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I have a worksheet that I want to close from within the same worksheet.

Does anyone have any ways of doing this?

I had hoped there might be something to do this in the Worksheet package -  but that's not really what that package is designed to do.

I can imagine something that raises a sufficiently problematic error code that causes the worksheet to kernel connection to be lost, but don't really know how to go about doing this in a reliable and nondestructive way.

Maybe there is a way to issue a system (or ssystem) command to kill the appropriate process? This would need to be sufficiently robust as to work for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix - as well as any other supported Maple platform.

Has anyone ever done this? If so, how did you do it?

Thanks in advance,

Heat equation using piecewise conditions in Maple produce (unwanted?) oscillations at the transition.  Not sure if this is normal or a side effect of using a piecewise boundary condition in the equation?

I came across a slide presentation for the heat equation having Neuman conditions using a piecewise boundary condition and I thought I would apply the example to Maple.  The piecewise nature of the boundary condition in Maple causes oscillations at the transition...

Is there any way to modify the shading colors used in shading=zhue? 

Maybe similar to what was done in the post for Color of the plot of convex hull of points or perhaps there is simpler way? 




how i could plot the above equation in a specific range of tau and Tau when all the other parameters all also a function of these two variables?

How to present my worksheet in more readable and understandable view, not in the view of commands?


I want to optimize an integral of the form   int(F(x, y), x = 0 .. VectorCalculus[`*`](1/2, Pi))  over the parameter y. A closed-form anti-derivative (wrt to x) for F(x, y) is not necessarily known, so I don't mind non-exact results obtained numerically. Is there a way to accomplish this in Maple?

Thanks so much for your great answer!

x,y and z in my equations are not the XYZ coordinates, x represents the number of healthy cells, y represents the number of infected cells and z represents the number of immune cells. Here I wanted to show the phase portrait of healthy cells vs infected cells with field arrows.



Hi there,

I just wonder if we can plot phase plane with arrows for more than 2 equations in Maple. For example:





This one doesn't give me a plot with arrows.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



I am working on solving a very complex differential equation.  I believe I have a solution and am currently trying to check the solution I have to see if it is correct.  the method I am using right now is to assign all of the derived expressions to variables and then ask Maple if my solution satisfies the differential equation.  That is to say, I do something similar to the following:

x := solution :

One of the inputs I have to a solar vehicle model is the relationship between current and voltage for the solar panel. This relationship has been measured as 50 ordered pairs of current and voltage. As the model runs over time the value of voltage (and current) will change. Right now I have fit the I vs V data as a 6th order polynomial.

I would like if someone could help me with an example of the heat equation, this is lengthy so please bare with me.  When trying to recall your studies it is quite difficult to re-absorb all the different nomenclatures used by different people and put them into something you understand.  Some people use "c" for specific heat, some people use "s", some people use "a" for thermal diffusivity and some people use "k" which is also used for thermal conductivity. ...

Dear mapleprimes ODE enthusiasts,

I am analyzing a stiff 3D system characterizes by fast-slow dynamics. I believe I can show analytically that, for some parameter values, in a neighborhood of some critical points (where the system is stationary), the dynamic system has a local center manifold that is center-stable. I have simulated the system for different parameter values.I am interested in one particular trajectory. With a random set of initial values, the system...


I have a worksheet with a fairly complicated expression. Suppose it is of the form A:=B.

In red I have


and just below it, in blue I have


Now I highlight the blue "A:=B", press CTRL-C, move to another worksheet, postion the cursor next to a blank ">" and press CTRL-V. The blue statement appears in the new worksheet, BUT...

It only appears in red (i.e. executable) if the blue statement "A:=B"...

What would be the best way to compute the determinant of a very large (millions x millions) 0-1 matrix?

I have a multi-equation vehicle model that I can set up as

> sol3 := dsolve([eqB, eqC, eqD, eqE, eqF, speed(0) = 0, V(0) = 0.7047824398e-1], [Tm(t), 
Tw(t), V(t), omega(t), speed(t)]);

or, following a MaplePrimes post
> sys := [eqB, eqC, eqD, eqE, eqF];
> ics := [speed(0) = 0, V(0) = 0.7047824398e-1, omega(0) = 0, Tw(0) = 0, Tm(0) = 0];
> vars := ...
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