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HI there,

I m getting an error message . Could someone help me


v1 := int(cos(tau)*g(tau), tau = t0 .. t);
int(cos(tau) g(tau), tau = t0 .. t)
v2 := int(-sin(tau)*g(tau), tau = t0 .. t);
int(-sin(tau) g(tau), tau = t0 .. t)
soln := C1*y1+C2*y2+v1*y1+v2*y2;
C1 y1 + C2 y2 + (int(cos(tau) g(tau), tau = t0 .. t)) y1

+ (int(-sin(tau) g(tau), tau = t0 .. t)) y2
soln := combine(soln);
(int(-y2 sin(tau) g(tau) + y1 cos(tau) g(tau), tau = t0 .. t))

+ C1 y1 + C2 y2
eval(soln, t = t0) = 0, eval(diff(soln, t), t = t0);
C1 y1 + C2 y2 = 0, -y2 sin(t0) g(t0) + y1 cos(t0) g(t0)
solve({%}, {C1, C2});
soln := eval(soln, %);
Error, invalid input: eval received (C1*y1+C2*y2 = 0, -y2*sin(t0)*g(t0)+y1*cos(t0)*g(t0)), which is not valid for its 2nd argument, eqns


Hi everyone,

Consider this Maple 18 doc:


I am having the same problem as in:

Namely, the produced animated .gif contains only one frame. Animation doesn't work, even though the button of the animation is active after I click on frame #1.

I have acer's solution at the end, but it doesn't work in this case either.

Breaks in both Maple 13 and 18.






With Maple 2015, license Student, is it possible calculate distance between point and plane in R³ ? Package geom3d is recommended for this or another? How can I calculate this?


Thank you so much!


anyone plz help me to find adomian decomposition method (ADM) maple code, also how to find the adomian polynomials separately using maple, i search it for a long time but did'nt succeeded,

A search in mapleprimes will not find anything answered as a reply.

Can this be fixed

I have an expression of derrivative, lets say (D[2, 2](G))(x, y).

How to get this numbers - [2,2] programmicaly from it?

hi maple is new to me.


i am trying to make a sinus graph f(x)=0,84*sin(0,017*x-1,3)+12,13


But its not possible to get the graph, 

anywhere i can see how to do this so the graph is made?.

I made reference to the show the enemy below and included part of the script an interesting part in the show. 

I did a mapleprimes search - only two returns none of which were what I was looking for.  I also did a google search which turned up nothing. 

Was my post deleted?

Hello. Using a symbol ":", you can hide the derivation of the expression. However, it lost the label of expression. Can I hide the expression of retaining the label for further use? It would be handy when working with large expressions.

I have this simple sum equation: plot(y=sum(0.5^(n), n=1..x) It does not work for me at the moment, and my brain is getting fried from thinking at it. I think it might be because im using the x inside the sum parantheses, but it might also just be me having overlooked something or made a stupid little mistake, but could you please just help me?


Thank you in advance


the attached code return error for  this values [0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6] but work perfectly for this [0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8]. I want it to start from 0 value. How do i correct the error? See the worksheet here


Is there a maple function that'll allow me to generate the matrix M(5 by 5) below given that matrix A and B are 3 by 3 M:=LinearAlgebra:-ZeroMatrix(5) A:=Matrix([[a11,a12,a13],[a21,a22,a33],[a31,a32,a33]]) B:=Matrix([[b11,b12,b13],[b21,b22,b33],[b31,b32,b33]]) Matrix(5, 5, {(1, 1) = a[11], (1, 2) = a[12], (1, 3) = a[13], (1, 4) = 0, (1, 5) = 0, (2, 1) = a[12], (2, 2) = a[22], (2, 3) = a[23], (2, 4) = 0, (2, 5) = 0, (3, 1) = a[13], (3, 2) = a[23], (3, 3) = a[33]+b[11], (3, 4) = b[12], (3, 5) = b[13], (4, 1) = 0, (4, 2) = 0, (4, 3) = b[12], (4, 4) = b[22], (4, 5) = b[23], (5, 1) = 0, (5, 2) = 0, (5, 3) = b[13], (5, 4) = b[23], (5, 5) = b[33]});

Good day everyone,


I want to construct groebner bases over rings of differential Operators.

Thus I used the following:



with(Groebner); N := 3;

A := skew_algebra(diff = [D[1], x[1]], diff = [D[2], x[2]], diff = [D[3], x[3]], comm = i, alg_relations = i^2+1); T := MonomialOrder(A, tdeg(D[1], D[2], D[3]));

A["polynomial_indets"];  [returns    {D[1], D[2], D[3]}]

A["rational_indets"];       [returns    {i, x[1], x[2], x[3]}]


So far everything seems as it should be: The ring i wanted to define here is the third Ring of  Differential operators over the field of complex 'rational' functions and maple returns that indeed it will handle the D[i] as monomials and the rest as coefficients for them.


Hover, when i use the Skew product, the following happens:

skew_product(x[1],D[1],A)                    [returns D[1]x[1]+1}]

skew_product(x[1],D[1],A)                    [returns D[1]x[1]]

Both is wrong, but maple seems to 'know' this. It used the correct relation to in the first product, the only thing it didn't do was switch D[1] and x[1]. I think maple handles the result of the skew product as if it was a commutative product and always places the D[i] at the left but still 'knows' what the actual result is.

The actual results should have been x[1]D[1]+1 for the first and x[1]*D[1] for the second product.


In the second product, it seems like maple treated x[1]*D[1] as if the Elements were switched already.


What i want though is for maple to correctly display the skew products and return the products so that in every summand the D[i] are at the right side and their coefficients are at the left side (and if possible (i do not know how to do that yet) sort the result of a skew product in a way that displays every different Power product of the D[i] with their coefficients, so that i get (x[1]+x[2])*D[2] and not x[1]*D[2]+x[2]*D[2]).


Can anyone help me here?



Hi all,

I want use a timer to let Maple program run automatically.

Timer will make Maple run by a time step. Maple will plot photo base on a datadase, the database is a SQL database.

The timer is from Jave or somewhere we can used.

Please help me.


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