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I have been puzzled by a matlab toolbox problem for a long time. How can I get Maple notation in matlab output?

Both "Input display" and "Output display" in Tools-->Options-->Display was changed from "2-D Math notation" into "Maple notation". And the output in Maple is indeed Maple notation like this:maple output

But the output in matlab is also 2-D notation like this:matlab output

when copy it to Matlab or Maple as input, it become the wrong issues like this:wrong style

How can I output Maple notation in matlab? The version is Maple 18 and Matlab 2014b, respectively.



My task is to develop a mathematical model of time-variant temperature
distribution in a bar with Maple. 
The bar is made of aluminum. The length is 202 mm and the diameter
is 8mm.
Heat is supplied from the kitchen lighter where the flame burns on butane.
The height of the flame is about 4 mm.
Your model should be able to answer how long the time it takes to reach
a certain value of temperature at the distance of 10 cm from the heat source.


anyone can help to answer this? im totally new to maple.. hopefully some1 can help me to answer this..


I wanted to calculate the eigenvalues and vectors of the following matrix:

A:=Matrix(6, 6, {(1, 2) = k_noho2*NO, (2, 2) = -k_noho2*NO, (2, 5) = k_ipro*O2, (2, 6) = k_hypro*O2, (3, 3) = -k_ro2no*NO, (4, 4) = -k_ro2no*NO, (5, 3) = .991*k_ro2no*NO, (5, 5) = -k_ipro*O2, (6, 4) = .977*k_ro2no*NO, (6, 6) = -k_hypro*O2}, datatype = anything, storage = rectangular, order = Fortran_order, shape = [])

There are no problems with calculating the eigenvalues, but when trying for Eigenvectors(A) it's telling me

Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-Eigenvectors) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 0 < k_noho2*NO
So what's the problem here?




I am new to Maple, and I would like to get some help. Thank you.

I have an assignment where I had to make a power-regression of some numbers. 


Now, I did this. I got this  1,18971*x*0,38480



The next task is to make a prognosis (lol, I don't know how to say that in english), but I had to get to know what x = 17.

Ussualy, you would just put 17 in your function and then calcuate what x=17 is.


Now, I want to know if there's a method in maple where you can solve what x=17 is.


The reason i ask is because our assignment is a "Maple-assignment" so if there's a solve-function, then please let me know.


I appreciate your help.



Hi EveryOne!

I have polynomial: p(x) = x^4 + 27x^3 + x^2 + 16x +1 over finite field F=GF(2^8)/f(x)=x^8 + x^4 +x^3 +1

The factors of this polynomial are: (x + 37)(x + 217)(x^2 + 213x +30) (in maple)

Hence there two roots of p(x): x = 37 and x = 217 in GF(2^8). The factor x^2 + 231x +30 is of degree 2. There are not roots in F. But in extension field GF((2^8)^2) of F, also there are two roots of factor x^2 + 213x + 30 (for example: x = 256 and x = 256^256 = 487).

How to find these roots of p(x) in extension field GF((2^8)^2) by maple? Please help me! Thanks a lot.

So I've been trying to plot a parametric equation with the command:

But I keep recieving the error: Error, (in plot) incorrect first argument [cos(2*t)+sin(2*t), -2*sin(2*t)+2*cos(2*t), t = 0 .. 6.29]

Do any of you have an idea of what I'm doing wrong?

How do I solve this in Maple:


M(k,n)=M(k,n-1)+M(k-1,n-1)+M(k-2,n-2) and

M(k,1)=1 and M(1,n)=n




Thank you, Jan


I have written the code below, and received the error message in the bottom. Can any body help me?

> with(plots);

> u := 100*sin((1/2)*pi*x)*((1-cosh(pi))*sinh((1/2)*pi*y)+sinh(pi)*cosh((1/2)*pi*y))/sin(pi);

> implicitplot({u = 10, u = 20, u = 30, u = 40, u = 50, u = 60, u = 70, u = 80, u = 90}, x = 0 .. 2, y = 0 .. 2, grid = [100, 100]);

Error, (in plots/implicitplot) invalid input: the following extra unknowns were found in the input expression: {pi}


As a lot of people before me I'm severely dissappointed my Maple's ability to export a .mw file to .tex.

The output looks horrible and even disappears off the side of the page in some places.

I've searched far and wide on the internet but it's difficult for me to understand the few, outdated, results I've dug up.


Is it completely impossible to get my hands on a good (or just working) Maple 18 to LaTex exporter? It's not possible for me to begin coding my own.

So I paid for Maple 2015 and accidentaly mistyped my email address.  I was wondering if there is anyway that I can resend the same download to the correct email address.  If anyone can help this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi all,


The following command:


returns erf(Pi/sqrt(2)) instead of 1, as expected for a CDF.

Does someone has an explanation for this strange behaviour?

Best regards,



Hi all, I am new to MAPLE, I have been using Mathematica mostly. Here is what i am trying to do in MAPLE, 

Use the procedure plotmotion 2 on the plotmo worksheet to animate the motion of a marble in a bowl of the shape of the bottom half of the ellipsoid x^2/16 + y^2/12 +z^2/9 = 1

Can anyone help? It will be greatly appreciated.


I'm trying to define a matrix that will have all the possible game results in a 9 team competition in one round. The results are a column in the form [game 1 home team, game 1 away team, game 2 home team, ... , game 9 away team]

This should give me a matrix with 18 rows, and 512 columns, where each column is a possible game result.

In essense, to continue the pattern of this matrix on for all 512 columns.

I've fiddled with for statements, but it ends up getting very messy given the number of nests that are required.

Thoughts? Any help would be much appreciated,

Thanks, Alex, Australia.







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