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Dear Maple users

I have done some experiments with the new Workbook feature in Maple 2016. It is a very welcome addition, indeed. Earlier I have created Maple files in which data from an external Excel file was imported and being used for certain calculations. In order to make recalculations work properly, one need to let the Excel file follow the Maple file. That's where a Workbook come in handy! I tried placing those two files in a Workbook. It didn't work completely as advertised, I think. I moved the Workbook to another location on the harddrive to make sure it wouldn't interfere with the original files outside the Workbook. Then I recalculated the Maple document inside the Workbook. The good thing: The data from the Excel file was still present. The bad thing: If I changed some data in the Excel file inside the Workbook, it didn't register in the Maple file when updating it!

Maybe I should explain that I did import data from the Excel file into Maple via the menu: Tools > Assistants > Import Data... The data was retrieved as a matrix within the Maple file and assigned to a variable and used for plots ...

Why doesn't the above procedure work properly? I hope one don't need to use the Workbook URI to reference files within the workbook. It is not that userfriendly!




I have this function:

Z := (cos((1/2)*x)-I*sin((1/2)*x))*A0/r^(1/2)+(cos((1/2)*x)+I*sin((1/2)*x))*r^(1/2)*A1+(cos(3*x*(1/2))+I*sin(3*x*(1/2)))*r^(3/2)*A2;

I wanna to obtain another function Y which equal to


where: f1 and f2 are constant 

thanks :)

I am solving "Fx=0" for geting "roots:x" using "solve(Fx,x)". Solution is in the form of

"a+sqrt(b)", "a-sqrt(b)"

Here my question is how to extract "a", "b" separately (a, b are complex and very big expressions).


Thank you in advance for your help.



Hello people in mapleprimes,

I think that I found a bug.

Using the screen opened with command + f, I tried to find a v__1211 in the file I appended here.

But, when the cursor is trapped on an output part, which is a blue part, maple wouldn't continue to find the next

v__1211 anymore even if I clicked the Find Next on the screen.

If I move the cursol one line below with a hand, the Find Next butttons works again, but it is intricate.

Isn't there any good way to avoid this trouble other than not using double _, that is __.?

I hope you will give me some hint.


P.S. I clicked the above link and opened that file with maple. Then, the notification telling that this is read-only file and

you cannot save this file after some modification, appeared. I don't know whether there is any problem. 

Does appending a maple file on a post on this mapleprimes always done in such a way? 

The keyboard shortcut sequence for executing an entire worksheet is Alt+e+e+w. Occasionally, I hit Alt+e+w+w by accidence. In that case, Maple sometimes, not always!?, gets completely stuck and can only be shut down through the job list window (Windows Ctrl+Alt+Del). Can anybody else replicate that? And if so, has this erratically odd behaviour been fixed in later versions of Maple?


I'm currently writing my thesis and actually haven't used Maple before.

I've got the following problem with converting the results of a sequence:

seq(Optimization:-Maximize(function with 2 variables), parameter:0..1,0.1)

The results are ok, but I can't convert the values to a spreadsheet with 4 columns (parameter value, maximum value, value of variable 1, value of variable 2).

Thank you!

Best regards

f := PolynomialInterpolation([[0, x0], [1, x1], [2, x2], [3, x3]], x);
f2 := solve(f=y,x);
result := int(f2[1], y=0..1);

is it possible to return a polynomials result rather than integration result in this particular case?

how many number of points more than 2 that can have result which is polynomials?

Hello everyone!

I want to plot few curves. I need plot legends with slected curves only. When I try to do so, I get an error saying the number of legends are less that the curves( not exact words obviously).

I am using this sample code please help me to achieve the goal.

plot([cos(x)^2, 1-(1/2)*x, x^2], x = -Pi .. Pi, legend = [typeset("Curve: ", cos(x)^2), typeset("Curve: ", 1-(1/2)*x)])

The maple file is attached here


So I know it is possible to collect for example any letter collect(S,x)

But I want to collect in particular for an entire product in this case

e.g. collect(S,a^4*b*c)

This obviously doesnt work but is it possible to get it working somehow?


It has been years since I last run one of my packages (not mine actually) and consequently maple.  The package was written in Maple V and run on Maple V5.  I have used updtscr to convert the old code and not many messages came out.   The updated code does not run unfortunately.  One of the problems is the following command:

linalg[dotprod](f,map((a,b) -> diff(b,a),vars,h));

Although linalg is deprecated, that does not seem to be the problem.   Suppose h, f (vector) and vars are:

The output is:

How to avoid the conjugate? Is there a simpler way to do that?

