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I must work with the textual version of Maple, via ssh. My program asks for a lot of time (10^5 seconds) , so that  I usally let it to run all the night. What happens is that when the calculation is done, the ssh server close the connection due to time inactivity, and I can't either use the results or continue my work there.

My questions are then:

1) Can I set Maple to keep the connection alive?


for wha m the following inequality holds

(1+x)^(m+1) > 2^m*(x^m+x)



I'm new with maple.

I'm trying to solve a nonlinear system of equations (4x4). I tried fsolve and solve but neither work :'(

Could someone give me a hand?




PS: Here is the system:

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Hi, I have a system of four first order, nonlinear, differential equations with four dependent variables.  The variable F(t) can be set equal to zero or to some known function. 


A*(diff(xx(t), t)) + epsilon*xx(t) + B*(diff(phi(t), t))*cos(theta(t)) + C*phi(t)^2*sin(theta(t)) = F(t),

D*(diff(xx(t), t))*cos(theta(t)) + E*diff(phi(t), t)) + F*sin(theta(t)) = 0,

xx(t) = diff(x(t), t),

phi(t) = diff(theta(t), t)


Can anyone tell me if

plot((4*x+4)*(u(x+2)-u(x))+4*(u(x)-u(x -2)),x=-5..5);

is the correct syntax to plot question a) shown in

Any help is appreciated

Thank you

 NEWTON_RAPH:= proc(f,z,M)
   local x,A:
    x := z:
    for A to M do:
      x :=  ( x - ( f ( x ) / D ( f ) ( x ) )  - ( ( ( ( D@@2 ) ( f ) ) * ( ( f( x ) ) ^ 2 ) n ) / ( 2 * ( D ( f ) ( x) ) ^3 ) ) )
       end do:
  end proc:
 f:= x-> x ^ 2 - 5:

I have this function: f(x):=x*sin(x^(2))+1 The function is defined in the interval [-1;3] and the diff: df := sin(x^2)+2*x^2*cos(x^2) But when I try to find out where the diff function equals 0: solve(df = 0, x)*assume-1

I trying to solve the following matrix

A:=Matrix([[alpha_O-E, beta_CO, 0, 0],[beta_CO, alpha_C-E, beta_CC, 0],[0, beta_CC, alpha_C-E, beta_CC],[0, 0, beta_CC, alpha_C-E]]);

by setting the determinant to zero and finding the roots in terms of parameters alpha_O, beta_CO, alpha_C, and beta_CC.  I have tried to use solve which returns

Look at the link below, for image! Thanks, Jonas

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I have uplaoded my maple worksheet.The problem is that I need to modify my differential equation according to  value of a given variable.I donot know how to do that.

I was checking out a problem that graphically solved e (2.71828....) etc..

A procedure was created to find the slopes of incremental numbers between 2 selections.  The procedure was in it's simplest form like this

E := proc(c,d)
plot({(c+(d-c)*j/10^x-x-1 $ j=0..10}, x=0..(d-c)/1000,xtickmarks=0);

Now so I start the process


The slope closest to 0 and just under will determine my next decimal point.  So I find the next number as 7.  I continue finding more decimal points graphically using the procedure.

I am new to Maple 13, I have a data set that I can fit a b-spline curve to and out put the polynomials. I plot the the curve but I want the predicted values of the curve so I can compare them to other predicted values from other programs (eg SAS). I want to plot all the curves from each program in Excel against to actual values. Here is my worksheet for reference: Loading CurveFitting Loading plots Loading plottools


I have managed to plot the phase portrait for the system

dx/dt = -4x(t) + y(t) + 2

dy/dt = 2x(t) - 2y(t) + 3

but i dont know how to plot the equilibrium lines

-4x + y + 2 = 0 and

2x - 2y + 3 = 0

on the same graph preferably in a different colour.

If anyone could help that would be great.



I have a program where a system of DE's is solved numerically then some calculations are done to the result..

let the solution of the DE's be y(t) then we have:

A(t) = some function of y(t)

B(t) = some function of A(t)

C(t) = some function of B(t)

Those A, B and C are actually complicated formulas including sums, matrices... etc. So it's not possible to combine them in one function.

Then we'll plot C for a specific period of time.


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