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When using units, then e.g. "2 m" is show as expected below, but "1 m" shown as only "m".  Even through correct, it is a non-standard way to write physical values.

How to get the physical values in a format of "{numerical} {unit}" even when the numerical part is 1?

In a simple example below I try to write an equation with an unknown value present among other values that have unit, but I get an error since the unknown value d does not have a unit yet.

How to write such expressions, e.g. for use in solve later?



Dear MapleSoft,


Would it be possible you once design a MapleSim webinar for users with more emphasis on Modelica (language, examples, etc.), on how to build more complex custom components, not just a simple DC motor? I think this would be very useful and could extend / enhance the use of MapleSime even more.


Tx in advance,

best regards






























In the code below the new function g is defined based on existing function f, but the new function g is then dependent on f at the time of definition, which is shown since later changes to f will change value of g.

How to fix definition of g based on f at the when g is defined, so later changes of f does not alter g ?

Hello every one,please help me for plotting this equation(T).L=1,t=10,a=0.1,x=0..1


maple with collocation and galerkin methods

please help me with writing the cods


Can anybody recommend a good general reference book or cookbook for Maple (2016), that shows the most used and useful commands, and ways to do general operations?

Hello everybody,

I would like to ask: How many ways to impose the rank deficiency of a matrix J?

1. First is the determinant(J) = 0

2. Multiply with a non-zero vector V: so that we have J*V = 0;

3. be listed......


something about the minors of the matrix? 

I hope to have as many methods as possible!

I am try to find root by using fsolve. But I am not get solution.

Please help me to solve this problem?

I have been attached the program above.

Thank You.

Best Regards.

Velmurugan G



As a new user of Maple (Maple 2015), I defined the function:


As x->infinity, f(x) increases monotonically to e, as is known.

In financial applications, this function and related functions are often used to show that periodic compounding converges to continuous compounding as the number of compounding periods grows larger.

However, for certain large values of x, f(x) evaluates to functional values larger than e.  For example:

f(x)|x=31536000. evaluates to 2.74327....

which is greater than e=2.71828...

Also notice that is(f(31536000.)>e) returns true.

This incorrect evaluation makes it difficult to demonstrate to students the principles of and relationship between periodic compounding and continuous compounding.

Some other CAS (Mathematica and HP Prime) evaluate the function correctly while TI Nspire also evaluates the function incorrectly.

The following file demonstrates this behavior of Maple 2015:

Can anyone share any insight to this issue or any errors that I am making.


     I now have a problem.

     I want to calculate first derivative of a function and make it a function with respect to a variable.

     For example,




     I expect derivative is a function, (i.e.  derivative(x)=2x) , So if I put 'derivative(2)',I should get 4 as results. However I get "Error, (in H_Mag_Derivative_2) invalid input: diff received 2, which is not valid for its 2nd argument".

     Could someone give me a hand? Very much appreciated.

Hello,I want to plot Q versus B,but i have a little problem.thanks for your helping.

Dear all,


I know the solve command is somehow limited, and it cannot find the solution for all equations.

But I have two equations which must be solved and I am desperately looking for solutions!


My equations are listed below:

f1:= (1/2)*x + (2*alpha*beta*(x^2+3*y^2)^beta*x^2/(x^2+3*y^2) ) -(3/2)*y - (1/2)*alpha*(x^2+3*y^2)^beta = kappa*rho*c0^2

f2:=-(1/2)*y+ (2*alpha*beta*(x^2+3*y^2)^beta*y^2/(x^2+3*y^2) ) -(1/2)*x - (1/2)*alpha*(x^2+3*y^2)^beta = 0

I need to find x and y in terms of alpha and beta.

The other parameters are known.

But of course, maple gives me the warning: "Warning, solutions may have been lost".

Does anybody have any suggestion?


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