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I want to have a display() function that plots a certain expression that I already have defined, but then I also want to include a variable number of pointplots into the same graph. I basically want the user to define a set of x and y coordinates into two different arrays in the start of the Maple Worksheet, then later down the worksheet, I want to plot these x,y coordinates as a pointplot, for each point.

But for example, if there are 5 points, I would define the pointplots as p1,p2,p3,p4,p5, which I already have a loop to do automatically depending on however many points that has been defined in the previous arrays. But when I want to plot these in a display() function, I have to write display(p1,p2,p3,p4,p5) individually, and I can't therefore seem to find a way to make it like display(p1,...,pn). I want the display to add more pointplots depending on how many points are defined in the arrays.

Can anyone help me? Sorry if it was difficult to understand, I can explain further if you didn't understand.

I have four matrix equations

P1, P2, P3 are known 4x4 matrix.

A1 A2 A3 A4 are known 1x4 matrix.

x1 x2 x3 x4 are 1x1 known matrix.

U is 4x4 unknown matrix.

These equations are 

(A1T*U*P1*A1) +( (P2*A1)T*U*P1*A1) + ( (P3*A1)T*U*A1) + ( ( P3*A 2)T*U*P1*A1) + x1 =0;

(A2T*U*P1*A2) +( (P2*A2)T*U*P1*A2) + ( (P3*A2)T*U*A2) + ( ( P3*A2 )T*U*P1*A2) + x2 =0;

(A3T*U*P1*A3) +( (P2*A3)T*U*P1*A3) + ( (P3*A3)T*U*A3) + ( ( P3*A3 )T*U*P1*A3) + x3 =0;

(A4T*U*P1*A4) +( (P2*A4)T*U*P1*A4) + ( (P3*A4)T*U*A4) + ( ( P3*A4 )T*U*P1*A4) + x4 =0;

How can i find 4x4 matrix U by using these above four equations??

Thank you

Is it possible to display an internet webpage in a maple?

Hello everybody,

In the linearised theory of gravity, I want to do some symbolic calculations.  First, I need to set that:

Then I want to see how the Christoffel symbols will change by putting the above in this:

Any hint someone?  I really appreciate the help for learning the Physics package.  Thank you in advance.





I am running MAPLE 2016.1

I am able to set the color option to a function in fieldplot, e.g.

plots[fieldplot]([y, -sin(x)-(1/10)*y], x = -10 .. 10, y = -10 .. 10, arrows = SLIM, color = sin(x)*sin(y))

works as expected.  

However, for plots[fieldplot3d] I cannot set color = f(x,y,z) . E.g.

plots[fieldplot3d]([2*x, 2*y, 2*z], x = -1 .. 1, y = -1 .. 1, z = -1 .. 1, grid = [5, 5, 5], arrows = SLIM, color = sin(x)*sin(y)*sin(z));

Error, (in plot/color) invalid color specification: sin(x)*sin(y)*sin(z)

Please can anyone help?


First Question: How to define nx1 matrix Y:=(y1,y2,...,yn) ? (n is a Natural number while it is ungiven)

Second Question: How to derivative of matrix Y with respect to nx1 matrix X:=(x1,x2,...,xn) ?


My efforts for the first question:  (I know to define 6x1 matrix etc. , but I dont know to define nx1 matrix

restart: Matrix(1..6,1,symbol=y) 


My efforts for the second question:

restart; with(VectorCalculus);
Matrix([x^2, x*y, x*z]);
Jacobian([x^2, x*y, x*z], [x, y, z]);

Can you help me? 


I am trying to write my Measuring Data into several Arrays with lengt of rowdim

I was able to extract them from the Datafile and Refering them to separate Vectors

My Code is in the attachemend and the Datafile too.

Insert the txt Path in the Messdaten in definition of A to load it.

I was able to convert the Time from Seconds to Minutes. What i realy want is an x-Axis wich is like hh:mm:ss

and Plot for Example T__1,T__2,T__Scheibe together in one Plot as y Axis and t__Minuten as x Axis

But the


doesnt work and i also tried others

Thank you for your Help



im currently using Mathcad 15 and i want to change to a newer and better software with more possibilities.

