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I use some codes to find the coefficients of given functional expressions. But in the procedure of operation, "Error, invalid 'if' statement" is showed. How can I do to solve the error?
If this structure of code can't find the coefficients, how to get the coefficients?

P.S. the coefficients of given functional expressions like this:

given Ex:=a*x+b*y-d*z+e*y-f*x-m*z,

let say I have a rod(x-direction) with a mass at each end. I want to apply two different forces(both z-direction) to the ends of the rod. Also, i want the force to be always perpendicular to the rod length. The rod is supposed to be spinning. However, the rod only move at the speed due to the larger force.

How can I make the rod to be spinning(each end move at different speed)?

And, how to use the solid green(flange A)? I am very curious about this asI believe...

When using the command "for", the results are placed in a column,such as if we input
for i from 1 to 3 do  i end do, the results are showed as




This style is not convient to use for following computation. So how to put all results into a list or set ?

Can anybody explain why the same dsolve-command gives the correct results in Maple 13 and an unexpected complex result in Maple 15?:


Give a polynomial a*x+b,We can use the command "coeff" to get a coefficient of x. Unfortunately the command does not work for functional work. I have a comlicated functional expression, and want to get the coefficients of some given basical term. How can I do to get the coefficients?


Each time I try to appriximate it 5 decimal places it returns something else.


i have defined a,b and c. (all randoms numbers between 0 and 1 )

But when i try to plot it

plot((f(x)), x=-4..4) i get ( warning unabe to evaluate function to numeric values ion the region)

also i can plot the graph even without a range included ???

What am i doing wrong, have i defined f(x) right. thanks in advance

also i can plot the graph even without a range included ???

I have a peace of a programm of finding the shortest way in graph! And I need to animate this way! Help please! 

This is a code of programme:


> restart: with(networks):
> new(G): n:=6:
> addvertex(i$i=1..n,G); 
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
> addedge([seq([i,i+3],i=1..3),[1,2],[2,3],[4,5],

> [5,6],[1,5]],weights=[12,16,20,11,15,13,14,26],G):
> draw(Linear([1,4],[2,5],[3,6]),G);

 > T:=shortpathtree(G,1):

Besides of other things i should also analyze what happens with function at y=0. For now IntermediateCalc incapsulates limit but it too slow. What can you suggest better? Tried series but there is the problem that function is only defined at right of 0, there is no expansion in this case. See attach for deatails.


I set up 8 equations systems with 8 variables (multivariate polynomial equations, which are product of maximization problem with budget constraint). The equations are set as eq1, eq2, etc as attached in the file. However, the  "fsolve" function can't give me any solution. Can someone recommend me a way that will solve the equations.

Hello,experts! I meet a strange problem. That is to solve a equation but use other variable,namely solve(2*x=3,y).I hope that the returned result of command "solve" is y=0. How can I to do to realize it?


I meet a problem. When I use command "if" in command "for", there is nothing.I don't know reason. Can anyone tell me the reason?

I am trying to use Maple to study a 1D wave equation with non-uniform coefficients. In general the problem does not have analytical solutions, hence I am using pdsolve(..., numeric). As the first test I am looking at the development of a Gaussian pulse in a uniform medium, doing:

PDE := diff(u(x, t), t, t) = diff(u(x, t), x, x);

IBC := {u(-10, t) = exp(-(-10)^2), u(10, t) = exp(-10^2), u(x, 0) = exp(-x^2), (D[2](u))(x, 0) = 0};

pds := pdsolve(PDE, IBC,...

I have a huge .txt file in it is a lot of difirent numbers. At first I am doing this:

>data:=readdata(C:/text.txt, 1, integer)

Maple reads the file.
I  have a function p(x)=e^(x^4+0.5*a*x^2+b*x)
I tried to draw a histogram and then to do something with fitting, I know that then I have to do logarithm the function then I get ln(p(x))=x^4+0.5*a*x^2+b*x, the histogram then should be up side down. The point is that...

Hi i'm new to maple.

Is there a way to remove commas from a list?

I was able to remove the list from its brackets []
but i was wondering if I'm able to remove the commas also?

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