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Hi, sorry if the question is stupid =)

On my slow machine only two iterations (consisting of 200 iterations) are possible without restart. So, to be able to leave evaluation for the night, I would like to restart server inside the loops.

But if I do so, will the values of a, m and n (see below) be lost?

So the question is - how can I restart maple server after this loop [for i to iter do

Hello everyone,


I want to create a loop in descending order like this: for i from 100 by -0.01 to 0 do ....

I wrote functions trying this logical solution but nothing, please help, it's very important to me to get the answer as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!


I defined a procedure with two arguments.

The first one called Options is a list of lists (but no listlist), the second called Paratemers is a list of intergers.
Anyway both lists have the same number of elements and the ith element of Options is connected to its ith counterpart in Parameters.

One part within that procedure looks for an element in Parameters, that has a value of -1.

If that is the case, its counterpart in Options which will then be...

I´d like to use the remove command, to select elements of a list.



L1:=remove('boolean function',L);

Where can I get an overwiew of all boolean functions, i.e. commands, that output true, false or fail?

E.g. I wanted to simply say


which should just leave all "3" values in L1, but that didn´t work. So I needed to define a boolean function to say "if element...

E.g. I have three lists:




and if needed I have a fourth list



Now I´d like to add 99 to all lists whose name contains a 1 and add a 999 to all lists whose name contains a K.

The problem is, when I refer to the elements of ALL, Maple "thinks" I refer to the list. But how do I tell Maple,

that I want to refer to the lists´ name instead of the list itself ...

i'm working on a short program to put random points on a sphere , but i have some difficulties :
 i consider a sphere  where  i choose  n  points  with  "randpoint" then i plot it but it doesn't work if someone can help me to correct my program

here is the program :

> with(plots):
> s2:=sphere(s3,x^2+y^2+z^2=1):
> sphere1:=(x,y,z,R)->[x+R*cos(phi)*cos(theta),y+R*cos(phi)*sin(theta),z+R*sin(phi)]:



I have a serious problem and im looking forward to any suggestions.

Like i already wrote i wanna create a simple matrix (14x14) out of four matrices(7x7) and i have no clue how to accomplish this task in maple.

to be more specific, i want to create matrix M=(A,B,C,D) each of them is another 7x7 which results in a 14x14 matrix.

I guess its a simple task but i tried hard and didnt get it worked.

thank you  in anticipation

Dear MaplePrimers,

The y-axis of my graphs consists of small values (<10^(-4)). Unfortunately, Maple displays a lot of numbers after the comma and it's not cool. Is there a command or option that allows to control the numeric formatting (scientific, engineering...) of a particular axis? Specifically, I need to change the decimal formatting to scientific notation. The x-axis is OK and not must be changed.



Is there a way of exporting a maplet programme into a universal programme so anyone can access it (someone who does not run maple)?


Thanks in advance

What has happened to the TA forum? Are questions now deliberately mixed with those for Maple? Is it possible to filter and somehow recover the TA forum?


Many thanks

I'm trying to plot multiple inequality conditions such as

n/2 < m < 6-n  if 0 < n < 1/2


m >= n/2 if 1/2 < n < 3 .

I tried to do it by creating two plots via inequal and then using "display", which is what Tadashiito did here:


I cannot understand the behavior of complexplot in the following...

Suppose you do the following:

> f := (x,y) -> sin(x+I);
> g := (x,y) -> cos(x+I);
> complexplot([f(x,y), g(x,y)],x=-2..2,y=-2..2,color=[red,green]);

This will plot two functions in red and green respectively.

Now, I redefine the functions to return a constant:

> f := (x,y) -> sin(I);

There is a proper function of Maple to perform matrix left division?
This procedure is right for the calculation of the uncertainties of the coefficients?
There are large these uncertainties?

My question is this: 

In with(DifferentialGeometry): with(JetCalculus) with(Physics):

I work with the following Jet Bundle:

DGsetup([x], [u, psi], E, 40), 

where psi is declared anticommuting with Setup(anticommutativeprefix={psi}). 

When I work with expressions that are differential polynomials in u with coefficients arbitrary functions of u, the EulerLagrange operator behaves correctly. The same is true if I multiply these expressions by psi or by psi_1 ...



be a generating function with 1-p=q in (0,1). Then the repeated function composition


gives me some concrete expression. What is the simplest way to get the general expression for 3 replaced by n?   

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