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Using SVD to

Hola ev1;
In the procedure PLOTSVD, I get the error
"Error, (in SVDPLOT) invalid input: linearalgebra" SingularValues Expects output value for keyword parameter to Be of type {list (identical (U, S, Vt, list)), identical (U, S, Vt, list)}


I would like to construct 2 statements of the form



and then write one command that plots both plot1 and plot2, something like


Is this possible?

Thank you!


Hey folks, I'll give you the actual problem I'm trying to solve before I show you my code in case anyone can think of a better idea...

Long read but you can ignore the examples and additional info if you don't need it.


Take the doubling map,

f(x) = 2x if 0 <= x <= 1/2

f(x) = 2x - 1 if 1/2 < x <= 1.


Or in maple code, f := x -> piecewise(x<=1/2, 2*x, 2*x - 1):


This looks...


I've got two Sums vith variable arbitrary boundaries:


I would like to substract theese sums and I want Maple to simplify the result to


Is that possible?


Is there some way to turn off the hypertext error messages Maple generates? It can be very cumbersome getting rid of them and they usually don't give me any sort of valuable info.

Thanx for any ideas...



When I multiplify some terms like




I get a long expression. Nevertheses, I would like to rearrange first according to the power of k (in other cases, according to n). Is there some command to rearrange my polynomials?


Thanks for you attention,








How would I write a procedure that extracts what is under a squareroot sign? For example given the expression 1+2*\sqrt(x+1) the procedure should return x+1.


Best regards,


Hi, I have been given a question that involves plotting the sloutions to an equation over the range 0<><>

question is : with(combinat): sum(numbcomb(80, x)*numbcomb(100, 27-x), x = 1 .. 27)

this cannot get the answer rather than add

of course the following is ok

tot := 0; for x to 27 do tot := tot+numbcomb(80, x)*numbcomb(100, 27-x) end do: tot

Dear Maple users

Often I use Maple for solving problems in Physics. Maple does indeed a nice job when calculating expressions containing units. However when I want to plot functions containing units it sometimes work and sometimes not. Look at the following example: 

I'm using the commands:



Each of these commands yields its own serperate graph.  How can I plot both on graph to see how the approximations vary?




I am presented with a list of known roots to a polynomial. How can I reconstruct the original polynomial with a variable "x"  from the given roots?

The list of roots is: [-1/2,2/3,7/3,4+3I,4-3I]


I have the following function:

y(t) = _C1*exp(-2*t)*sin(6*t)+_C2*exp(-2*t)*cos(6*t)

My start parameters are y(0)=1, and y'(0)=2

How do I isolate _C1 when y(0)=1?


Thanks in advance

My code works fine when not part of a procedure it is only until I turn it into a procedure when I have problems. After running the proc once I get:

"Error, (in opt) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: min(`.`(Transpose(Vector(1, {(1) = 7})), ..."

Strangely if I execute the proc() code a second time and try again I get an answer out. Any suggestions as to how I can solve this problem?

I have (which I believe is where the problem lies),

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