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As I am beginner in maple, how to verify Bianchi Identities?

For Riemannian manifold,

1) R(X, Y)*Z+R(Y, Z)*X+R(Z, X)*Y = 0 

2) ((∇)[X]R)(Y,Z)W+((∇)[Y]R)(Z,X)W+((∇)[Z]R)(X,Y)W=0

I am not getting how to define vector fields. From my previous question I understood defining vector fields particularly. From that post I tried to verify the proof, but I cant. Please tell me about how to define vector fields without taking examples.

Thank in advance.

Hi, does anyone know how to plot a Bode diagram (phase and amplitude plot)? I am not looking for preparation of data but rather for the technicality of producing a plot that looks like I want, given I have data in the right form (which in my case are three Vectors: frequency, amplitude and phase).

Below is a rough sketch of what I am looking for. Note that the amplitude is on a log scale. It would be acceptable having to take the log of the data "by hand" to allow both vertical scales to be linear (I'd just convert the amplitudes to dB). The important things are the common frequency scale (horizontal) and the separation of amplitude and phase. I know plots has  dualaxisplot, and I know I can use plots:-transform to move a curve around, but I want the two axes on the left side, below each other, rather on the left and right. I'd like the frequency scale in the middle between the two curves, although I could settle on that scale to be below both curves.

I had some look around the Maple applications but did not find anything looking like this.


Mac Dude

Can Maple look for the limit of a sequence  f(n)  for n=1,2,3, ... ? Of course, if there is a limit of the function of continuous argument, the limit of the sequence is the same number. But it is easy to give examples of when there is the limit of the sequence, and the limit of the function does not exist:

assume(n, posint):

 limit(sin((n^2+1)/n*Pi), n=infinity);  # Obviously the correct answer is  0

                            -1 .. 1


My code works in Maple (18.02), not Maple Player (2015.1). Much headache ensued.

I've isolated the problem in a toy form:

Defn := proc (scaleby)

Explore(Defn(p), parameters = [p = [1, 10, 100]]);

In Maple will return "integer" for any value of p selected in the combobox.

In Maple Player returns "string" for any value of p selected in the combobox

Is there something I'm missing here? Is Maple Player not backwards compatible to versions of Maple prior to 2015?

My understanding is that Maple Code should export without headache to Maple Player. Is this a solid understanding?

Thanks for helping out a newbie!



hi guys ,


i have two set equations and i want to solve them.



thanks guys

Is Maple 18 student version CUDA enabled? I am getting when I tried CUDA:-IsEnabled();

Error, `CUDA` does not evaluate to a module


I am very confused about function is():


1. is(a-b=0) assuming a::real,b::real,a^2=b^2,a>0,b>0;

2. is(a-b=0) assuming a::real,b::real,a^2=b^2,a>=0,b>=0;


the first command gives me false, and the second command gives me true...


any thoughts?

I have an expression like this (from an earlier computation):

2*(sum(A*cos(omega*t)^2+cos(omega*t)*B*sin(omega*t)-cos(omega*t)*ymeas(t), t));

I want to distribute the sum over the terms in the expression, i.e.

sum(A*cos(omega*t)^2,t)+sum(cos(omega*t)*B*sin(omega*t,t)+sum(cos(omega*t)*ymeas(t), t)));

I suspect defining a rule and using applyrule should be the way to go, but for the heck of it I can't figure how to do it. The best I can manage is getting the Maple kernel hung with the following construct:


applyrule(distSum,(5)); # (5) referrs to the expression on line 2 (and it is a proper label in my Maple wrkbook).

I have asked similar questions before and gotten answers; but I am not able to find what I need in MapePrimes (or my faorites, for that matter).

Thanks for any help,

Mac Dude


Hi everyone,

I would like to use structs

    struct sname {

in my C code defined elsewhere. How do I get CodeGeneration to produce variable names like



The appoach to use the respective maple data type

  sname := Record('smem1', 'smem2'):

results in

    Warning, procedure/module options ignored
    double smem1;
    double smem2;

and the appoach to define it as name


results in

    Warning, the following variable name replacements were made: sname.smem1 -> cg0
    cg = cg0;

Your answer is appreciated


hi everyone,
I wanna to solve this equation using maple 12 but I receive this warning message




thanks in advance

how to get maple to do linear algebra in Z_2 (integers modulo 2)

I don't want it to solve and then reduce mod 2 I want it to work over Z_2 so basis([ [1,1,1], [1,-1,1 ]) = [1,1,1]  etc

How do I check in maple if a series, is convergent or divergegent?




is this function convergent or divergegent, and is it posible to decide only for odd n?


I need some help/advice because I think I am going crazy..!

I am trying to solve numerically a system of two PDE's. My initial condition is a gaussian and I apply cyclic boundaries.

With Maple 18 and pdsolve/numeric I am waiting a considerable amount of time and the result is a bell shaped travelling wave that increases its height over time. The clush between two such waves leaves them almost unaffected (the big pass through the small one).


With Mathematica 10 and NDSolve the waiting time is almost zero and the result (after few timesteps) is a shock wave travelling with steady height. Moreover, the clush between two of them is fully plastic (the big "eat" the small one)


I double-triple check the equations and the boundary conditions and I assure you that are the same..Any ideas what is hapening? Is there any way to check that the Maple results are correct?


I just started to use Maple and I have a question if there exists in it an equivalent function to Mathematica's FindInstance? In general, I have an inequality and I would like to find few first solutions to it.


In a worksheet, I don't know why the brackets like this "[" where normally I put my maple inputs and generally before the symbol ">" are not present (or displayed).

1) Are these brackets important for the computation of calculations in a worksheet ?

2) How can I do to display them again?

Thank you foryour help.


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