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hello friend

please run this code and resend result to me.

thank you.


with(LinearAlgebra); with(plots);
c[1] := 0; c[2] := 1/2;
a[2, 1] := 1/8;
b[-1] := -1/3; b[1] := 2/3; b[2] := 5/6;
bb[2] := 5/12;
s := 2;
e[1] := Matrix(s+1, 1); e[2] := Matrix(s+1, 1); e[3] := Matrix(s+1, 1); e[4] := Matrix(s+1, 1);
c[0] := 0;
for ii to s+1 do e[1][ii, 1] := 1; e[2][ii, 1] := -1; e[3][ii, 1] := c[ii-1] end do;
e[1][1, 1] := 0; e[2][2, 1] := 0; e[4] := -e[3];
A := Matrix(s+1, s+1);
for i from 3 to s+1 do for j from 2 to i-1 do A[i, j] := a[i-1, j-1] end do; A[i, 1] := A[i, 2] end do;
Id := Matrix(s+1, s+1, shape = identity);
N := Matrix(s+1, s+1);
for i to s+1 do for j to s+1 do N[i, j] := -H*A[i, j]+Id[i, j] end do end do;
Bb := Matrix(s+1, 1);
for i from 3 to s+1 do Bb[i, 1] := bb[i-1] end do;
B := Matrix(s+1, 1);
for i from 2 to s+1 do B[i, 1] := b[i-1] end do; B[1, 1] := b[-1];
Z := Multiply(Transpose(Bb), 1/N);
for i to s+1 do Z[1, i] := H*Z[1, i] end do;
Q := Multiply(Transpose(B), 1/N);
for i to s+1 do Q[1, i] := H*Q[1, i] end do;
Dh := proc (H) options operator, arrow; Matrix([[1+Multiply(Z, e[1]), Multiply(Z, e[2]), 3/2+Multiply(Z, e[3]), -1/2+Multiply(Z, e[4])], [1, 0, 0, 0], [Multiply(Q, e[1]), Multiply(Q, e[2]), 1+Multiply(Q, e[3]), Multiply(Q, e[4])], [0, 0, 1, 0]]) end proc;
k := Matrix(4, 4);
for i to 4 do for j to 4 do if i = j then k[i, j] := ep-Dh(H)[i, j] else k[i, j] := -Dh(H)[i, j] end if end do end do;
sp := unapply(collect(Determinant(k), ep), H, ep);
sol := solve(sp(H, ep), ep, explicit);
sol := simplify(map(allvalues, {sol}));
l := numelems(sol);
inequal({evalc(abs(subs(H = x+I*y, sol[1]))) <= 1, evalc(abs(subs(H = x+I*y, sol[2]))) <= 1, evalc(abs(subs(H = x+I*y, sol[3]))) <= 1, evalc(abs(subs(H = x+I*y, sol[4]))) <= 1}, x = -3 .. 3, y = -3 .. 3, color = "Nautical 1");


hi every one
please help me for this problem
i need maple code of cm and lsm method from project below forHeat Transfer Equation please
how it calculate c1 and c2 and c3 and c4 with maple
project link:

Hi, i got this diff ecuation to answer. It is an ecuation of a proyectile, it give the angle of speed with respect to time. I typed it on wolfram; got an aswer. When i tried on maple without any initial condition, got a good answer. With an initial condition, didn't get nothing. I even tried with the interactive solver, got a 'can't solve'. So this is my ecuation:

dx/dt = -[g cos(x)] / [vo - g t sin(x)]

I had to find the initial coindition for myself after that, i supect what the problem is. Maple gave an aswer in terms of arctan (y,x), and i think, based on my own try, it doesn't know how to find a term if it's inside the arctan function, typed in that way. So i rewrited it like arctan (y/x), anf found my constant C1.


Another problem i got was about this system of diff ecuations:

dx/dt = (-k/m) (x srqt(x^2 + y^2))

dy/dt = (-k/m) (y srqt(x^2 + y^2))

Again was wolfram who gave me a good answer to the problem. So you are going to understand im thinking wolfram is better on symbolic calculation. Thanks anyway for your help and effort.





How do I turn off Worksheet mode in a Maple Document.  I copied a calculation from a Worksheet into my Document, now I have to do calculation in 1-D math. 

Any advice would be helpful. 

