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Dear Experts, I have created the tabel B[n,m] with an high amount of values (n=1000,m=1000). Now I saw that I need a matrix for my further proceeding. But just running the thing again with declaring B as a matrix would take too much time. So my question: Is it possible to convert the table B afterwards into a Matrix B?

I'm trying to plot and need to use implicit plot to graph 3x^2+2xy+y^2=4 on the interval [-5,5].  Any help would be appreciated.


How do get the range and domain of an equation for function.  x^2-1/x+1 = 0    or for f(x) = sqrt 144-x^2


Hi everyone,

I recently started to use maple and some problem arised that I can't figure out what to do.

My first problem was to multiply 2 Matrixes with GF elements, but I successfully overcame that problem by creating my own procedure to multiply matrixes, so no problem there.

label 3D Histogram...

March 26 2009 tbasket 476
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In my 3 D histogram the colums have a 1*1 base, so normally they would be labeled 1,2,3,4,5 on the x and the y axes but instead of this I want to label them 0.25,.05,0.75,1,1.25,1.5 and so on.......... Is there a way to do it?
Hi experts, I created a 3D histogram with(plots); with(LinearAlgebra); A := [[2],[3],[3],[4]]; matrixplot(A, heights = histogram, labels = [c1, c2, ExpectedProfit], tickmarks = [spacing(2), [seq(i, i = 0 .. 8, 3)], default], axes = normal) Now I want to assign a colour to each column. When the value is 2 of the Matrix it should be red for example, when it is 3 for example yellow and so on. Later Later I want to expand it to a Matrix with B[n,m]n=10 values... Thanks alot in advance for your help!

Download 10597_discretized Brownian path.doc
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I need the plot for the attached problem. I need it before 3 April 2009. Please some one help me.


Hi to all,

I am new to maple. I want a maple procedure for the following Boundary values problem.



Download 10597_Elliptic PDE.doc
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Brownian Path...

March 26 2009 zafar khan 72



Any one can help me. I need the plot of W(i+1/2)=1/2*(W(i)+W(i+1))+1/2*sqrt(sagma*t)*g(i)    where g(i) is an independent N(0,1) sample.

How do I do this?
Hello Folks I've been a Maple user for quite a bit and I've never found an easy way to do an extremely simple thing: just want to input an expression like (1/4)*a + (1/4)*b + (1/4)*c and get (1/4)*(a+b+c). I've tried the collect, factor, coeff, combine, simplify, expand commands and nothing seems to work. Maybe I'm choosing the wrong options for these commands. The fact is that I always end up with (1/4)*a + (1/4)*b + (1/4)*c or other arrangement of the expression, but I cannot get just the


I need to create a density plot from data in a 50x25 matrix (measurements of Platinum concentrations on the surface of a circular metal disc).  Wich is working fine more or less.  Except I am unable to create a legend wich tells me wich shade of grey corresponds to wich concentration.  Is this possible in maple? I've tried the legend option but to no avail.


Hi experts, I used matrixplot for plotting B[n,m]. In B[n,m] I saved n->17 and m->17 values (so 17*17)...... when I use matrixplot(B,.....) I get the following error message: Error, (in plots/matrixplot) invalid input: `convert/Matrix` expects its 1st argument, M, to be of type {Matrix, Vector, Array, array, list}, but received B thanks a lot for your help!

Hi, have attached a worksheet with some question that I don’t know how to solve in maple. Yours Gustav Hjertén

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