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Today I have a problem with assign that never arised before. I solved a system of equations with two solutions and wanted to assign, e.g. the second one. Does anybody know why "assign" here does not work, even though I often used it before in the same way. (I also tried it with the array-solution, but I received the same problem.



  {rH = 0., rL = 0., xH = 0.2289428485, xL = 0.2289428485}, {

    rH = 22.70954353, rL = 32.28670872, xH = 0.4250775404,

    xL = 0.4393791233}
  {rH = 0., rL = 0., xH = 0.2289428485, xL = 0.2289428485}, {

    rH = 22.70954353, rL = 32.28670872, xH = 0.4250775404,

    xL = 0.4393791233}
assign {rH = 22.70954353, rL = 32.28670872, xH = 0.4250775404,

  xL = 0.4393791233}
                         rL, rH, xL, xH

I would be very glad, if anybody could help me.

And here is the whole algorithm:





Hi,I'm using Maple 15. When I plot with the command

Aplot:= Plot2D(Q[2 .. 26, 13], Q[2 .. 26, 14], style = point, color = blue, symbol = solidcircle, symbolsize = 16, font = [Arial, Bold, 13], axes = box, axis = [thickness = 1, tickmarks = [5, subticks = 5]]);

There is the report of problem

Error, (in plot/options2d) unexpected axis suboption: thickness = 1

Thank you for helping me.


I have been having problems with using the BodePlot function with units:


R1 := 18.2*10^3*Unit('Omega');

R2 := 10^3*Unit('Omega');

C1 := 470*10^(-12)*Unit('F');

C2 := 4.7*10^(-9)*Unit('F');

# wo is in hertz

wo := 1/sqrt(R1*R2*C1*C2);

# Q is unitless

Q := wo*R1*R2*C2/(R1+R2)



sys := TransferFunction(wo^2/(s^2+wo*s/Q+wo^2));


This is the error message I got:

Error, (in Units:-Standard:-+) the units `1` and `Hz` have incompatible dimensions


I think the problem is that the BodePlot function doesn't expect 'wo' to have units.  

So I tried to work around the issue by using the loglogplot but it doesn't seem to like 

complex function even when I used abs to find the magnitude (with or without units).


 Any workaround is appreciated.

I'm using MAPLE files, and a little to bored to run all commands in it.

Instead of it would be a bit easier to make a package.

Is there any post here how can I do it?

how to derive poincare series from symmetric function in maple

use taylor function need to specify its limit

if we do not know its limit, 

how to know whether a function is finite in taylor expression

for example poincare series


how to display as taylor series without specify the limit of degree

because do not want to approximate poincare series with taylor 

want a complete taylor series

goal is to find the polynomials which degree are 1 and 2 in above example

Strings := {"buffalo", "zebra", "aardvark", "aardwolf", "anteater", "antelope", "bumblebee"};
{"buffalo", "zebra", "aardvark", "aardwolf", "anteater",

"antelope", "bumblebee"}
CP := {seq(seq(StringTools:-Take(x, StringTools:-CommonPrefix(x, y)), x in Strings), y in Strings)};
P := table(map(proc (x) options operator, arrow; x = "" end proc, Strings));
for x in CP do for y in `minus`(CP, {x}) do if `and`(StringTools*IsPrefix(y, x), `implies`(assigned(P[x]), StringTools*IsPrefix(P[x], y))) then P[x] := y end if end do end do;
Error, cannot determine if this expression is true or false: StringTools*IsPrefix("a", "")


Hi I tried to apply these command in maple to see hoe cluster graphic after that can work .. but i face this problem ,


I am a begginer in maple working on it for a term paper to demonstrate it is ability to view the cluster analysis .


if u have any benefcial resources I ll be so happy.


thanks very much

How would one in Maple solve this, which is an inequality equation in some variables, which can be nonlinear, with constraints on range of each variable. I.e. I want to find conditions on the variables to make the inequality satisfied.

