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i have this unfinished procedure to multiply two matrices 

multmatrix:= proc(A:matrix)

local m,n,i,j,r,c,t,a;


n:= linalg[coldim](A);





I need help with my design project. My project is about purification of americium from stock pile plutonium. I need you help in desgning a double pipe horizontal condenser with a special E-shell (3nozzles): 1:1 countercurrent.

Waste gases from two furnaces are run through a condenser to reduce the amount of water that enters the NOx abatement stage. The non-condensables and a small amount of water that remains in the vapour are in the vapour are then passed onto the...

dsol1 := dsolve({diff(y[1](t), t, t) = -y[1](t)/sqrt(y[1](t)^2+y[2](t)^2)^3, y[1](0) = 1, y[2](0) = 0, (D(y[1]))(0) = 0, (D(y[2]))(0) = 1, diff(y[2](t), t, t) = -y[2](t)/sqrt(y[1](t)^2+y[2](t)^2)^3 and -y[2](t)/sqrt(y[1](t)^2+y[2](t)^2)^3 = 0})

Hi all,

During simulation I need to use a parameter as a feedback, which is previously determined in a Modelica Custom Component. In this case, can we use Zero Order Hold (ZOH) block/function to hold the previous value? If yes, how should we choose the parameters of ZOH?



I'm developing an application in Maple 14. I'm using the code below to print a percentage:

# Printing a percentage.
printf("The value of x is %.1f%%%", x*100);

Is this the right way to print a percentage?

I also want to group digits (as in 1,959), but don't know how to do it.

Thanks in advance,

Carlos Mallen

Hi, these are what I have, I'm trying tot get a set of answers.






for i from 1 to elenum do
end do:


What should I do if i want a different outcome of...

Hey there,

i´ve a numerical solved differential equation and a "normal" equation. How can i calculate the differenz of both?



> DGL1 := 20*(D(D(x)))(t)+10*(D(x))(t)+2500*x(t)+300 = S;
> init := x(1.2) = 0, (D(x))(1.2) = 10.63081252;
> F := dsolve({DGL1, init}, numeric);

> p1 := plot(U, [t, x(t)], 1.2 .. 2, numpoints = 200);
Error, (in plot) two lists...

Hi all,

I try to solve the following nonlinear programming problem:

NLPSolve((int((c[0]+c[1]*u+c[2]*u^2)^2, u = -a .. a))^(4/5)*(int(u^2*(c[0]+c[1]*u+c[2]*u^2), u = -a .. a))^(2/5), variables = [c[0], c[1], c[2]], [int(c[0]+c[1]*u+c[2]*u^2, u = -a .. a) = 1, int(c[0]*u+c[1]*u^2+c[2]*u^3, u = -a .. a) = 0])

but this error message appear:

Hi all,

I have an array [1..2503] y-axis for different values,  x-axis [0..180], 

when I plot these two arrays its not possible.   but if I change x-axis [1..2503] then plot is ok... I want to plot x-axis [0..180] and y-axis [1..2503]



A.Q   Soton

I have to solve the following set of equations. But it allways appears the Error "recursive assignment". Has somebody a solution for me? Is there a Problem with the Equations?

DGL1 := m[1]*(D(D(x[1])))(t)+d[1]*((D(x[1]))(t)-(D(x[2]))(t))+c[1]*(x[1](t)-x[2](t))+e^(-0.4e-1*t)*sin(t)+1.5 = 0;
DGL2 := m[2]*(D(D(x[2])))(t)+d[2]*(D(x[2]))(t)+d[1]*(DF[4]-(D(x[2]))(t))+c[2]*(x[2](t)+x[f])+c[1]*(F[4]-x[2](t)) = 0;

init := (D(x[1]))(0) = 0, x[1](0) = 1.5, x[2](0) = 5;

How to solve the equation 2017*x^2013+2015*y^2013-2033*z^2013-2011 = 0 over the integers with Maple?
I tried it with the Direct Search v.2 package:
>SolveEquations([2017*x^2013+2015*y^2013-2033*z^2013-2011 = 0], {z > -100000, x >= -100000, y >=-10000, x<= 10000, y <= 10000, z <= 10000, assume=integer, AllSolutions);

Okay so my proff wrote the following procedures to sort a list and they obviosuly work. Now I want to write a procedure that can merge two sorted lists (using SelectSort). I am trying to write merge as a procedure but to no avail. Can anyone help me out?

getListSize := proc (L)

local vv; vv := Vector(L);

return LinearAlgebra[Dimension](vv)

end proc


swap := proc (L, i, j)

local temp, vv;

vv := Vector(L);

Whoever is in charge of the question post management, please do not delete my question again without even notifying me. I have deleted the original post (which was a follow-up question to an old thread) so that my question can be viewed by others as a fresh post. Thank you!

Now to the question:

I am trying to solve a fourth-order ODE. Two of the boundary conditions are y(1)=0 and diff(y(x),x)=0 at x=1. The other two boundary conditions are y(x) and diff(y(x...

I want to create a package, lets call it Accellib. I want to be able to load it using the usual with(Accellib); construct.

So I have created a module, included the option package and right now one procedure, the name of which is exported. Within the worksheet; this works. This package will grow as more stuff gets added. I want to put it into a directory of my choice, which is NOT the directory where Maple stores the packages from its distribution; I like to keep them...

Hi All,

I am trying to apply a learning algorithm to a pendulum. The algorithm has Modelica custom components and also MapleSim custom components. I need to reinitialize the simulation  (i.e new initial states for the pendulum) without stopping the simulation. I think I have to use a Modelica custom component since there is a "if" condition and there is a function called "reinit()" in Modelica, but I am not sure how this works...


if you have...

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