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everywhere i tried to find out how to solve system of linear equations like A*X=F, whre A is a matrix and X and F are vectors, the solution is X:=linsolve(A, F),

but in maple 14 linsolve doesn't work, so are there any analogues for this linsolve function in maple 14 or maybe another simple way to solve this system?



Hello friends, help, I created a symmetric matrix whose graph is 17 * 17, but in trying to apply

I have the following variable



and then I make a substitution as follows

s2:= subs(cos(k*phi)=((1-u^2) / (1+u^2)),sin(k*phi)=((2*u) / (1+u^2)), s1)*1/(1 + u^2);  -----(1)


Now if I set up a function f that maps u to the right hand side of (1) above as follows


I'm trying to compute the determinant of a 19x19 matrix, each with entries consisting of multivariate polynomials (polys in 6 vars, of degree at most 8).  Specifically I want to factor the determinant.  Running this on Maple 15 quickly gives an "object too large" error in the determinant function, after using only 700 MB of RAM in about 2 minutes.  My machine has 3GB of RAM, so I am confused as to why this object is "too large". 



I  used the DEtools package recently.

When working in a differential algebra with _Envdiffopdomain=[Dt,t] maple still returns something like Dt t^2. I would like him instead to assume, that Dt= dt/t and rewrite it as 2t + t^2 Dt. How can I achieve this behavior?

I want to change the direction of the tickmark labels.  As far as I know, only the axes title labels can be oriented with labeldirections=[horizontal,vertical]. 

Can the tickmark labels along the x axis be vertically oriented?


It looks like maple uses the "builtin" `*` for multiplying polynomials.

I am trying to write a new function `&*` that will multiply polynomials with non-commutative coeficients. I was wondering how I could start by looking at how the "builtin" `*` works.





I want to find, whether F(S) is postive or nagetive considering the following

1. if R3>0 and Peci>0 then F(S)>0 or <0 ?

2. if R3>0 and Peci<0 then F(S)>0 or <0 ?

3. if R3<0 and Peci>0 then F(S)>0 or <0 ?

Good afternoon.

I have a problem.

I want to evaluate that equations

> aux1 := tau1-c11*x2q1(t)-c12*x2q2(t)-c13*x2q3(t)-g1-fric1;
> aux2 := tau2-c21*x2q1(t)-c22*x2q2(t)-c23*x2q3(t)-g2-fric2;
> aux3 := tau3-c31*x2q1(t)-c32*x2q2(t)-c33*x2q3(t)-g3-fric3;
when the variable fric1, fric2 and fric3 are cero and other values.
I like to watch the result in the same plot.
I am using Ode.
i send my file

If for example

L := [3, 4, 6, 7, 2, 3, 5, 4, 6, 8, 20, 4, 5, 12, 0, 5, 5, 5, 3]:

b := ListTools:-Enumerate(L):
g := plot(CurveFitting:-Spline(b, v), v = 1 .. 19):


It is a nice curve but between points at x=12 and x=13 there exists a large dip, and there are a few other smaller...

Hello, I need help in integrating a procedure in Maple 10. I got a numerical solution of a 2nd order ODE as a procedure (using dsolve), and want to integrate it over x=0..1. I tried the recipe from Maple help, but it doesn't go, because I can't separate the solution from the procedure which is a triple - the argument x, the solution itself, and its x-derivative. What should I do? Thanks in advance!

First, here is my code (the last 3 lines are actually a single expression, despite being split over multiple lines below):

k := 8;
Llimit := evalf((size-1)-10*sqrt(2*(size-1)));
Uplimit := evalf((size-1)+10*sqrt(2*(size-1)));
evalf(Int((Int(CDF(Normal(0, 1), h/sqrt((size-1)*(1/x+1/y)))*PDF(RandomVariable

How do I update  Maple 5 version  files ( or programs)  to the Maple 14  version ? . I mean I've done a lot of programs in the  Maple 5 version many years ago and now ( using   Maple 14 version) I can't visualize my  complete equations and worst my graphics .Could you help me ?



I am trying to export an array of complex numbers to MathML.

I would like the numbers to be formatted a.aa x 10aa + a.aa x 10aa i

Anybody know how to do this?



Hi all,

I have this piecewise function:

Mr := theta->piecewise(theta>=0 and theta<=(Pi/(2*p))-(beta/2),0,theta>(Pi/(2*p))-(beta/2) and theta<=(Pi/(2*p))+(beta/2),Br/mu0,theta>(Pi/(2*p))+(beta/2) and theta<=((3*Pi)/(2*p))-(beta/2),0,theta>((3*Pi)/(2*p))-(beta/2) and theta<=((3*Pi)/(2*p))+(beta/2),-Br/mu0,theta>((3*Pi)/(2*p))+(beta/2) and theta<=2*Pi/p,0);

I want to calculate the Fourier serie of this function without giving...

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