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How do I prove this on maple through a graph? 

Here is my problem:

How many horizontal asymptotes can a rational function have? upport your answer with an explanation in your own words along with graphical support using Maple.


Plot on the same coordinate system:f(x)=square root of x  and g(x)= - square root x + 4-18 then use Maple text to describe in f(x)words the change in to create g(x). 

Hello, recently I am trying to generate fortran codes for the proc below:


Give an example of a rational function with vertical asymptotes at x=6 and x=(-2) with a zero at x=3. Show both the function rule and a graph using Maple illustrating the required asymptotes and zero.

Please show me what function to use to graph this.  I'm very lost.







How do I do this on Maple I am having trouble!

Graph showing all real roots: y=2x^2-5x-3

I am able to show the graph but I do not know how to plot the points please help!


Graph on the interval [-3,2]:  y=4x^3+6x^2-9x+2



In Maple, is there `Muller` order can be directly used?

  I have a function such as p := proc (x) options operator, arrow; x^5+11*x^4-21*x^3-10*x^2-21*x-5 end proc, somebody wrote the method as r1:=muller(p,-13,-12,-11,.000001,100,r1); but maybe it is wrong.

I want to know how to use the method-muller.

Thank you very much.


Good Afternoon,

Would anybody be kind to help me trouble shoot the attached file. My goal is to solve two equations and then substitute the results into other equations to check for equilibrum. My problem is I cannot get MathCAD to evaluate Rpile[i in I[pile]. Please I need some help.





How do I create and solve a solve block in Maple like you would in Mathcad?

Hello, for some reason this simple equation is not solving, i get the error 'warning , solutions may have been lost ' but I cant figure out why because the equation is so simple. the maple file is attached.View on MapleNet or Download
View file details

Thank you,

I'm at the very beginning of Goebner bases, so sorry if my question is too elementary or I don't use the correct terminology.

I have polynomials, p1(x1,...,x9), ..., p8(x1,...,x9), and q(x1,...,x9).

I need an algebraic representation of q by p1,....  . Since the answer can be long, it would be useful to obtain the "coefficients" separately also.  One (a bit stupid) example is:

p1(x1,x2):= x1 + x2,  p2:= x1^2 + x2^2,  q(x1,x2):= x1^3 + x2^3.

Let F(x, y) = 4x + 5ye i + 5y cos y + 5xe j.

> P := (x, y)− > 4 ∗ x^2 + 5 ∗ y ∗ exp(x ∗ y);

> Q := (x, y)− > 5 ∗ y ∗ cos(y) + 5 ∗ x ∗ exp(x ∗ y);

> diff(Q(x, y), x) − diff(P(x, y), y);

Is the vector field F conservative? (YES or NO)


Hi everyone!

  I have something I would like maple to compute for me, but I am not sure how to enter it.  Here is the situation:


I have 4 equations with 5 unknowns.  I would like maple to solve for 4 of the unknowns.  Eventually I need 1 unknown in terms of just one other unknown.  An example would be


0=a0+a1+2a2                     eq(1)

Specifically, the summation, product and limit expressions aren't displaying their indicies/limits correctly. Instead of sitting on to and directly below the symbol, they are mashed in the center. No idea why.

Maple gave the following answer

x=RootOf( _Z^2*a+1, label=_L1)*b

Does it mean that

(x/b)^2*a+1=0 ?



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