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guys i got this error permanently for everything , can anyone help me ?

Determine wether the sequence below converges or diverges, and if it converges, find the limit.





hello guys i have 2 diiferential equations and i want to check a solution for that , how to do it ?

E and B are functions of r .


i want to put E(r)= r^a and B(r)=e^ar in

I'll be vacationing in Amsterdam May 1-11. I was wondering if there are any Maple-related activities or institutions there that I might visit. I believe that the Netherlands has somewhat of a national drive toward the use of computer algebra in education, much more so than the United States. Can anyone here confirm that? And if that's true, is Maple a big part of it?

I'm new to mapleprimers and if I make some mistakes I apologize. 

The problem I ran and on which I ask for help is that the command of maple latex I results in latex only the result of an arithmetic expression and the expression does not translate into latex itself. for example, the command latex (3 + 2) I 5 and not as a result from the translation in latex of 3 + 2. I also tried using the command inetrt form but did not succeed, I tried it with the quotes '' and even succeed. I also tried it with double quotes and with simple expressions funzioa eg latex ("(3 + 2) * 5") from me as a result `` (3 + 2) * 5 '' but with more complex expressions: eg. latex("\""(2+1/(5))^(0)+(6/(9)*(((83-8)/(90))-15/(10)+(3/(9))/(2)) -6/(9))/(75/(100)*12/(9))"''") mi da 

Error, Got internal error in Typesetting:-Parse:-Postprocess : "internal error: invalid object ""

Thanking for the help, Best regards


Hi all,

How to build an uneven ground by MapleSim?

I want simulation a car runnung on this uneven ground.

Is there any method , proposal , orientation, or any thing can help me


Thank you

Hi all,


min/max command in Maple can return the minimum/maximum of a sequence or array.

 In my case, I want to find not only the minimum/maximum, but also where are them. How can I do?

For example, there is a squence [1,2,3,7,6,5,4].

Through max([1,2,3,7,6,5,4]), we can get 7.

But I still want to get "4" which is the index value of "7". 


Thank you.


can i use maple to get all the roots in a given expression?


for example: i have a expression "(2b+c)^(1/2)+c-(c-2b)^(1/3)"

and I want to get a list that contains "(2b+c)^(1/2)" and "(c-2b)^(1/3)"


is there any maple commands i can play with?

assume x,y is a real number and {x>4,y>4}, how can i get the supplementary set ({x<=4,y<=4}) of x,y in the real domain by maple?

Hi all,


I met a problem while using the MapleSim7.

When I increase the plot points (which can be modeified in the setting tab) to get more accurate solution,

MapleSim does not show the simulation results (ex. graph) even though the simulation has finished.

MapleSim message only says "Done Simulating", but does not show the results.


When I set plot points "10000", I could obtain the results. However when I set "30000" for plot points, 

I couldn't get results.


What is the problem and how can I obtain the results with many number of plot points?


Some of the Rotation Coefficients are not calculating properly.



Tried posting responses to a question this evening. Click the question title, hit the "reply" button and enter a phrase like "Clarification" in the Title filed of the reply form, the reply form just disappears. Tried this in Firefox and Chrome - same behaviour. Means I can no longer contribute - has somebody broken something??? Or I have a problem with *all* my browsers

PS not even sure that this post will appear correctly

I have data file with 6 columns:

X Y Z B1 B2 B3

i.e. 3 coordinates (with some step) and values of B-functions at that 3D point. How to make interpolation of these B-functions to have them in arbitrary (x,y,z) point?

Then I need to solve diff equations like this:


f(...) depends on x,y,z,x',y',z' and B1,B2,B3. How to write this dsolve(...) construction when we have interpolations inside?


I am trying to understand how maple "isprime" algorithm works. But I can't find anywhere what special_primes means.



isprime := proc(n)
local btor, nr, p, r;
   1   if not type(n,'integer') then
   2     if type(n,('complex')('numeric')) then
   3       error "argument must be an integer"
   4       return 'isprime(n)'
         end if
       end if;
   5   if n < 2 then
   6     return false
       elif member(n,isprime:-special_primes) then
   7     return true
       elif igcd(2305567963945518424753102147331756070,n) <> 1 then
   8     return false
       elif n < 10201 then
   9     return true
       elif igcd(8496969489233418110532339909187349965926062586648932736611545426342203893270769390909069477309509137509786917118668028861499333825097682386722983737962963066757674131126736578936440788157186969893730633113066478620448624949257324022627395437363639038752608166758661255956834630697220447512298848222228550062683786342519960225996301315945644470064720696621750477244528915927867113,n) <> 1 then
  10     return false
       elif n < 1018081 then
  11     return true
  12     r := gmp_isprime(n);
  13     if not r or n <= 5000000000 then
  14       return r
         end if;
  15     nr := igcd(408410100000,n-1);
  16     nr := igcd(nr^5,n-1);
  17     r := iquo(n-1,nr);
  18     btor := modp(('power')(2,r),n);
  19     if cyclotest(n,btor,2,r) = false or irem(nr,3) = 0 and cyclotest(n,btor,3,r) = false or irem(nr,5) = 0 and cyclotest(n,btor,5,r) = false or irem(nr,7) = 0 and cyclotest(n,btor,7,r) = false then
  20       return false
         end if;
  21     if isqrt(n)^2 = n then
  22       return false
         end if;
  23     for p from 3 while numtheory:-jacobi(p^2-4,n) <> -1 do
  24       NULL
         end do;
  25     return evalb(TraceModQF(p,n+1,n) = [2, p])
       end if
end proc

I have a big file (~30Mb) with a single algebraic expression (file contains only one string of the form `expr := a*b + ... :` ). I would like to import this expression into Maple and I use `read` function for that:

    read "s.maple":

I wait for 2 hours, but Maple does not response and no any output provided. Is there any special function for import such data?

I use console Maple18 Linux x86 64.


Update. All goes fine in Maple 16, so the issue is relevant for Maple17 and Maple18.

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