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Hoe do you plot two vectors of data as a bar plot or historygram. I tried the statistics package but could not plot a bar plot that shows the proper relation of numbers in vector x to numbers in relation to vector y. Vector x contained years as data, and vector y contained for example crime data per year.

in maplesim 7

when run example below

got error in linear_string and linear_string2

prototype must be a structured record type or a record, but received squeezed




There is a problem with the modelica code for custom component named CorneringForce
Regenerate or delete this component to correct this porblem....


i click the web said USD99

but after click into it, academic version is USD1,555

there are commercial version, academic version , what are difference?

i see that there are self balance robot and humanoid walk robot

what are the specification of size, length of components are they?

if simulate robot hand which has a string make a tension to grip object

what kind of string is it? where can buy robots components which fit the simulations it do?

will maplesoft cooperate with 3D printer to fit the reality of robots?


I am working on making a population balance model for gas bubbles is a stirred reactor. I have data in excel about the bubble size and need to make a population model to compare the experiment with theoretical findings.

But I have not much experience in population balance modeling. Is there anyone who has an example of a solved population balance model in maple? This would help me greatly in understanding the subject. I would want to use the Luo and Svendsen model as I found it most matching with the result.

Kind regards, Hasselhof

I'm displaying two plots - one a line and one a series of points. The idea is that I'm showing a fit curve onto a set of experimental data. I want the dots, which are fairly fat, to sit on top of the line. But whichever order I display the two plots in, the line is sitting on top of the dots. This looks wrong. Does anyone know how to put it right?

hi, I want calculate lambda(lagrange multiplier) for lane emden type equation, I have made a programme for it but here is error at the end of programme,plz help

When the solution is obtained in symbolic form, and then numeric values are assigned to variables, the answer is different from the numerical solution.

vol := -R^2*Pi*H*(-3*R*C^2*sin(theta)-3*H^2*cos(theta)^2*sin(theta)*R+6*R*C*sin(theta)*cos(theta)*H-sin(theta)*R^3+sin(theta)*R^3*cos(theta)^2+C^3-3*C^2*cos(theta)*H-cos(theta)^3*H^3+3*H^2*C*cos(theta)^2+3*R^2*H*cos(theta)^3+3*R^2*C-3*R^2*H*cos(theta)-3*cos(theta)^2*R^2*C)/(3*(H^2*cos(theta)^2-R^2+cos(theta)^2*R^2)^(3/2)):

V := (1/3)*Pi*R^2*H:

vp := Pi*h*R^2*(3*H^2-3*H*h+h^2)/(3*H^2):

eq := V-vp = vol;

va := theta = (1/6)*Pi, R = 2, H = 20, h = 14;

Symbolic solution:
sc := solve(eq, [C]);
evalf(subs(va, sc));
   [[C = 18.36540754], [C = 18.29805834 + 0.03888407898 I],  [C = 18.29805834 - 0.03888407898 I]]

Numerical solution:
eq1 := subs(va, eq);
evalf(solve(eq1, [C]));
    [[C = 20.91425055 + 4.492493739 I], [C = 20.91425055 - 4.492493739 I], [C = 13.13302314]]

Why this happens?
I am grateful for your attention.
Sinval Oliveira Santos.

hello people

I have this computation which has to do with my undergraduate project and each time I compute some work (vary parameters), it seems to evaluate forever. although my computer isn't recent and has 2GB of RAM the computation didn't seem to me as much of a task for it. computation works fine with some parameters as 0 but the moment I change it to a natural number, it evaluates forever.

Is there anyway I could speed up computation in maple? or do I just need a faster computer? but I have a dead line for next week. can I upload my worksheet for someone here to help me execute? 

thank you in advance. 

Hello everybody,


my question concerns the visualizing possibilities of maple:

can maple visualize complex functions? (f(z): C->C)

If so, which possibilities do i have und what is the command for it? Maybe as a coulour diagram, as a vector field (f(x): R^2->R^2) , or as mapping of sets (e.g. curves, grids into new curves and curved lines)?




Thanks in advance




PS: I am using maple 18.



I would like to unassign all variables at once without restart, as I do not want to have to reload packages again. Is this possible without having to unassign each variable individually?





I am trying to see how do I have initial conditions in a system of differential equations. This is an example problem, which doesn't work. What is wrong? Thank you.

I am looking to extract exponents from a sum of products of three variables A, B and C. An example being:

f:=5*A^4*B^3*C^7   +   3*A^2*B^1*C^7  +  31*A^3*B^6*C^11  + ...

I used the following procedure to extract the exponents of each variable:

Exponents:= proc(p, x::name)
    map(degree, [t], x)
end proc:

This works great and will extract the powers for each term:

Exponents(f,A):        [4,2,3]

Exponents(f,B):        [3,1,6]

However, when the exponents are the same it does not count them twice. An example of this being with the variable C above where two of them have an exponent = 7 and it only counts it once.

Exponents(f,C):        [7,11]

Is there a simple way to modify the procedure to list the powers regardless of if they appear more than once?

Many thanks in advance.

I want to make a package that I have created work with the LinearAlgebra package that comes with Maple. My package loads into a worksheet fine, but when I try to use one of my procedures, most of which depend upon procedures in the Linear Algebra package, the executable part of my procedure from my package is simply echoed to the screen and not executed. If I then copy the echoed part to a command prompt then it executes fine. How do I make my package use the commands in the Linear Algebra package?

Try to consider the following system of differential equations:

sys := diff(U(ksi), ksi) = (y(ksi)-(1.5*(1+0.01*ksi))*U(ksi)/ksi)/(1.5+0.015*ksi+0.002*ksi^2),
diff(y(ksi), ksi) = U(ksi)*(0.002+(1.5*(1+0.01*ksi))*(0.002*ksi^2)/(ksi^2*(1.5+0.015*ksi+0.002*ksi^2))-19.3^2)-y(ksi)*(0.002*ksi^2)/(ksi*(1.5+0.015*ksi+0.002*ksi^2))

with the boundary conditions: cond:= y(0.8) = 0, y(1) = 0

And Maple gives me zero solution for this system , i mean U(from 0.8  to 1) = 0 and y(from 0.8 to 1) = 0

How can i get some other solutions?

P.S. i need numerical solution => dsolve( [sys,cond],type= numeric)

Please, i need some help.

I want to calculate this limit

limit((b^(d+1)-1)/((b-1)*b^d), d = infinity)

but it always return limit((b^(d+1)-1)/((b-1)*b^d), d = infinity)


Is it becaus it cant recognize what b symbol is ?

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