delta/(1+exp(20*(Pi-t)))+KMIN+Delta)*y(t)+20*Delta*exp(20*(Pi-t))*x(t)/(1+exp(20*(Pi-t)))^2 = 0}

with the following Initial cdts:

ics := {x(0) = 0, y(0) = 0, (D(x))(0) = 0, (D(y))(0) = 0}

How do i draw a graph in the networks package. I have been trying to draw a range of graphs including random graphs but cannot get them to appear in the question.


Hi everybody, I have six coupled PDEs to solve. Because of complexity, Maple can not solve them at once, unless I solve three of them first and then satisfy the boundary conditions, then import them into the remaining equation. So it is somewhat semi-manually. The problem is, I do not know how to extract and modify the answer function from the answer of the PDE. Could you please let me know how I can modify the answer and put it back into the other equations? Thanx,

Hello, I've been bashing my head against this problem for around 2 hours, looking everywhere to see if I can find a solution in the forums and elsewhere, but I can't.  I'd appreciate it if someone could give me some guidance on how to do the following:

Approximate f(x, y) = (y^2) / (x^3) by a polynomial of degree 6 in x - 1 and y + 1.

          I am a student, Faculty of engineering, computer systems department, my field of study as Theoretical and modeling by using Maple. I have more difficult to solve the system of differential equations . I need any help from you by any way you could suggest. ( you can change the initial conditions to get the primary solution). I try by many methods but i can get any solutions.

dB1(z)/dz= - a.B1(z) – (g/AE). B4(z). B1(z)
dB2(z)/dz= +a.B2(z) + (g/AE). B3(z). B2(z)


Is there a command for displaying the name of the actual worksheet file in Maple?
I am looking for a similar command to currentdir(). It displays the actual file path. I would like to get also the file name of my actual worskheet file.
I would like to attach this information to my results automatically.

Thanks for your help in advance.

How do I specify a set number of decimal places after the decimal? 

Hi there,

I'm relatively new to Maple and I was wondering how to draw plots using  3DPLOT such that Maple also draws the coordinate-axes (starting at (0,0,0)).


how can i color a plane (for example:  z=0.75, or y= 2.5e12, ...) in a 3D plot?

i want to distinguish a plane from other sections of a 3Dplot.

Dear Maple users,

I am embarassed to ask your help, but having downloaded the update for the AEM-book for Maple 13, I am unable to activate it so I can open it in Maple 13.  I have followed instructions to the letter, but the software says it cannot find Maple 13 in my programmes folder. Can you assist? Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Audrey Kirfoot


Dear All,

This's my first post on this website; I'm hoping I can get some useful ideas on how to approach a problem where a PDE is coupled with an ODE, with initial and boundary conditions.  I'm using Maple 12.

The PDE is,


the ODE is,


The initial and boundary conditions are,


I'm trying to solve and plot,



<p>Once I have defined a complicated expression, and then I realize that the variable x should have initially been named r , can I change x into r in such a way that when i view the expression, it is expressed in terms of r rather than x ?? Without going back and changing EVERY x into an r ??  If i do r=x or x=r and then view the expression it still displays everything in terms of x rather than r.</p>
<p>Also, maple's fortran code generator renames my variables s~ ,t~ and g~ into c1,c2 and c3,  </p>
<p>can I customize what it renames them as ??</p>
I was exploring the Optimization package through Maple Help to find a solver that would be capable handling the task of minimizing an a set of otherwise linear equations that contains an absolute value term. Any suggestions?
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