But up to now i have not found a better software for calculating. One big advantage with mathcad is the possibilitie of symbolic formula input and calculation with units.

Now my question: Is it possible with Maple to write symbolic formulas (2D Structure of big formulas)

I dont write a formula in one row. Its nearly impossible ...

And can i calculate with units?

Thx Stefan


I wrote an equation and intended to iterate P(r) till that value of r when P(r) becomes 0.what is the value of r for which P(r)=0, and also  obtained its convergent decreasing graph which show convergence of P(r) to 0.



G := 6.6743*10^(-8);








sys2 := diff(P(r), r) = -G*(epsilon+P(r))*((8.98*10^14*(1/3))*Pi*r^3+4*Pi*r^3*P(r)/c^2)/(c^2*(r^2-(2*G*r*(8.98*10^14*(1/3))*Pi*(r^3))/c^2)), P(0.1e-9) = 8.5561*10^34

diff(P(r), r) = -0.7426160269e-28*(0.7321400000e36+P(r))*(0.2993333333e15*Pi*r^3+0.4450600224e-20*Pi*r^3*P(r))/(r^2-0.4445794614e-13*r^4*Pi), P(0.1e-9) = 0.8556100000e35






Error, More than two dependent variables, please indicate the desired scene

Trace an ellipse that has 3 or more foci using Maple.

As a geotechnical engineer, much of what I calculate relates to depth or settlement.  Which, by tradition, is signed as positive in the vertically down direction.  Hence, I want to be able to produce graphs with positive y-values (e.g. depth, settlement, etc.) plotted in the downward direction (effectively, all I want to do is simply reverse the direction of the y-axis).  One workaround is to simply multiply all y values by -1 before plotting.  But this isn't ideal (as the values show as negative).  I've had a look through the documentation and haven't found a clean way of doing this.  Is anyone able to confirm whether its possible?  Or am I wasting my time looking?  Thanks in anticipation, Ian

I can't cut and paste from my maple worksheet (because syntax somehow gets changed in the process), so perhaps the following attempt at carefully worded  prose will do (alternately, please someone tell me how to attach screen shots).  Here goes...

I execute

The optimization succeeds and the assignment takes place.  The result is what I'ld like to cut and paste so youall can see...  it looks as follows. 'r:=' (but no quotes)  followed by open square bracket, then a number, then a comma, then another open square bracket, then a vertically arranged list of stuff, then two close brackets.  I presume the vertically arranged stuff in the innermost matching square brackets somehow represents the point in the search space where the minimum takes place, and the minimum is the number that follows the first square bracket and is before the comma.  My goal is to write to disk the the point in the search space where the minimum takes place (I suppose that vector is in some sense r[2]) .  My attempt to write it to disk is

ExportMatrix("maple.txt", r[2], target = auto)

but maple complains

ExportMatrix("maple.txt", r, target = auto);
Error, invalid input: ExportMatrix expects its 2nd argument, M, to be of type {Matrix, list(Matrix)}, but received [293148935266.099426, Vector(28, {(1) = -233674.34818878854, (2) = 12.62636610207248, (3) = 0.3337043409389546e-2, (4) = 0.13303915611938133e-1, (5) = .0, (6) = .2589485687872699, (7) = 0.9341600279762804e-1, (8) = 0.3293862590239189e-1, (9) = 0.12892649003200331e-1, (10) = 0.606528143324688e-1, (11) = 0.17524827222051658e-1, (12) = -0.16059611469561555e-17, (13) = 0.621465506367271e-1, (14) = .29826235341855, (15) = -0.16288776533795546e-17, (16) = 0.15301368661023716e-1, (17) = 0.1529933711903137e-18, (18) = 0.4375115591744606...

How can I write the result of optimization to disk as a plain ascii text file (tsv format)?




Hey there
I'm Trying to install maple on my Linux laptop, i have it install and starting fine but, i cant activate it. I get the massage " This Purchase code is only valid for Maple 2016 " But I know that it is the right Activation code, On a Side note I'm a student so the code is form the my school.

hope you can understand it.

I'm looking for the Maplets package for Maple 7 that was available on the old mapleprimes.  Does anyone have it?

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