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Hi.i want to draw the picture which is in this SITE  .Please help me...


I want to publish a Maple Program on Web. How I do ?
I want a MapleNET Server to run on a pc for fast.

I am very new to Maple and am trying to teach myself until next semester when I will be taking a course.

I am trying to make a GUI based worksheet to display a plot of a vector valued function (in R^2) and its velocity and acceleration vectors. I wrote code in a worksheet and it seems to work, but I am having trouble getting the plot to work when I put the code in a slider (to update continuosly as the value of t changes with the slider). I understand there are differences...

In the following examples I attempt to remove integer multiples of Pi from sin/cos. Nothing works.

Why? How do I make it work?

Thank you.


> term2:=cos(3*Pi*a+2*Pi*n);
> term3:=cos(3*Pi*a-2*Pi*n);

                     term1 := cos(Pi (3 a - 2 n))


any of the numerical factors that multiply the successive terms in the expansion of an expression of the form  (x + a)^n,  for integral n,  in accordance with the binomial  theorem. These are any terms of the form

how to get it.


but ,i get a anwer that i don't want

Dear all!

I wrote a program but when I run it I get an error as: " can not evaluate the solution further right of ..., maxfun limit exceeded ". I tried some ways to work around it, for example I tried "maxfun=500000" and more. Also I tried "maxfun=0", but they don't work. How can I solve my problem?

O.K. Isolved this problem myself. We can solve such a problem in two different ways. adding the expression "method=mebdfi" and 2. by adding expression "'stiff=true'".

1 -√3 - x2 -√2- x2  = 0

Look at this trinomial 
32a^4 + 18a^3 - 12a 

Write the polynomial as the product of the GCF of all its terms and a polynomial 

PLEase explain thanks

From this expression I want to extract only terms with the variable x.

F := (1/2/Pi+Q*cos(k*x))^2*(1/2/Pi+Q*cos(k*y))/(1+beta^2*(1/2/Pi+Q*cos(k*x))^2);


I don't want to manually write it out rather extract the terms programmaticallly. I want to be left with

(1/2/Pi+Q*cos(k*x))^2 / (1+beta^2*(1/2/Pi+Q*cos(k*x))^2)

I have tried the collect fucntion but that did not seem to do it. Any suggestions...

Like in the version 7 where that variable didn't exist.

I'm using the following function for my project,:

printlevel:=2:for Prc from 2 by 1 to 100 do for B from 2 by 0.5 to 100 do (mf(Prc,B)):=(f(Prc))*(m(Prc,B)) end do end do

Is there any way to be able to sort the answers in ascending order? I tried to use sort, but when I put sort(mf(Prc,B)) it gives me a wrong answer and jumps into Prc=101 and B=20.5.

Also is there any way to put a condition for show only real numbers, without complex numbers?


April 18 2011 goli 130 Dear guys!

Pleaes visit the attached file and tell me what should I do. Thanks a lot.

Hi there,

I'm doing a lot of computations with Maple right now (currently the ancient 10 and 12 versions but maybe soon 14).

I would like to do Unit-Tests of my Software as known for instance in JUnit with Java. Is it possible or do I have to use the ASSERT(...) - statements?

Thanks in advance.

Dear Friends:

My original equation is

solve({(1-3*q2)*(1+lamda) = 0, r1*q1-2*r2*XA*(1+lamda) = 0, (1-2*q2)*q2-r2*XA^2 = 0, 1-3*q1+r1*XA = 0}, {XA, q1, q2, lamda})

The answer is

{XA = -1/r1, q1 = 0, q2 = RootOf(r2-r1*_Z+2*_Z^2)/r1, lamda = -1}, {XA = RootOf(-1+9*r2*_Z^2), q1 = 1/3+(1/3)*r1*RootOf(-1+9*r2*_Z^2), q2 = 1/3, lamda = (1/6)*(9*r2*r1*RootOf(-1+9*r2*_Z^2)+r1^2-6*r2)/r2}


Two questions:

1. Actually I want...

let x , y in R , say for example



Then we can compare the digits where x and y agree and where they differ.

In the example , x and y agree on the first 4 digits , differ on the next digit, agree of the next 5 digits , differ on the next two digits, and agree on the last digit.

Q: Write a procedure compdigits in maple that given two decimal numbers returns a list stating the number of digits they are...

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