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I need to install Maple 8 for the Mac OS. Would you let me know where to obtain it? Thank you very much!


I need some help, I have tried some variants of finding of min of an array but it did not work.

I have declared an array (T:=array(1..10), then using a cycle to calculate the values of this array. I can read this array and plot the data and see the min and max values(for example: (1,2,0,3,4,5,6,3 ,-1,5)), but I can not automatically calculate  the min and to find that this is exactly T[9].

Is there special function that I can use for this or...

Why the Maple, the power of zero to zero 1 and I do not indeterminate? thanks Zampiva Diego

For example, I have the expression:


How to isolate terms in i and other terms (automatically) to get :



Thanks in advance

I am trying to take the inverse fourier transform of a dsolve/numeric in Maple 15 and I'm wondering if there is a way to do something similar to the fftshif in Matlab.

Here is the sheet so far, the fft's happen at the very bottom.  (any advice on the flow/syntax of the sheet is welcome too)






Hello everyone

It seems I can't live without keyboard shortcuts :-) Is there is a short cut for the following commands:


execute the entire worksheet
remove output from sheet
join/split execution groups


I'm on mac.




i have the following function


f[1](x):=_C2 (e)^x-_C1 (e)^(-x)+1/2 x (e)^(-x) h1+1/2 (e)^(-x) h1+_C3

with thease boundary conditions:   f[1](x))=0,diff(f[1](x),x))=1,diff(f[1](x),x),x=infinity)

i want to find cinstants C1,C2,C3 where h1 is arbitrary parametr.

i write the following code but its doesnt work correctly


I am calculating the dotproduct in maple 15 of two very large vectors. Are there any tricks/ways to speed up such a calculation? Maple is taking a very long time to execute the calculation and I am unsure whether it will actually return a result.

I'm using maple code of the form DotProduct(vector1,vector2);


Any advice ?


On the usenet newsgroup sci.math.symbolic Prof. Richard Fateman posted a question (or here) recently about what mechanisms a math application could use to handle the situation of negligible imaginary parts of computed data when plotting.

An example could...

Good Morning.

I would like to know where Maple is statistics compared with other software. As a justification for the thesis i am doing. I found a page, but a report in 2008. I wish something more recent.




I understand that porting Maple to Android would be a pretty big job, but does anyone know of any plans to at least make an Android program capable of viewing Maple worksheets?  It would be really handy to be able to show my work to someone using an Android tablet, which is certainly capable of rendering graphs and such.

Ok, I want to generate a series like the one below:
I the first period the value is 0. In the second period
we can either move up one or down one. In the third
period given a down move in the last period we can
either move down again [-1-1] or we can move up [-1+1]
Given a up move in the last period we can
either move down [+1-1] or we can move up [+1+1] 

[-1], [+1]

Does there exist any maple command that does this?

I performed the following procedure to simulate the function of Matlab soundsc(Scale data and play as sound).

N := 16000;
 t := Vector(N, i-> evalf(2*i/(N-1)) end proc);

sound1 := sin~((2*evalf(Pi)*440)*t);

aud := Create(sound1, duration = 10.0);

PlayWave := proc (data, SampleFreq)
local SoundFile;
setattribute(data, SampleFreq, 16, 1);
SoundFile := "Bflat3.wav";
Write(SoundFile, data);
process[launch](cat("sndrec32.exe ", SoundFile))

I have a matrix containing numeric values of functions. Each column corresponds to a function. The first element of each column is a name of a function and following elements are numeric values of this function.

For example:

t      a         b     c         d
0    0.5      38    0       0.9e-5


How to update a file extension m to extension mla ?
I will need to update the hdb file accompanying ?
Achievement in maple download the file with extension m, but does not display help.

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