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I hope that I will manage to explain my question.

I try to recover the structure of my worksheet by working on XMLElements.

Sometimes, I have in the XMLElements that I recover a XMLElements linked to "Font" and {"encoding" -> "UTF-8"} 

Why for one section defined as "text" and "headling1" I can have a change in "Font"? Is there a possibility to detect this changement for line of text.

In other words, how can I recognize a layout "Font" in a line of a worksheet and how can I change a layout "Font" into a layout "TexttField" ?

Thank you for your help.


Is there a way to make the first part of this look like the second picture depicted here? Also after intigration is there a way to make the highlighted posrtion not have an "ln(e)" parts and just have the exponetials and there constants?

Obviously I dont want to have to manually input this section everytime, is there some command I can use to achieve this goal?

I'm trying to determine that f(x) = (a/2)*e^(-a|x|) is a pdf for which I have tried to calcuate the integral from -infinity to +infinity but I am no getting a result that converges(even the wolfram alpha widget said the integral doesn't converge). How do I correcly implement this?

Above is the outcome I am getting at the current time... and I used map(expand,...) to do the expansion then simplifing it goes back to the origional. 

Below is the outcome I would like to can see that this is a different method. The problem I have is this is the right click method of expansion and I am tring to build a program that solves matrix ODE's by just inputing the initial matrix and it doing everything so i can check my answers step by step. 

So my question is, is there another method of command input to get the bottom line in the below picture?



convert(Matrix(2, 2, {(1, 1) = (s-2)/(s^2-s-12), (1, 2) = -5/(s^2-s-12), (2, 1) = -2/(s^2-s-12), (2, 2) = (s+1)/(s^2-s-12)}), parfrac);
Error, (in convert/parfrac) input must be a rational polynomial in s

gives me that error and i assume I can not use this command for matrix opperations if that is true is there a way to do it such as issolateing each element and doing each individually and putting it back into a matrix is that posible if so can someone show me the code for that?


I know 1st root of a function locates in a small interval (by drawing plots of function).

but fsolve command uses unreasonable time to find roots.

Also NextZero dosent work.

Please help me.

Thanks for your attention.


restart; s := sqrt(n)*Pi*(sqrt(n)*Pi-tan(sqrt(n)*Pi))/(sqrt(n)*Pi*tan(sqrt(n)*Pi)+2*(1-sec(sqrt(n)*Pi)));

C := (tan(sqrt(n)*Pi)-sqrt(n)*Pi*sec(sqrt(n)*Pi))/(sqrt(n)*Pi-tan(sqrt(n)*Pi));

S := s*(-C^2+1);

Gamma[b] := E[b2]/E[b1];

Gamma[c] := E[c2]/E[c1];

alpha[b] := t[b1]*t[b2]/(t[b1]+t[b2])^2;

alpha[c] := t[c1]*t[c2]/(t[c1]+t[c2])^2;

EIb := b*E[b1]*(t[b1]^4+2*Gamma[b]*alpha[b]*(2-alpha[b])*(t[b1]+t[b2])^4+Gamma[b]^2*t[b2]^4)/(12*(Gamma[b]*t[b2]+t[b1]));

EIc := b*E[c1]*(t[c1]^4+2*Gamma[c]*alpha[c]*(2-alpha[c])*(t[c1]+t[c2])^4+Gamma[c]^2*t[c2]^4)/(12*(Gamma[c]*t[c2]+t[c1]));

b := 1;Lb := 2; Lc1 := 2.5; Lc2 := 3; E[b1] := 180; E[b2] := 200; t[b1] := 0.3e-1; t[b2] := 0.4e-1; E[c2] := 220; t[c1] := 0.5e-1; t[c2] := 0.2e-1;

for k from 0 by 10 to 100 do

E[c1] := 150+k; nce := (1/2)*(Lc1/Lc2)^2*n; nb := (1/2)*(Lb/Lc2)^2*n; q[k] := 1000*fsolve((subs(n = nce, C*s)*EIc/Lc1)^2/(S*EIc/Lc2+subs(n = nce, s)*EIc/Lc1+subs(n = nb, s*(1-C))*EIb/Lb)-subs(n = nce, s)*EIc/Lc1-2*EIb/Lb, n = 1.45 .. 1.56)*evalf(Pi^2)*EIc/(2*Lc2^2); print(q[k], k)

end do;

with(CurveFitting); F := PolynomialInterpolation([seq([10*i, q[10*i]], i = 0 .. 10)], z)

Trying to get this function to work in Maple 18 


I am trying to creat a way to solve matrix differential equations step by step.