I want to use while in proc but Maple shows an error saying


"Error, (in exa) illegal use of a formal parameter"


When I click on it, as usual it says "There is no help page available for this error". I tried a very simple example of while which you can see it below and it again shows same error. The while works well but when I put it inside of a procedure it makes an error. Note: the following example is just an example, this is not what I'm doing so please don't reply this while proc is not giving anything. My question is how can I use a while in procedure without encountering the above error.


i := 10;
while i > 1 do
if i mod 2 = 0 then i := i/2; else i := i+1; end if;
end do;


Now with proc


exa := proc (i::integer)::integer;
while 1 < i do
if i mod 2 = 0 then i :=i/2; else i := i+1; end if
end do; 
end proc;


"Error, (in exa) illegal use of a formal parameter"

No need to hurry, esthetics is not a vital issue ... but thanks in advance.

PS : sorry for the syntax errors "waves" generated in the original Word document

I thought about the following PDE:


EDIT: The u(0,t) is not a typo! It is really meant to be part of the PDE!


Latex/Matjax: $$\dfrac{\partial u(x,t)}{\partial t}=\alpha \dfrac{\partial^2 u(x,t)}{\partial x^2}+u(x=0,t).$$

Maple: diff(u(x,t),t)=alpha*diff(u(x,t),x$2)+u(0,t)



How can i determine the symmetries of this PDE with Maple?

I need some help fix my mathematics maple code problem , I define everything my Procedures,and procedures run is ok, but when I using call functions for another procedures  I can not operator my program . For sure procedures is work and correct. if somebody can help me , I really appreciate you help.

restart; Digits := 10; Ha := 2; R := 2; `&theta;r` := .5; Rt := 1; B := 1.5; Xi := 0; U[0] := 0; U[1] := alpha; U[2] := -6+(1/16)*Rt*Xi; U[3] := (1/6)*beta; Theta[0] := -(1/2)*Rt Theta[1]:=phi:   delta:=(k)->`if`(k=0, 1,0);   for k  from 0 to 20do    U[k+4]:=((Ha^(2)+R)*U[k+2]+Xi*Theta[k+2])/(4(k+3)*(k+4)) 

Theta[k+2] := (-4*R*`&theta;r`*(`&theta;r`*Theta[k]+1)^2*(sum((i+1)*Theta[i+1]*(k-i+1)*Theta[k-i+1], i = 0 .. k))-B*(sum((i+1)*U[i+1]*(k-i+1)*U[k-i+1], i = 0 .. k))+(1/4)*Ha^2*B*(sum(U[i]*(k-i)*U[k-i], i = 0 .. k)))/((1+(4/3)*R*(`&theta;r`*Theta[k]+1)^3)*(k+1)*(k+2))

 od:  u:=0:  theta:=0:  for k from 0 to 20 do  u:=u+U[k]*y^k:  theta:=theta+Theta[k]*y^k:  od:  print(expand(u)):

with(numapprox); pade(u, y, [3, 3])

pade(diff(u, `$`(y, 2)), y, [3, 3])

pade(theta, y, [3, 3])

solve({limit(pade(theta, y, [3, 3]), y = 1) = (1/2)*Rt, limit(pade(u, y, [3, 3]), y = 1) = 0, limit(pade(diff(u, `$`(y, 2)), y, [3, 3]), y = 1) = -12-(1/8)*Rt*Xi}, [alpha, beta, phi])



Please find the attachment

It seems a singularity has been occurred at left end point for n less than unit (say n=0.5, n>0)

Is there a way to fix it?

I apologize, as I'm still very new. I've flipped through a lot of pages, but I'm unsure of how Maple code translates to Maple TA.


I have randomly assigned an integer for the value of a year in Maple TA. I'd like it to appear as "2013" for example, but it will instead appear as "2,013". Is there a way to set the output formatting of a variable individually within a problem in TA?



I would like to determine a closed form solution (=analytical solution) of the following trigonometric equations system.

The unknowns are :

ListAllUnknowns := [Psi(t), Theta[1](t), Theta[2](t), x[1](t), x[2](t), z[1](t), z[2](t)]

Do you have ideas so as to conduct the symbolic resolution of this trigonometric equations system ?

I have been told that the use of Grobner basis could be useful but I have never try this.

Thanks a lot for yours feedbacks.

how can active that math mode not run in maple 2016

This is a specific Maple 2016 question: I find that plots no longer remember their attributes (like size on the screen) upon re-execution of a worksheet, even though I have set the appropriate flag in the Interface pane of the preferences.

Can someone confirm this; or am I just being dense? Is this an OS X issue? An El Capitan issue?? Maple 2015 on Yosemite behaves as expected.

Maple 2016.1 on Mac OS X 10.11.5.



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