In Mathematica, I use the Reduce command

Clear[x, y];
eq = 1/2 - x + x^2 - y + y^2;
Reduce[{eq > 0, 0 < x < 1 && 0 < y < 1}, {x, y}, Reals]

How would one do the same in Maple? I tried solve, but can't give constraints.

eq:=1/2 -x+x^2-y+y^2:
solve(eq>0 , {x1, x2});

So I need to do the same as in the Mathematica command, but in Maple. I do not want numerical solution, but algebraic as shown above.

Using Maple 18.2 on windows.

x_1 = 1;

x_n = 1/2 (x_n-1 + 3/x_n-1 ) for n>=2

Is there a maple command to check if the above statement is rational, eventhough it is obvious enough?

I tried to evaluate x_2 using subs(n=2, x_n) but keep getting an expression in terms of x_1. Using evalf(x_2), the result was x_2.

I'm very new to maple, so please help :(

Hello people in mapleprimes,

I want to ask a question about modification of expression.

Basically, what I want to do is to change the expression of sqrt((-a)^2) to sqrt(a^2).


The expression I want to modify is this:


aa:=phi[n, j] = a[j, D]-a-sqrt((-a[j, D]+a+tau[n, j])^2+4*gamma*f[c, n, j]/L[j])


I want to change this to 


phi[n, j] = a[j, D]-a-sqrt((a[j, D]-a-tau[n, j])^2+4*gamma*f[c, n, j]/L[j])


To do this, I wrote as 

subs(sqrt((-a[j, D]+a+tau[n, j])^2+4*gamma*f[c, n, j]/L[j]) = sqrt((a[j, D]-a-tau[n, j])^2+4*gamma*f[c, n, j]/L[j]), phi[n, j] = a[j, D]-a-((-a[j, D]+a+tau[n, j])^2+4*gamma*f[c, n, j]/L[j])^(1/2))


Or, I wrote as 

subs(op([2,3,2,1,1],aa)=(a[j, D]-a-tau[n, j])^2,aa)


If there is better ways, please tell me them.


Best wishes.




AoA. Hope you will be fine. I want to factorize 2046 as


but maple gives



PhD (Scholar)
Department of Mathematics

I have the following system I need to solve:


dy(t)/dt = alpha(t)-y(t)





 I am trying to get functions of y(t) and x(t), so I can plot y(t), x(t) and alpha(t) as it changes over time.


I have tried using dsolve to no effect.  I define the inital conditions, I define the functions I am looking for and when I press enter dsolve doesn't return anything.  I also know all the constants and defined them as well.




Thank you.



I am trying to simplify the eigenvalues of a 2x2 matrix [[a,b],[c,d]] subject to the condition a,b,c, and d are integers such that a+b = c+d. Why do the following commands not achieve this?



Eigenvalues(A) assuming a::integer,b::integer,c::integer,d::integer,a+b=d+c

How might I achieve what I need?


I'm trying to calculate the time fro my brachistochrone problem.  An object travels from A(0,a) to B(b,0)

a=7 and b=10

I've already found the parametric version:



c= 7.039837581

I cant get it right in maple:


restart; a := 7; b := 10; g := 9.81; eq1 := .5*r*(u-sin(u)) = a; eq2 := a-.5*r*(1-cos(u)) = b; sol := fsolve({eq1, eq2}, {r, u}); r0, u0 := op(subs(sol, [r, u])); x := proc (u) options operator, arrow; .5*r0*(u-sin(u)) end proc; y := proc (u) options operator, arrow; a+(-1)*.5*r0*(1-cos(u)) end proc; plot([x(u), y(u), u = 0 .. u0]); Int(sqrt((diff(x(u), u))^2+(diff(y(u), u))^2)/sqrt(-2*g*y(u)), u = 0 .. u0); evalf(%)


I would be grateful if anyone would comment on the compatibility of Maple 18 and MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite).


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