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Dear guys!

I'm solving an equation and then by its results I solve an integral, but I'm doing that for many initial conditions in a for loop. The problem is that when I change the limits of loop (or initial conditions) the result of integral in two for loop for a same initial condition are very different. What's the problem?


Hey guys,

I have the function f(x) =(sin(x) + 1)/(x^2 + 1) where x =-Pi/2 and 3Pi/2


1) I first set up an intgral for the function:

How can we get a color scheme that is stationary while object is rotated?

I'd like to shade an object in 3d but as I rotate it have the color scheme remain adjusted to a secondary set of axis.  Almost like a plot within a plot, rotate the inner plot with a color scheme relative to the outer plot axes.  An observer based color scheme I suppose is what I'm asking.

I suppose it would be similar to the way lighting schemes work, light from a specific...


I would really appreciate some help. I am trying to use maple as a document of engineering analysis and calculations (like I would do in MathCAD), can maple handle such things. I seem to be having problems with the formatting. For example my units and outputs seem inconsistent, where am I going wrong. I have uploaded a file belwo for some advice please.

Also when I define a variable and then change the variables value can I get all the equations which...

Dear guys! Please look at the two following ways to solve a same equation and tell me why the results are different:

The initial conditions and the equation for both ways are:         m := 0.22: k := 0.03: n := 0.35: h := 0.63:

> eq := z-> 1=(m*(1+z)^3-k*(1+z)^2)*h^2/(H^2)+(((2*n-1)-(k*(1+z)^2*h^2/H^2))*((1-m+k)/(2*n-1+k))*((((H^2/h^2)-k*(1+z)^2)/(1-k))^(n-1))):

The first model:

> yp := implicitdiff(eq(z), H, z):


When I export my MapleSim 5 results to a CSV file, I get only 6 digits, I'm looking for effects in the 1/1000 ppm or ppb region, I'm lost here

The global Settings window allows me to adapt epsilon abs and rel, thats nice, but nothing on the data export side.

I find it logical and usefull to have a settings on the export tab to decide on precision, and or selection of time series (usefull if one does not want all data, but just the last 100 values of a loooong run ;)

Dear MapleSim users

How can I get a display block / digital meter ? I want to display the last (or at a triggered time) the numerical value of a point/connection of a system.

I do not need the full graph of the "probe just the one value. It's mainly for debugging purpouse, to have a few check points once run.

The probes are nice but sometimes you want just a number not the full graph ;)

Does anybody have a trick ? Or could the probe plot item...

So, I do the following calculation and all is well


I close Maple, it asks me to save and I do.  Then I open the worksheet again and push the "!!!" button and I get


The calculation is done without the benefit of the units package.


I have three lists: [x],[y1] and [y2] and want to plot y1 and y2 against x.

The command

pointplot(x,y1) gives me what I want for y1 and

pointplot(x,y2) gives me what I want for y2, BUT

I can't figure out a way to put y1 and y2 on the SAME plot against x instead of two separate plots.

There must be a way... any suggestions?


This might be a stupid question, but I'm a novice.

I'm using Minimize from the Optimization package, and the ansewr I get is x=5 (lets say).

now, I want to plot that 5 with it's y (let's say y=2), so what I really need is just the 5. not the x=5.

I can't seem to find how do I do that. convert has nothing, nor does anything else. I was thinking even to try and replace the = with := but I can't find how to.

anyone?? am I that stupid?

I'm trying to plot a function but I recieved the error :

Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct.

It seems its simply because the function is a bit complicated, because I get the correct plot with eaither part of the function separated. Its my function:


I cannot set up a link between the student version of Maple 13 and Matlab.

I have followed the instrutions in ?Matlab,setup and things still do not work. I have even done everything manually. On the prompt I have done many variations on the following:

$ export PATH=$PATH:/Library/Frameworks/Maple.framework/Versions/13/bin


I'm trying to solve a PDE using pdsolve() for the Laplace functrion.I can solve the PDE and get a general solution, but when I try to solve the equation with the boundary conditions, Maple indicate that"Error, (in pdsolve/info) wrong extra arguments: {u(0, y) = 0, u(a, y) = 0, u(x, 0) = f(x), u(x, b) = g(x)}",here is my code:

> restart; with(PDEtools);
> U := diff_table(u(x, y));
> pde[1] := U[`$`(x, 2)]+U[`$`(y, 2)] = 0;
>bc[1] := eval(U[...



I set up 6 equations systems with 6 variables (multivariate polynomial equations). the "fsolve" function give only one solution. Can someone recommend me to other function that can give me several solutions or a funtion that set a solutions with the ranges of the variables.






I am using the command latex(int((sqrt(45.5625-(y-6.75)^2)+4.5)^2, y = 0 .. 13.5)); and its giving me 1327.562169 instead of the integral. How do I force maple 15 not to evaulate the integral.

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