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Hello all
I want to integrate an equation involving different terms (some of them involve derivatives) the following picture shows the expression and the end result. I can do it manually by multiplying both sides with u'. but how can acheive that in maple


Eq4 := diff(u(xi), xi, xi) = a[0]+a[1]*u(xi)+a[2]*u(xi)^2; Eq5 := int(Eq4, xi); simplify(%)

diff(diff(u(xi), xi), xi) = a[0]+a[1]*u(xi)+a[2]*u(xi)^2


Error, (in int) wrong number (or type) of arguments: wrong type of integrand passed to indefinite integration.


diff(diff(u(xi), xi), xi) = a[0]+a[1]*u(xi)+a[2]*u(xi)^2





Hello out there,

i just started using maple for some kinetik calculations.

it is a combination of the following formulas:


Lo := piecewise(sin(t) < 0, 0, sin(t) >= 0, sin(t))

L := Lo*(int(2*exp(-b*x(t)*(j*cos(phi)+sqrt(J^2-j^2*sin(phi)^2))), phi = 0 .. Pi))/Pi

r:= (int(u*L*j/(L+k), j = 0 .. J))/J^2

diff(x(t), t) = -B*x(t)+x(t)*r


The values would be:





I want to plot x over t and get the values for it...
I tried several aproaches, but nothing realy worked...
Thanks a lot

Hey all,

my goal is to get a taylor expansion in Maple up to n-th order of a function y(t) (not defined in more detail, just abstract).

I want to taylor this function around tn, and I want the series for tn+1=tn + h. I would expect to get (as an example: 4th order)

y(tn+1) ≈ y(tn) + h* y'(tn) + h2/2*y''(tn) + h3/6*y'''(tn) + O(h4).

My command was:

and I get:

Can someone maybe point out what I am doing wrong and how I can fix it?

Thanks in advance!




Im new to Maple and have a hard time trying to get used to it. I've understood the basics, but I have still trouble with solving more complex exercises.


Could someone please help me with this little assignment.





The assignment:

In the lectures it was discussed that the air resistance of a body moving with velocity v may be written:

FD(v) =1/2*C*p*A*v^2 . (1)

with a drag coefficient C which is almost constant on a wide range of Reynolds numbers. Here p  is the density of the air. In most contexts, A is the bodies cross-sectional area, but for aircraft it is common to use instead the wing’s area. The drag force is directed opposite to the direction of motion. For a asymmetric bodies such as the wings of an aircraft, additional forces, such as the lifting force, which is perpendicular to the direction of motion, appear. It may be written written in a form similar to (1):

FL(v) =1/2*CL*p*A*v^2 . (2)

Here A is the area in the lift direction, here the wing area for the aircraft. The lift coefficient CL is approximately constant over a wide range of Reynolds numbers.

a) When an aircraft flies horizontally, the lift force FL must balance the force of gravity mg, where m is the aircraft’s mass and g = 9.81m/s2 the gravitational acceleration. Compute the velocity, v0, of a sport airplane at an altitude of h0 = 1 000m, where air’s density is  p= 1.10 kg/m3. The plane has mass m = 750 kg, wing area A = 18m2 and lift coefficient CL = 0.35 .

b) The propeller of an aircraft transmits power from the engine to the surrounding air. This power is used entirely to overcome the drag force. Compute the engine’s power P0 = FDv of the sport plane when it flies at a velocity v = v0 if the drag coefficient (based on the wing area) is C = 0.030.





I have a data point set:



I wanna make the least square fit with function in form of:


also the command looks like:


I found out the least square fit is not correct using the near-zero values in 'ads_mnozstvi' vector (the parameters have no physical sense).

The correct a,b values can be obtained when 'ads_mnozstvi' values are multiplied by 1000. The correct a,b values thus are:


Why Maple cannot make correct fit with near-zero values?

I tried to generate a simple plot based on an expression using units. Please see the screenshot of the worksheet below

The y-axis should be scaled in m3 not m2 because a, b and the variable r are in m. I know that it is possible to enforce the axis scaling in units using useunits but since the mathematical definition of the expression is clear this should not be necessary.

The other question is why is the y-axis missing the variable name? On this page on the Online Help it is mentioned "When you plot an expression, the axes labeling shows the variable names and units." I think what I am plotting is an expression.


I'd like to solve 178x + 312y = 14

I tried:


But Maple wouldn't solve this, so I did


This gave x = 145 en y = -103, while according to the answers it should be x = -49 en y = 28.

145*178-103*312 is NOT 14, so something does indeed go wrong.


Can Maple solve this even better? Like in one go, with 178,312,x,y and 14 in one argument?



I have tried to solve the following ode equation, but I have got error. What is the potencial problem?





i have to develop a code i which i have system of nonlinear equation 

i have to generate the matrix of that nonlinear equation then i want to do or apply any method say newton method and make a loop which help us to find a solution using some tolerance 

at the end i get a result in form of a table which give nth matrix then value of function matrix at nth value then error i-e xn-x(n-1) 

thanx in advance

I am experimenting with creating help files for  my own package.

I have saved  a package overview file and one package command  file into a help data base as a test usingTools, Help Database, Save as Help Page.

These 2 help pages work in principle as i can find them when I search for them and the command  help page opens from the overview page. I now need to edit them. So I edit the original worksheets and use Tools, Help Database, Save as Help Page to update the data base.

Now Maple will not let me overwrite the original page.The Help file savy you can overwrite. So I have to delete the original page first then resave it back in. This involves reentering all the data again. Topic Alisies and Table of contents.

To say the least this is extremely tedious  vastly innefficient and very error prone. I will have upto say 40 help pages to edit and they will require some expirementing with.

Is there a better way to do this?


Hve added this line the the bottom of the worksheet

makehelp('`Rational Trigonometry`', "Rational Trigonometry Overview", " C:\Users\Ronan.Ronan-PC\maple\toolbox\UserHelp\lib\")

get     Error, (in readline) file or directory does not exist


Hi, after installing Maple 2015 I installed Maplesim 2015 but the following error comes up when trying to run Maplesim:


Java Virtual Machine Launcher

Could not find the main class:

com.maplesoft.application.Launcher. Program will exit


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



Hi everyone, 

I am presently writting an alternative to the procedure GraphTheory:-DrawGraph for a better rendering.

I come across the following problem : the edges (CURVES) are in the foreground and the polygons (POLYGONS) which contain the vertex names are in the background.

I often face this kind of problem as I use PLOT either in the form PLOT( MyPlot1, MyPlot2, ...) or in the form 
plots:-display(PLOT(Myplot1), PLOT(Myplot2), ...)
How does Maple decide which structure (CURVES, POLYGONS, ..) is in front of or behind another one ?

I suppose there must be a tip to manage this ?

Thank you for your answers

I need help i worked hard on this work but Maple just won´t open my work!!

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


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