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I am trying to learn the logically equivalent command in Maple.


I wish I could post my maple file.

Any suggestions are going to be highly appreciated.


I have found the distance between two points and considered the endpoints of the diameter of a circle I found the center points.  Now I need to graph.  How?

F := matrix(2, 2, [0, 1, 0, 0]) C := matrix(2, 1, [0, c]) G := matrix(1, 2, [1, 0]) D := m The matrix Riccati equation: dS/dt=FS+SF^T-SG^T(DD^T)^(-1)GS+CC^T where ^T denotes transpose, ^(-1) denotes inverse. Given S(0), what is S(t), a 2*2 matrix, in either analytic or numeric solution? To simply a little bit, let's assume m=c=1, S(0)=0. Many thanks.

I run Maple 12 Student Edition and I cannot find the  "advanced query builder" to import a database file even though it is supposed

to be included in Maple 12?  I have also looked at the "The Maple Database Integration Toolbox"   but it seams that it only

supports Maple 9.5 and not 12 ? plus it appears to be rather expensive?!  I am also reading that Maple 12 will:


I am wondering if there is a way to get rid of the extra space around the gridlines, especially in "axes=boxed" mode.

For example, if y=0 is my lowest tickmark, the plot box extends slightly below the y=0 gridline. I would like the plot box to fall exactly on the y=0 gridline (like Matlab would do it).

Anyone know a solution to this?


I am trying to set up a linear optimization problem where I have to set quite a few (and I mean perhaps dozens) variables to zero.  How do I do that without explicitly typing each and every variable and setting each one of them to zero manually?  I am using the Optimization package on Maple 12 (student edition) and invoking the LPSolve routine. 




Hi everybody.


I'm using Maple these days to generate C code. More precisely, I use Maple to calculate high order derivatives. For example, I know that :

dt( u(x,t) ) = a(x) * dx( u(x,t) ) + b(x) * dx( p(x,t) )

dt( p(x,t) ) = c(x) * dx( p(x,t) ) + d(x) * dx( u(x,t) )

and I ask Maple to calculate the 5th time-derivative of u using these 2 properties. But in fact, I use 8 variables instead of 2 and PDEs are far more complicated.

Finally, I get thanks to Maple expressions of time-derivatives for my 8 variables.


a least square problem...

February 19 2009 Lonely 390

please help me here:

I want to find the coefficients a, b , c of the following quadratic polynomial:

 P(x) = a*x^2+b*c+c

I know the following:

1. P(x0) = d

2. Derivative(P(x0)) = e

3. P(x1) = f

4. Derivative(P(x1)) = g

Thansk in advance.


new comer to Maple




please help me here:

I have a polynomial:

P := x->a*x^3 + b*x^2+c*x+d:

Now, first i want to find a, b, c and d. I know the following:-

1. value of P at x0 let it be e. 2. value of derivative of P at x0, let it be f. 3. value of P at x1, let it be g 4. value of derivative of P at x1, let it be h.

i used the following command:

solve({P(x0) = e, (D(P))(x0) = f, P(x1) = g, (D(P))(x1) = h}, {c, d, a, b})

but i am not getting any output****

now i want to solve P(x) = 0

Hello, I am new to maple 12 and am a bit lost. I am trying to do simple derivatives and it seems like maple is usually wrong when calculating even simple derivatives. I give it something like... cot(x/2) or even cot(x) and it gives me the wrong answer. Also, any quotient seems to be incorrect, a problem such as... d/dz[(z-1)/(z+1)] yields a incorrect solution. Is it just me? What am I missing? Thanks


February 19 2009 tatan2501 202

I have worked with Maple the last 3 years...but this year I want to work with MatLab.

I will be very grateful if you recommend me some Manual to learn MatLab.



Hi everybody,


Here's what I have:


First of all, is it possible for Maple to compile to create 'Maplet executable' so the use can execute the 'Maplet executable'  without Maple on the system?


If such is possible, how do I do it in Maple to create such Maplet executable on a working Maplet that I have created in Maple?


How to achieve, at Maple, the following histogram?
Columns of a histogram with different colors according to areas of observed proportions.

how do I open a Microsoft Access mdb file in Maple ??

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