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I need help to create a program that will find all the positive integers n, where n < 1000, such that
(n 􏰀-1)!= 􏰁 􏰀-1 (mod n^2 ) . program has to be in full and state the values of n obtained. 

Try solve 

restart; with(PDEtools);
U := diff_table(u(x, y, z));

pde[1] := x*y*U[z]+x*U[x]+2*y*U[y] = 0;

bc[1] := eval(U[], z = 0) = x^2+y^2;
sys[1] := [pde[1], bc[1]];

Maple nothing returned. Where my mistake ?? Thank you.


We solve the following ode in the interval (0,Pi):


bcs=u(0)=0, u(Pi)=0;

Stating one example of many conditions for such equation to have a
valid solution

Many thanks



eq1 := T - M*g = 0;
eq2 := T1*sin(theta1) + T2*sin(theta2) - T = 0;
eq3 := -T1*cos(theta1) + T2*cos(theta2) = 0;
soln := solve({eq1,eq2,eq3},{T,T1,T2});


This returns a limit -> ... expression.  Since there is a sin(theta1) in the denominator, this should be undefined or infinity.

I am tryng to change variables in multiple integral as below, but receive error. Help me to do so.



Error, invalid input: with expects its 1st argument, pname, to be of type {`module`, package}, but received shareman



V := Int(Physics:-`*`(f(Physics:-`^`(x, 2)), g(y)), [x = a .. b, y = c .. d])

Int(f(x^2)*g(y), [x = a .. b, y = c .. d])



Change(V, {x = u-W, y = v-Q})

Error, (in IntegrationTools:-Change) missing a list with the new variables





I don't know where to ask this.  Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

I use maplev-mode

;; Version:    2.155
;; X-RCS:      $Id: maplev.el,v 1.14 2006-06-02 14:02:38 joe Exp $

I am attempting to modify it so
  f1 invokes maplev-cmaple-send-line
  f2 invokes maplev-cmaple-send-region
  f3 invokes maplev-cmaple-send-buffer

tried adding
(define-key map [(control c) (control c) ?l] 'maplev-cmaple-send-line)
(define-key map [(f1)]  'maplev-cmaple-send-line)

but, emacs seems to not recognize this.  I can change the global keymap to get this behavior.
Is there a way to do this in maplev.el?

Tom Dean

Hey everyone!

My question is pretty straightforward: I have a second degree tensor and I need a fourth degree order one from it.

In Python, there is a command that performs the action, would there be one in Maple? Or any kind of process to go through to get the result?



My code :

> restart; with*PDEtools;

> PDE := diff(u(x, t), `$`(t, 2)) = 4*(diff(u(x, t), `$`(x, 2)));

> pdsolve({PDE, u(x, 0) = cos((1/2)*x), (D[1](u))(x, 0) = 0}, u(x, t));

And i get Error, (in pdsolve/BC) invalid input: indets expects 1 or 2 arguments, but received 3.Please help me find my Error.Thank you!!!

I would like to see the list of metrics recognize by Maple with their acornym.  For example,:

>Setup(coordinates = spherical, metric = kerr)

What can i do in this case? I,m traying solve a system of non linear equation like this, i want to know Rs and Rsh:

Dear friends

I have a long-running code that sometimes takes an hour to complete. I wonder is there a way to find out what line of code is currently running in a long-running maple code or to show an update of the variables. I have some print commands but are shown just after completion not before. 

Thank you in advance for your time.

Ok, I'm  a confident Matlab user, but for some reason Maple befuddles me.

Let's say I have two functions, x=f(t) and y=g(t) and I want to fill both two vectors with values, with t=-n:n.  How do I construct a loop to do that?

I'm trying to solve

deq := diff(theta(x), x) = -sin(theta(x));
sol := dsolve({deq, theta(0) = -(1/2)*Pi});

The answer should be theta=-2*arctan(exp(-x))

but I get

theta(x) = arctan(2*exp(-x+I*Pi)/((exp(-x+I*Pi))^2+1), -((exp(-x+I*Pi))^2-1)/((exp(-x+I*Pi))^2+1))

Does it have to do with assuming?

Staffan Malmberg


There is a horse a buggy ride around a small village which takes roughly 30 minutes.  Here is an example timing for 12 consecutive rides [34, 29, 32, 32, 28, 28, 27, 28, 39, 24, 27, 27].

How can I create a monte carlo simulation graph that would estimate the future times based on given data?  Do I randomly pick numbers from the given list for a simulation or generate random numbers based on mean and standard deviation generated from the data?

When would the best possible time to come back after 4 rides be?

How could i show wilsons theorom on maple?

(p-1)!=-1(modp) if and only if p is prime.

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