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I got I variable in Maple defined as   e := ((w-b)/b)^lambda;

I know that     prof := f(e)-w*L;     where f(e) is some unknown function   and that    isolate(diff(prof, w) = 0, w) = -b/(lambda-1);

How can I find the expression for f(e) ?


Hi all,

i am a biggener in maple and have a homework to be solved and i do need help if possible.

well i would like to fit a given function to a set of given points.

By mistake I managed to delete a group with several questions in it. How can I get access to the questions?

I have two graphs but can't work out how to put them together. Anyone have any idea? Below is my program











I have a dataset.  For example
a := [0, 7, 0, 7, 20, 18, 34, 34, 35, 35,1, 7, 10, 6, 7, 5, 4, 7, 7, 2, 6, 2, 22, 2, 3, 12, 12, 14, 10]; 

How do I create a smooth line curve through the points.  Also it doesn't seem to bar graph properly, the 0's and 1's are combined and the 35's and 34's are combined.  Not sure why that is.


I'm trying to launch Maple via batch from another program...but results are negative. My operative sistem is Windows XP 32 bit.

I create a file nome.mpl that read an input.txt, makes some manipulation, and write results on output.txt. If I double-click on nome.mpl icon from the folder where all file are stored, all it's OK: MS-DOS shell open and after few second output come created with exact result.

But I need to launch this little program from another software for once, twice, any numer of time I need.

I have a vector field F = (x-y) i + xy j. I need to evaluate the line integral of this vector field on a curve C1 given by y = 5/2 - 13/12* x - 3/4 * x^2 + 1/3 * x^3 on -2

Input Display...

November 30 2009 os 34

How do I set Input Display to Maple Notation permanently?


I have done the following:

Tools -> Options -> Display -> set Input Display to Maple Notation -> click Apply Globally

but when I start Maple, it still gives me 2D Math (although under Tools/Options/Display/Input Display says Maple Notation).


I have also tried selecting Maple Input from drop down list, but when I start a new line, it switch back to 2D Math.


Thanks in advance.



I couldn't find a clean expression for cos(x/3) in terms of cos(x) on the web,

is it possible to force maple to expand such a thing in terms of cos(x) ??

I've tried basic things like simply(cos(x/3)), and expand(cos(x/3)) , but it seems like Maple won't know what to do (there's an infinite number of choices here) if I don't TELL it to write it in terms of cos(x) somehow.


Is there a way to do such a thing??


many thanks.


It seems the result is not the simplest?

I'm trying to approximate an integer by using Simpson's rule but I can't find anything on how to input the coding so that it uses a specificed number of intervals, the default is 10 and I need it to be 5 can anyone tell me how to put that in??

dsolve(diff(y(x), x)-x*y(x)+exp(-y(x)))

It's strange that no information come out.

And no such form to solve a DE such as not a DE?

dsolve(diff(y(x), x) = x*y(x)-exp(-y(x)), y(x))

it looks like this in Maple:dsolve(y'=x*y-exp(-y),y)




I have a question about matrices in Maple.


I have defined the matrices s, x, y and z which are all 5x1 matrices. I have also defined a constant c

Now I want to define a 5x1 matrix, in which each element will be defined by a function:


I've got the following equation, which I am plotting for the range g=0.1E-3..5E-3 and h=0..10E-3


The constants I am using are:


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