Hello Forum:

In the Programming Guide, section 14.3 (Programming Guide: Advanced Connectivity), the subsection `Runtime Environment Prerequisites' a sample script is given in order to set up the environment varibales MAPLE and LD_LIBRARY_PATH:


export MAPLE="/usr/local/maple"
. $MAPLE/bin/maple -norun
myapp $*


For testing, `my app $*' can be replaced by `printenv': it seems not to work with Maple 2015.

Any hint ?

Thanks in advance,



A pirate ship is persuing a merchant ship when a fog descends, obscuring the merchant ship in front. What path must the pirate ship take to guarantee intercepting the other ship? [the pirate ship can go 5x faster than the merchant, and the merchant can move in any direction as long as it's in a straight line].

ok, so the pirate needs to move in a straight line for a little bit, then move in an ever increasing spiral, a logarithmic spiral. r=a.e^(b.theta) and in parametric form x(t)=a.e^(b.t).cos(t), y(t)=a.e^(b.t).sin(t)

So im asking if there is an underlying ODE and if Maple can derive the above equations (and the numbers a and b).

the tv show i got this from displayed the following eq: t=d/(v1+v2).e^(theta/sqrt((v1/v2)^2-1))

BTW if you're an internet troll reading this, and don't believe this question belongs on this forum, other members might disagree.


hi.please help me .why rule ''''Det'''' dose not work properly?

this program attached DET.mwblow.thanks alot

hi.please help me .why rule ''''evalf'''' dose not work properly?and I should copy the former answer in a another 'evalf' rule a gain??can I use only one rule 'evalf' instad twice useage??

this program attached blow.thanks alot


Hi, I am trying to figure out how to find the maxima and minima of the function f(x)=(x^3-10*x^2-2*x+1)/(4*x^3+5*x+1) and its derivative.

a) Find the local maxima and minima of f. 

b) Find the vertical asymptote


I graphed the function and located the  local max to be (-1,1) and local min (1,-1) however, I can't figure out how to plot the derivative of the function. I tried to use the diff expression but it leaves the graph empty when i attempt to plot it.

Also, just curious how am i able to join text words and maple commands together? For example, I want to be able to say "The derivative of the original function is [maple command here]" ? I tried to switch from text to math however nothing worked.


Thanks in advance!

Hi, I am stumped I've tried many ways but end up getting a graph with nothing on it or errors. I am trying to plot the tangent line to the equation f(x) = 2cosx-x^2 at x = 2; In addition, how would I plot the tangent line and the equation on one graph with distinctive line pattern for example, one being blue and dotted, while the other being red solid).


Thanks in advance!

I want to find numerically the limit lim(y[m](t),m = infinity), do you have an idea how to do implement it in maple?



"h:=0.000065;  Theta3(t):=sum(exp(-m^(2)*Pi^(2)*t),m=-100..100);  y[0](t)=1;  t>0;  m>=1;  y[m](t)=1-h*int(Theta3(s)(y[m-1](t-s))^(4),s=0..t);  "



proc (t) options operator, arrow; sum(exp(-m^2*Pi^2*t), m = -100 .. 100) end proc


Error, (in y[m]) too many levels of recursion


0 < t


1 <= m


Error, (in y[m]) too many levels of recursion





I have three procedures with calling struture:


    > call B (argseq)

    > call C (argseq)

     > etc code

     > return results

end A()

Procedures A, B, C are defined in a single MAPLE .mw worksheet, and each time I use them I have to reload them by pressing return.

Please can you suggest the best course of action?  I have been reading about modules but am not certain that A knows about B and C in the dame module when it calls them

Can anyone help please?




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