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When I type "hypergeom([a+1,b+1],[c+1],z);", Maple switches "[a+1,b+1]" to "[b+1,a+1]" when using the 32-bit command-line interface.  This does not happen when using the graphical java user interface, nor with the 64-bit version...

Why does this happen?

-- Regards,


I'm having trouble using the Jacobian command for predefined vectors. I have defined several 3x1 matrices, concatenated them to a 12x1 matrix, then when I'm taking the Jacobian I get the following error:

Error, invalid input: VectorCalculus:-Jacobian expects its 1st argument, f, to be of type {Vector(algebraic), list(algebraic)}, but received Matrix(10, 1, {(1, 1) = v[x], (2, 1)...

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong here?

Thanks so much in advance!

I need to find the eigenvalues for a matrix using the power method in Maple 14 . I want to iterate Xn+1=PXn until it has reached a certain degree of accuracy where P is my matrix and X is a column vector. 

I have tried:

> while(abs(X1-X0)>0.0000001);

> do

> X1 := X0

> X1 := PT.X0

> end do;

but I get this error: 'Error, unable to parse'

Please could someone help?

upload.mwDear all, Can someone find what my mistake is?

Hi to all, 

I would like to know where if I could plot two functions (both are computed by "if statements") on the same graph and could maple read "where" like VB (if ...where...end if)

Your help is appreciated


i have tried Maple help but could not find any answers.

would appreciate some help on how to construct an algorithm for a Pell's equation with D = 29 (x^2 - D*y^2 = 1)

That is x^2 - 29*y^2 = 1.

i know that there is an infinite number of solutions, but would appreciate the first 5.

(x_1, y_1), (x_2, y_2), ... , (x_5, y_5)

many thanx,


hi. i write a program consists a for loop in which cycle 'i', x[i] and hz[i] is calculated.

now i want to plot hz[i] correspond to each x[i].

this code is working but how to brief them?

hhz := piecewise(x < X[1], hz[1], X[1] < x and x < X[2], hz[2], X[2] < x and x < X[3], hz[3], X[3] < x and x < X[4], hz[4], X[4] < x and x < X[5], hz[5], X[5] < x and x < X[6], hz[6], X[6] < x and x < X[7], hz[7], X[7] < x and x < X[8...

I have the following procedure that generates Sierpinski's triangle:

seirpinski := proc (n)
> local Mat, Vector1, Vector2, Vector3,
> Prob1, Prob2, Q, prob, counter, fractalplot;
> Mat := linalg[matrix]([[.5, 0.], [0., .5]]);
> Vector1 := linalg[vector]([0, 0]);
> Vector2 := linalg[vector]([0, 0.5]);
> Vector3 := linalg[vector]([0.5, 0]);
> Prob1 := .333; Prob2 := .333;
> Q := linalg[vector]([0, 0]);
> writedata("fractaldata", [[Q[1...


I have a vector of points which sample the graph of a spherical function, say f. My definition for the graph of a spherical function is :

points[k] = f(x_k) * x_k     where  x_k \in S^2   .

Right now I use pointplot3d to obtain a rough visualization of my function. However, I'd like a plot that looks like a solid surface, the way plot3d output can look. 

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help!

How can I calculate F(6/7) - F(-6/7) to find probability related to central limit theory?

I need to first use the F:=x-->y to define F. What I'm getting is not helping me answer my question. could someone please tell me the steps to find an answer? 

I am running MAPLE 12 on WINDOWS XP & recently updated my JAVA and now anytime I try to use HELP, MAPLE hangs.  I have to enter the TASK MGR to terminate MAPLE, because I cannot do anything else.

Anyone have a FIX on this?

Hi I'm Oscar and I'm new on this forum.

I would like to know how does Maple manage Normal random variables when I want to obtain a symbolic expresion like the following (use of Variance to compute symbolically the variance of a combination of normal random variables with its characteristic parameters also symbolically defined)




z:=Variance(x^2+y^2+x*y+c): (1)

Hello people, I have a question about an equation, I have to solve on maple.


So i have






and i have to find a,b,c and d

the only thing i know is that I1=1, I2=0, I3=0,I4=0


can someone can help me. Thank you


I am new to Maple and doing a trivial calculation raised a few questions. I tried to calculate the average density of a wire with the following specs: 

  • diameter = .40 inches
  • length = 1000 feet
  • weight = 61 pounds

Here's what I have come up with. 

wirevolume:=(wirediameter/2)2 * Pi * wirelength:= 

VEH_We.mwDear Community

I try to plot a rather sophisticated function with Bessel functions and several roots of a transcendent equation, but failed. I've specified all parameters, functions, etc. yet I still get an error message. What do I do wrong? I've uploaded the file,  if you could have a look.

Tx in advance, best regards


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