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I attempt to draw a 3d plot using plot3d.  The function contains a weighted combination of absolute values.  To simplify the problem statement, suppose drawing -abs(x-y) for x=-1..1, y=-1..1.  It was found that near the zero plane, the plot become sawtooth like, which is an unexpected result.  How can I remove this effect?

How does one do the indeterminate vector product with and Dyadic calculus operations with Maple 12?

I just upgraded to Maple 12 because of its ability to perform abstract index calculations. However, I'm having trouble getting started with it. My first problem is with the Simplify command: if I define a completely symmetric tensor using the command


and an antisymmetric tensor using the command




correctly returns 0. However, if I define T to be symmetric in only its first two indices,


I just found Advisor by Robert Israel.  I followed the instructions, but it won't work

Here's what I did.

I unzipped the 3 files (maple.hdb, maple.ind and maple.lib) in the zipped folder to an advisor named directory in the Maple folder

I created Maple.ini and put   libname:= `c:/Program Files/Maple 11/Tools/Advisor`, libname:   as the sole line in the file as it says.  I put the Maple.ini in the main Maple 11 folder and also tried it in it's folder.  No luck.

ODE coefficients...

November 22 2008 SandorSzabo 597

I have the expression

p(x,a) w''(x) + q(x,a) w'(x) + r(x,a) w(x)

How could I obtain p(x,a), etc.?



*Find the cubic ax^3+bx^2+cx+d that has a local minimum at (‐1, ‐2) and a local maximum at (4, 4). Plot it.

How do i approach this problem?

Hi, I'm rather new to Maple but I have to find a composite number n which has the property that all her coprimes a fulfill the expression "a^(n-1) - 1 mod n = 0". I already found out that such numbers are called Carmichael numbers. But of course I need to use Maple and the information I was given by our professor. My problem is that I have no idea how to check if "a^(n-1) - 1 mod n = 0" is true for all coprimes of a given n. How do I? ;) btw. I don't know if I used the correct vocabulary here, so please forgive me if I expressed something wrong.

I have this problem

I have to solve something like this

for i to 17 do

solucion[i] := solve({item3[i], item4[i]}, {x, y})

end do

and I obtain in the answer for example

solucion[1] =             {x=2,y=3}

solucion[2] =             {x=3,y=4}

and I would like to create a vector containing all the values for x and all the values for y like x[1]=2  x[2]=3 and so on


The position of a particle in space at any time t>=0 (in seconds) is given by x(t)=t^(3/2), y(t)=2t^(5/2), z(t)=t^2 (in meters). Use the connamds diff and fsolve to find the time t when the particle fisrt reach the speed of 300 m/s.

thank you!


November 21 2008 omabbasi 84
0 2

If I have an expression which represents the following:

Not sure how to compute my question into maples. Tried various ways and nothing has worked yet. Need help, I am new with Maples. Here is the problem that I am trying to enter into maples:


find arc length of space curve:

r(t)= 2e i + ecos(t) j + esin(t) k, where t is > or = 0 and < or = to ln(3). r(t), i, j, and k all have vector arrows above them.

Can anyone give me a hint on how to enter this into maple?



November 21 2008 Nasos 84

Dear all,

Im solving the following equation: V=I(t) * Z (V)

I substitute I and Z with the corresponding equations and I solve for V :


and maple solves nicely  it using LambertW and i can plot V for a range of t.

I want to do the same but instead of the equations of I=f(t) and Z=f(V) to use straight the values from tables like:

I have a matrix,  T:=[cos(x)  -sin(x); sin(x)  cos(x)].

Maple11 can calculate the eigenvalues symbolically. Nice property. However



Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-LA_Main:-Eigenvectors) expecting either Matrices of rationals, rational functions, radical functions, algebraic numbers, or algebraic functions, or Matrices of complex(numeric) values.

Is there any possibility to calculate the eigenvectors symbolically?


finding my roots......

November 21 2008 Oliver K 1116

Hi everyone,

i want to find the solution(s) to the following equation numerically:


But fsolve refuses to work, it just gives the input back. Setting Digits to a stellar value didn't help, i also tried different initial points. 







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