Many thanks for your patience and help.




So I'm doing homework when I get maple to plot a graph. I realize now that the graph is actually incorrect by comparing it to a graph in another program(try it yourself).  I honestly have no clue why the plotting isn't correct which is why I need your guys help.

Here is the function that I have to plot:

Dear all,

I would like to compute numerically using Maple the following improper integral


Integrand := (1/4)*(((((6*I)*beta-3-6*C+(6*I)*C*beta)*s^4+((24*I)*C*beta-24*C-12)*s^2+(24*I)*(1+C)*beta)*BesselK(0, s)+12*BesselK(1, s)*(C+1/2)*s^3)*BesselI(1, s)^3+6*BesselI(0, s)*(-(2*(I*beta*C*s^2+(2*I)*beta*C+(2*I)*beta+4*C+2))*s*BesselK(0, s)+((I*beta*C+I*beta-C-1/2)*s^4+((4*I)*C*beta+4*C+2)*s^2+(4*I)*(1+C)*beta)*BesselK(1, s))*BesselI(1, s)^2-(12*(-(1/2*((C+1/2)*s^2+I*beta*C+I*beta+8*C+4))*s*BesselK(0, s)+((I*beta*C+2*C+1)*s^2+(2*I)*(1+C)*beta)*BesselK(1, s)))*s*BesselI(0, s)^2*BesselI(1, s)+6*s^2*((-2*C-1)*s*BesselK(0, s)+BesselK(1, s)*((C+1/2)*s^2+I*(1+C)*beta))*BesselI(0, s)^3)/((BesselI(0, s)^2*s-BesselI(1, s)^2*s-2*BesselI(1, s)*BesselI(0, s))^2*(C+1/2)*s*Pi):


However, Maple does seem to give a result for this integral. I have tried to compute from e.g. 0.001 as an approximation but it turns out that the integrand diverges as s goes to zero. I have also tried some options such as method = _d01amc but I get Error, (in evalf/int) powering may produce overflow.


I would appreciate it if someone here could provide with some help with regards to the computation of such improper integrals. Thank you.



I am having hard time understading how a style sheet works with Maple. I am trying to use the "document mode" and would like to change the font used for math.

The first question I have is: How does one determine which style sheet is being used for the current open document?

Second: I have followed instructions on how to make a custom style sheet, as shown here: and saved the style sheet on some location on my PC.

But it seems to have no effect at all. Since when I load it again using Format->Manage style sheet->User defined style set, then using the Browse... and select the file which I created using above instructions, I notice that fonts remain the same. I also close Maple and start again, and select again, but when I start typing in document mode, the font is still italic, even though in the XML I see it says  talic="false" (when I open the file in text editor):

<Font name="2D Math" background="[255,255,255]" bold="false" executable="true" family="Times New Roman" foreground="[0,0,0]" italic="false" opaque="false" readonly="false" size="12" subscript="false" superscript="false" underline="false" placeholder="false"/>

I even tried editing the style sheet I think Maple is using, by hand (it is an XML, and modified the font to be not italic) and reloaded it, and no effect. I even added invalid entries in there, and invalid font names, just to see the effect, and nothing happens, no error or anything. It is as if Maple does not even read the style sheet I just saved.

All what I want to do it to make the math 2D input, be _not_ italic font. I spend one hr on this, and nothing seems to make any difference, Maple insist on using italic for math input when in document mode.

Why is it that the style sheet says talic="false" for 2D math, but when I start to type, it types as italic?


As you can see, when I type, it switch to italic, even though the style sheet I just set, it clearly saying italic=false. There is not one single italic=true in the whole XML file. Why is Maple insisting on using italic?


I am using Maple 2016 on windows. 

There are 4 points which I want to plot as solid spheres in 3d. Here is the code:

Rplot := pointplot3d(`<,>`(r, Transpose(Vector([0, 0, 0]))), style = point, symbolsize = 40, color = [red, grey, grey, green])

plotsetup(ps, plotoutput = `E:\\.../C.eps`, plotoptions = `width=2000, height=2000, noborder`); print(plots:-display(Rplot, axes = boxed, labels = [x, y, z], symbol = solidsphere));

plotsetup(default, plotoptions = `width=2000, height=2000, noborder`); display(Rplot, axes = boxed, labels = [x, y, z], symbol = solidsphere)

In Maple itself everything looks fine, but once I try to export it to ".ps" I see this.

The problem lies in "symbol = solidsphere". When I change it to "diamond", for example, export is successful:


But I need solidsphere. What should I do to fix this error (except manual editing in Adobe Illustrator)?

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